Monday, January 23, 2017

Back for more!

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by our house again on the way back west. We got a few days of fun with them and I even kept Liv out of school Friday so she could cry even harder when they left. Well that's not the REASON but I knew where all this fun with grandparents would lead! Since I worked most of Thursday and Friday I didn't get too many pics of the fun they had but I heard about it! Saturday was a hard good-bye but luckily Noah came over shortly after they left so she had some distraction from her grief. We love you guys!

 Haven's feet basically never touched the ground.
 We went to the OKC Home and Garden show together and toured the tiny home village. Would've been more impressive had most of them actually been finished but they wanted you to buy and customize. For what they were charging for these I'm pretty sure Ryan and Rick could be millionaires if they wanted to go into the tiny house business!
Liv got to design her own room at this At Home booth!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

PaleOooooh Here We Go Again...

Clearly the safest place for my toddler is up on a high counter next to a chopping knife and hot stove. Parent of the year right here.
Four years ago I embarked on a dietary adventure for 3 months or so. You can read about it here and basically know that I'm having the same experience again EXCEPT this time it has nothing to do with RA (I've been off all meds for that since the last time I did this diet) and everything to do with losing the holiday weight (or maybe it was extra pregnancy weight I never lost to begin with) and to cut my sugar cravings. Which were out. of. control. Too many holiday treats hanging around my kitchen led to brownies for breakfast and Dr. Pepper all day erryday. I'm kind of an all or nothin' gal so while moderation SOUNDS great in theory....if there's a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper in my house I will most likely drink one for 12 days in a row. So it became time to cut it out completely....for at least a month. See if I can regain some of that self discipline I might have once had. 

I will say this go around has been difficult. I think I'm more hangry this time. I'm tired of eating the same things, I'm really tired of eggs, so instead of eating the same thing over and over I will skip a meal which leads to me just being in a crabby mood until I realize..."yeah I should probably suck it up and eat another stinking salad." I comfort eat like most people in the Western world so that has been another hard thing to kick. I'm not being at strict as I was 4 years ago, but I have successfully had no bread products, soda, or caffeine this month and only a teeny amount of dairy in yogurt form.

 We are almost at the end of January (thanks goodness!) and since I have no idea what I weighed or measured before, I can't tell you exact numerical benefits. I didn't want that to be the marker of my success. But I CAN tell you my clothes fit better and I feel better, and that was the goal. Thanks to the Whole 30 diet being all the rage (which seems to be basically the same thing as Paleo?) I had lots of friends with new recipes to pass on to me. So in addition to the old stuff we got to try some new stuff too. No I didn't photograph my food or type up recipes but if you want them maybe I can do a later post.

Who knows what February will bring. I'd like to think I can continue to eat some of the same recipes and remember to add more veggies to my plate and more water throughout the day. That's what seems to help most of all, staying hydrated. I know that diets aren't the best way to stay healthy...that moderation and consistent lifestyle eating habits are better for you but hopefully this will help kickstart better choices for me for the rest of the year!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Mother's Winter Rant

My latest over at OKCMB
Raise your hand if you’re ready for Old Man Winter to go ahead and buy the farm, kick the bucket, meet his maker? I know I’m not alone. I’m actually over it about 24 hours after the first day below freezing. We may not get much snow and ice in Oklahoma, but the little we do is plenty for me and the biting wind we get makes up for the lack of precipitation. I’m pretty much convinced the only reason holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s day are in winter is to help us have something to look forward to while we’re miserable and freezing! Let’s go over some of the reasons I think most mothers could go ahead and fast forward to spring. (to read the rest click here)

Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Wean

Never ever sit down until your child is asleep. 

(This could also be called "how to keep your house clean" "how to stay exhausted" or "how to burn calories") 

That is all I got.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to Skype

First call your friend or family member and ask if they are near their desktop and available. (Or if you're brave and daring just dial!)
Second, try to have a conversation while the kids fight over who gets to hold the phone or ipad while reminding them NOT to push the red button!
Third, give up and try again when the kids are gone or playing in another room.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow Day

Christmas break seems to have dragged on a bit as Liv got out last Friday for snow. Then this past Friday for potential ice storms that never came to the metro, and then we were out for MLK day too. So much for getting back into a normal school routine! It's been fun though! Being that Haven doesn't like to wear clothes in general, suiting up for the outdoor play in the snow was basically her worst nightmare. When she finally made it out though she had lots of fun and didn't want to come in. Liv played outside til her shoes (she was wearing lots of socks and my shoes actually) were soaked through. She also went sledding one day with the neighbors at the high school. The snow was pretty but it didn't last long...which is just how I like it!
 Charlie used a pile of leaves on our deck as her toilet all weekend. 
And when it just got too cold or windy we brought the snow inside to the Barbie pool and played with it at the kitchen table!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In the Playroom with Daddy

Just dancing to Dolly and Kenny Xmas tunes! Exhausting to watch...
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