Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

We dyed eggs again this year for Easter. And we painted more rocks to look like eggs like we did last year but I got no pics of that. 
Liv is getting pretty skilled with her right hand, we'll see what happens when the cast comes off!
On Saturday our neighborhood had an egg "hunt" and the bunny came to see the kids. We would've stayed to chat with neighbors, but the sun was melting all the chocolate so we headed home shortly after. 
On Sunday morning we saw what the Easter bunny brought Liv. Shortly after the bunny remembered where some more things were for the basket but forgot to include maybe next holiday?? 
Then we headed to church. We're teaching Liv's class this quarter and they are so much fun. I took a pic of them in their lovely Easter attire. 
All the kids got to go on stage during service for a special lesson from Randy. 
There was a "hunt" in the gym afterward since it was wet outside from the rain. 
See how difficult it is to find them?!
Then we got to eat lunch with some of the cousins. We don't get together often enough.
Then we got another delicious evening meal at the Vasquez's and learned two new games with Beezo (and I got no pics of that.) Now we are overloaded with Easter candy and I can't believe it's almost May!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Party 2014

Nothing makes my new house feel more like a home than breaking it in by inviting over 20 kids to the Easter party! We managed to clear the yard enough to have a pretty good hunt and as always everyone brought delicious food to share. I read the Easter story from the Bible and we made resurrection rolls. I planned to have a fun relay race game with an egg and spoon but I totally forgot about it! We will save it for next year! Here are many pics to enjoy!
They were all singing songs from Frozen
Group picture and let the hunt begin!!
Time for inspection!
Now we just have to figure out how the party will work next year when most of them are in school!!

(and if you want a tutorial of the bunny's one from previous year....visit OKCMB!)
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