Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trunk or Treat: The Stick People

We signed up to decorate a trunk again for our church's fall festival. We hadn't done a trunk since Where's Waldo. I immediately went to my Pinterest boards to see what we could come up with and I saw a pretty awesome stick figure costume. We recruited our pal Lauren to also be a part of our stick village. Then we made houses for our car decor. 
 I thought we looked pretty innocent, obvious, and clever. Lots of kids were scared of us though. And lots of adults were thinking WAY outside the box....keep it simple, adults. "Are you guys Ebola victims?" Like in hazmat suits or like stick thin from sickness? I'm so confused. Some thought skeletons. What?! I hope I have more bones in my body than that! Either way the secret judges saw the genius in our simplicity and we won Most Original.
Even Liv looks a little hesitant to sit in my lap.
Here are some other sites from the Trunk or Treat arena.
The safari truck (I refer to them as poachers...see gorillas in the cage)
The cupcake shop where the kids got to decorate real mini cupcakes. So cute!
The college kids were a hit with their candy shoppe.
I loved the Alice and Wonderland vehicle too even if the White Rabbit was in a hurry to smile for the pic!
Calvin, I mean Indiana, always rocks it in his Halloween gear.
I obviously need to brush up on my Batman knowledge as I had no idea who Freddy was as the Butler, but Tre makes a cute Batman and Patrice is a great catwoman!
These two soon to be newlyweds had an awesome Popeye and Olive Oil set up. We were a bit busy passing out candy/scaring children with our "scary costumes" so thankfully Ms. Jeri and Liv got to hang out at the festival and I don't think either one of them minded!
I did take her around to the bounce house and to get her face painted at the end though. 
Another great Trunk or Treat in the books! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

While Daddy Demo'd.....

Saturday was the day Ryan was going to be knocking down walls and making a messy noise of our house so to calm my anxieties about house demolition, I thought it best to just stay away until it was done for the most part! I think I chose wisely! So Liv and I went to the gym (me for Zumba, her for watching TV in the kids area), then headed to Wings which is a pumpkin patch by OC. All proceeds benefit Wings which has programs for special needs adults. It is small but lots of fun!
She got her face painted and got to ride in this bumpy contraption that I think had I been further along would've made me start contracting. Not for pregnant people, but worth it to get the smiles on my butterfly girls' face!!
Peek-a-boo out the pumpkin window!
She learned the fine art of milking a cow
Her determination to jump on top of this hay bale was pretty intense. I lost count how many times I had to say "On your mark, get set, go" and she took a 50 yd dash with a flying leap at the end. After a few dozen tries she allowed me to help her to the top.
There was also a hay ride which we took a selfie on. 
And there were lots of great photo ops. We had lots of fun, and our day was just beginning!
Then we went to Chic-fil-a which is so ridiculously crowded no matter what time of day that I kind of loathe it but it's my kid's favorite so whatever. Then we headed to Edmond's History Museum which is small but free and has an awesome kids area. We spent HOURS there. No one else was there but us and she ran from the garden, to the pioneer house, to the store, to the bank, to the train station, and milked the cows about 100 times. We dressed up and played pretend like it was our job....because it kind of is her job at this age right? 
When it was Liv's turn to be in jail she smiled and I said "you should be sad to be in jail." She replied, "No I'm happy like Paul and Silas." Touche' my child.
She wants her birthday party at this place next year. Seems like a good place to me! Then we played at the park behind the museum for awhile before heading home to see what progress daddio had made!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Day of Demo

This summer my dad brought up my grandparents bed and dresser for our house. I love having something of theirs to see every day and remind me of them. We put the bed in the spare room downstairs and the dresser in our room. Before there was a bed in there it was a playroom/laundry room that wasn't getting used. Mostly because it's an awkward small room that is covered in windows and doors. A door to the kitchen, a door to the living room, a door to the side porch, 2 doors to the laundry "room", and 2 doors to a closet. A a nice large window to the front porch. So there's not much wall space for furniture. However it's too small for a master and too easy access to the porch for a kids room so the plan is to move the guest room/maybe kids room upstairs to the new addition, knock out the extra closet, make laundry room more user friendly, and convert to a more usable playroom before the new baby can crawl! Sounds easy enough?! Here's the room before Ryan knocked out the closet this weekend.
 I loved these shelves to display my canister collection on but they will reappear in the kitchen one day when we redo that room!
The doors on the left are the laundry, door on the right to the kitchen and half bath
Awkward laundry area where the dryer currently opens into the washer. Soon to be remedied. The disgusting inside...also soon to be remedied. Sadly that adorable wallpaper will not be salvaged.
Anyway here's a shot of the closet and shelves before Ryan demolished them on Saturday. It was great storage but we really do have lots of other storage spots in the house so it made more sense to have the usable square footage in the room.
And after demo....
It's easy to see where the closet was because it still had wallpaper on the inside and the ceiling isn't painted....also that air vent running up in the corner now. It's the vent to LIv's room and has never worked so Ryan opened up the ductwork and discovered a whole bag of trash inside of it. Hmmm....maybe that's why! Anyway we rearranged furniture in there so this is what it looks like now. A little rugged but much roomier!
And sadly it will look like this for a few months because all of our dining room furniture will be moved in here while we add on the room above it! 

And for kicks and grins, here's the back patio furniture we got second hand recently and have been enjoying immensely when the mosquitos aren't as crazy. I can't believe it's 90 degrees in October and we still have mosquitos but we do!
Coming up....what Liv and I did on Saturday while daddy was knocking down walls.....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Parade

We decided to check out the OKC Halloween parade for the first time this weekend. I'd been forewarned that some things may not be child appropriate there so I gave Liv a heads up that if there was anything scary to just close her eyes. She seemed cool with that.
Elsa and Jake were excited but confused because I think they thought they were going to get to ride their bikes in the parade.
Nothing scary about these automatic weapons being manned by a child.
Elvis photobombed us! He lives!
It was pretty crowded but we had a good viewing spot and Liv enjoyed it but I thought it was just ok. 
Caught ya!!!
Overall I didn't think it was too scary for Liv, but there really weren't that many floats. The whole parade is mostly made up of politicians, hearses, companies with an ad on their door, and a few floats...mostly cages of zombies. The biggest let down was that out of all the cars and floats, only like 3 or 4 were throwing candy. I didn't get it. Isn't that the whole point of a parade? I mean your truck may not be decorated and you may just want my vote in the next election, but you throw candy. Duh! I hear it was cool a few years ago when Wayne Coyne led the parade and there was some skeleton walk. Who knows. Anyway Liv asked if we could go back next year so I guess it was a win in her book!
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