Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Apple

I usually try to have posts to share while I'm on vacation but I had no time for that before we left. We are having so much fun walking and eating our way through the city. I'll share more when I'm back! (And finish Liv's newsletter)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

New York, New Yoooooork!!!

Erin and I try to swap every other year of who visits whom although I'm pretty sure the last time I was in NYC I was nursing my baby on a subway and my baby looked like this....
so that was quite awhile ago! So much for that every other year thing! It's high time I paid my respects to lady Liberty....and to Erin, so I am headed there this weekend and I'm taking my trusty ginger headed pal along for extra fun. Because who else helps me find crazy workout classes to try while on vacation besides Jenna? I'll have to get back to you on if we actually try out Beyonce Hip-hop classes and Soul Cycle but here are things we have planned tentatively since we've all been before. But PLEASE leave suggestions in the comments if there's a great place to eat or a great show to see or a concert or an awesome piece of art we need to meditate on while in the Big Apple!

  • The High Line
  • Greenwich walking food tour
  • Chelsea Market
  • Gotham West Market
  • Broadway and/or off Broadway show of some kind (maybe Newsies?)
  • Eataly
  • Hillsong
  • Ground Zero Memorial
  • NY public library
I'm sure we will shop some and find soho and noho and yolo (jk) and maybe even saunter through Central Park, but that's the short list of things we plan to do....ya know if we aren't too pooped from our Beyonce exercise class.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Raising a Reader

I'm over at OKC MB sharing tips on how to raise a child who loves to read. Considering my Shelfari looks a bit juvenile today I think you can tell we are enjoying chapter books for littles lately :)
Oh wittle owivia :)

Monday, April 07, 2014

Almost Home

I know it's always a work in progress, but here is the house so far......
The Living Room

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

Our new stove, love it!

The Half Bath (I forgot the full bath)

Playroom/Eventual Guest room/Laundry Room

Liv's Room

Her closet might be my favorite room in the whole house.

Master Bedroom

I know the questions are bubbling in your mind: What are your kitchen plans? Where is the add-on going? Are you keeping that hideous stair runner? Uh....wallpaper? Where does Charlie sleep? Are you painting any walls? Where will I sleep when I come stay at your house? Why is your dryer all wonky with a lamp on it? Why don't you have a king sized bed in that ginormous room? Does it seem cluttered? I ask myself these same questions everyday. When I have answers, I shall blog them. I really am thankful to be here though :)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The B's of Blogging

Usually if I'm not blogging it's because things are either A. Busy or B. Boring. In this instance it's busy. We had a wonderful weekend going to support our college girls in the Opera numbers at OC, doing TONS of yard work, a game night at the Baileys, finally getting our stove (and Ryan having to rewire things in order to install it), the Marked Conference, zumba, buying and installing curtains in our living room, planning for upcoming trips, and meeting with our young adults group at church. All were wonderful things and all deserve their own post, but it's probably not gonna happen right now so there is my blurb about our lives with no pics to accompany it! Now that our stove is in and curtains are up I feel hopeful I can take some pics of our house tomorrow and post them soon.

In other news, Liv's cast is filling up with signatures, she got in to John Rex Charter School, I'm leaving for NYC soon, the Easter party is fast approaching, and Leon's getting larger....Airplane! references anyone? That's all folks. Over and out.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Recent Work Shots

It's been fun working at the same house and seeing it all come together the past few weeks.
I've spent a lot of time on a ladder with a hammer in my hand this month.
I've also been working on the college room at church.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Phone Dump

Since getting a smart phone at Xmas and joining the 21st century, I decided to also be the last in the world to join the Instagram world. I take a lot more pics now with my phone and sometimes they don't always make it to ALL the social media ports so every now and then I will just dump them all on here and tell of our life's tales. (Obviously some are before the broken arm)
Liv and Ms. Lareeca taking a break to play cards while prepping the church garage sale
Liv's reaction to getting Cool Ranch Doritos
We made an easter egg tree!
A snippet of new dining room decor. I'll post more house pics later.
Liv is getting into the decorating. I keep finding little toys set up on the places I've been recently arranging. It's kinda cute.
Liv recently attended a birthday party that Elsa was at. I was not there but I was told Liv yelled out to her, "You don't need a man Elsa!" That would be beacuse she has watched this video 100 times.
After 2 yrs and 3 months of processing our daughter is almost an official Cherokee!
Love this sweet girl!! She is so sassy and makes the best faces!
I was the first to sign her cast...well right after she initialed her own "O" There's lots more signatures on it now!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tales of a Broken Arm Pinkalicious Princess

This weekend Liv stayed busy in a sugar coma at 2 different birthday parties, played outside with her 2 favorite neighbors, watched & read Frozen, and danced it up with Noah. They kept her mind off the arm and it became clear this broken arm thing isn't slowing her down one bit!
Today started out awesome as someone's princess sling arrived in the mail. And Haylie and Jace came to play before our trip to the doctor.
That doesn't look like my kid
Oh wait there she is.

I was a little nervous about her appointment (mainly worried she might be in pain while he examined or redid wrapping), but Liv wasn't nervous at all! They unwrapped her arm and took more x-rays. I thought her arm would still be hard to look at, but it looked pretty normal for the most part except for the bruising and swelling. The doctor came in and said she was already healing lots faster than he expected (a relief to hear since I lost count how many times she'd fallen on her broken arm this weekend) and her puncture wound was tiny enough and healed enough he thought we could go ahead and put the cast on today...hurray!  They let her choose the color and of course she chose pink.
The doctor answered lots of questions and was so great with Liv while he wrapped her arm. 
She was very still and seemed pretty fascinated with it. She will have to have it x-rayed in her cast next week and the week after and then on week 5 and after that I forget what was a lot of info, but I can ask again next week I guess!
It is a full arm cast, but she doesn't seem to mind. She doesn't have to wear the sling, but the cast gets heavy so she seems to be more comfortable with it. (And it's not near as scratchy for those next to her when it's on!) She has pajamas that fit over her cast but she has a new fondness for wearing mommy's t-shirts to bed.
She's a little nervous about school tomorrow, but I think she's looking forward to kids signing her cast! We celebrated her bravery at the Dr. by getting sno-cones tonight and going to the park. She found out she can still play on the playground and go down slides pretty well even with a bum arm! We did have to have a talk about even though she probably CAN climb ladders and jungle gyms with one arm right now she probably SHOULDN'T. So please pray for continued healing, but also that my daredevil will chose to be wise during this time of healing!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mostly Mary Belle

There were other happenings but the remainder of the photos of our trip seem to be mostly Mary Belle. 
She is now mobile! And her method of scooting backwards in a bridge pose is pretty adorable!
Oh hello there!
Aaaand roll!
Grammy's very proud of her!
Ok just one more then I'll give you a break from her cuteness....
On the way to TN we stayed with Mia and Evan. The girls stayed up late watching Disney movies.
Uncle Joe spent time with Liv in the arcade at some pizza place we went to.
Liv even got Celeste to be silly with her. I gotta ask her how she managed that one.
I've been trying for like 22 years!
Our little cuties together. We bribed those smiles, can you tell?
Liv and her sugarbooger.
And I'll end with more Mary Belle adorableness.....
I think that concludes our TN adventures. We got back over a week ago but it took me awhile to get through what with the unpacking and broken arm excitement! Hopefully this week will be a little more dull and I can take some photos of our house with furniture in it!

P.S. If you want an update on Liv's arm she went all day today with no tylenol. Never mentioned pain. Slept pretty well last night. Acts basically like she is 100% fine which is a bit scary because she continues to balance on weird things and jump and run so we have to keep a closer eye on her than normal. We see the Dr. tomorrow afternoon. The attention she's getting from it has started going to her head though...tonight while stove shopping at Best Buy she was singing at the counter "broken arm, broken arm, broken arm" softly, just waiting for someone to pay attention to her. I'm glad she's feeling better :)
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