Tuesday, September 02, 2014

LISTen to me

What's going on................

  • Planning for an awesome princess Frozen bubblegum birthday party in 10 days! They just don't make invitations specific enough for Liv's themes.
  • Still figuring out this new "school schedule." I don't know who is more tired at the end of the day....me or Liv! Also explains lack of posts.
  • Shopping for the Master Bedroom....new king bed, mattress, rugs, bedding, etc. It's SOOO much easier to do it for other people than for yourself! We plan to make a purchase this week though!
  • Trying to finish the 3rd Game of Thrones book....so good but sooo long. I've paused to read two other books in the middle of it. I need a long road trip to finish it.
  • Teaching Fall quarter at church and am pumped for Stickers Through the Bible.
  • Have I mentioned I'm teaching Liv to read? We've had our ups and downs but I'm learning very much about her learning style through it all and 30 lessons into it, she is doing amazing! More on this later.
  • The Purge....not the one where we kill people consequence free, but the kind where we get rid of clothes and toys that aren't being used and worn.
  • Sidenote....when kids are in a uniform school they don't need many other clothes....when kids are in school from 8-4....toys start to collect dust except for the most beloved. 
  • Trying not to step on the dog. No matter where I am or what piece of furniture I am upon she is ALWAYS right under my feet. Getting out of bed....whooops sorry Charlie! Up from the table....sorry Charlie! Up from the couch....glad you don't have a tail Charlie! Off the toilet....ok maybe not there.
  • Preparing for work's Christmas season...yes this early.
  • Trying to remember to take my camera places and take more pics of things so I have things to post about. The phone only does so much and it is nice to have but I need to do better about taking nice photos with our nice camera. And then post them. 
  • IT'S SEPTEMBER?!!?!?!?!? What the what?!

Monday, September 01, 2014

De Je Vu

For Labor Day this year I had a serious case of De je vu. I looked out the upstairs hall window and saw my hubby staring back at me...with a pole saw.
Apparently he also felt like cutting tree limbs on Labor day in 2012 too. I knew this all felt familiar!
Branches, branches, everywhere!
I never showed pics but while I was in TN he pressure washed the deck and tore the falling lattice awning off. It's much brighter. And now that the limbs are gone it's even more bright! Sorry I have no before pic of the whole area. But here is the pressure washing before/after.
The darker left side hadn't been pressure washed yet. The right side looks so much better! The wood looked brand new once all that dirt was gone! 
And here is area zommed out now that it's all done. It will also be a great "before" pic when we get the back of our house looking nicer!
The double doors lead into the dining room, one day soon there will be a room directly above the dining room. Just gotta find the right contractor....
The squirrels have a hey day with all the pecans and we could sweep that deck twice a day but maybe now that this many limbs are covering my back yard.....
There will be slightly less mess!
Now if we can just get grass to grow......

Thanks Ryan for laboring on Labor Day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fridays with Bubby

I think I already mentioned that Ryan and I will get to have weekly date every Friday since he gets home at noonish and Liv isn't out of school til 4. Our plan is to try new restaurants in the city and maybe some we've been to before. This week we hit up the Plaza District to eat some pizza by the slice at Empire. We sampled the Fat Tony, Foghorn Leghorn, and Cheese....betcha can't guess who ordered cheese. It was good, but for the record....I don't think they use San Marzano tomatoes.
 Then we went for dessert at Pie Junkie which I had been to but Ryan had not. I enjoyed my Drunken Turtle. 
I think Ryan enjoyed his....although I don't recall the name....but this was him deciding he should've gone for the cobbler. Next time, Gadget, next time.
Then we went home to cuddle up and watch The Way, Way Back which I took way way too long to see.
We both loved it. Then we picked up our smiley girl for some family fun on a Friday night! Fridays have always been my fav but I think they just got even funner!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Skill

A few weeks ago Jenna sent me a text while I was at work asking how long Liv had been able to do this......
As far as I knew that was the first time! I was so proud!! 
Have you tried to cross the monkey bars lately? I have several times. It doesn't work. I'm missing too many muscles apparently. Go Liv go!

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Nightly Ritual

The laying out of the next day's clothes. So far she hasn't tired of the khakki, white, and navy options but she sure does like to accessorize with necklaces, bows, and bracelets! She lays them all neatly in the middle of her bedroom floor.....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

  • Since Ryan gets off at noon most Fridays we will get a few hours together before we pick up Liv from school. He got to experience his first crazy "pick-up traffic line" the other day, but I will admit it seems to be getting better.
  • We came home and played games and listened to the few things Liv would impart about her day. 
  • She tells me she has made no new friends at school and she doesn't want to. Jenna informed me she saw her talking a few girls all through lunch though so I asked Liv about this. She said "I do NOT know their names so they are NOT my friends." She still says she's the only one who isn't napping at rest time. I'll ask her teacher about it next week but Liv says she's allowed to play quietly on her mat so she's not complaining!
  • I'm excited to volunteer in her class and go eat lunch with her soon
  • She had her first cafeteria meal Friday: pizza. I told her she can eat once a week in the cafe.
  • Charlie is highly offended by the term "Old Maid." Nevertheless, she still played it with us.
  • We had some friends over Friday evening for more mature games and Noah and Liv stayed up playing til 10:30. The pay off was she slept in until 10am the next day! Finally...she's grasping what weekend are for! 
  • Saturday we went to the gym, shopped a bit for an upcoming bday party, attended a going away party for friends, and Ryan built Liv a jewelry holder and installed an electrical outlet outside since we had none. 
  • I'm far behing on posting house pics of the deck and Liv's room and our new guest room furniture. Maybe I will get to that this week. But maybe not. 
  • I can't believe it's almost September!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Family is Far Away

Check out my latest post for OKCMB as I share tips on how to cope when your family is miles apart from you. Everyone needs a mommy sometimes but what do you do when your mommy is too far to hop in a car and come over? How do you split family holidays and traditions without upsetting one side? (well I just got lucky honestly that both sides of our family are understanding) How do you maintain a bond between kids and their grandparents if they only see them a few times a year? Check it out and leave a comment if you can relate or have tips to share! 
 We had a contributor dinner last month for the blog. We don't get together that often so it was fun to hang out with the other writers who do such a good job at making OKCMB what it is! We also got new headshots which is why my facebook pic finally changed.
And for those wondering....the second day of school went fabulously and I got in the pick up line super early to avoid the chaos. It helped. It also helped that I worked today so the day went by much faster!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School

Today was Olivia's first day of Pre-Kindergarten at John Rex Elementary. She got dressed and made her bed and agreed to take some first day pictures before seeing what gifts awaited her at the breakfast table. 
She perused the goodies while I made her some oatmeal to go along with a few of the powdered donuts. 
We read from our new devotional book over breakfast and I kept thinking of all the wise advice I needed to bestow upon her. She kept asking "Is it tomorrow?" I think because we kept telling her yesterday that school was tomorrow....it was a confusing concept. I snapped a few more pics and we headed over to pick up Noah.
The dress seems long now but we'll see by the end of the year how much she grows!
That's more like it!
I wore the thumbprint necklace she made me today so I could rub her thumbprint whenever I missed her.....which was  lot.
Once we learned that we would not be allowed to walk our children to their classes Jenna and I decided if we couldn't walk with them, they could at least walk together! Liv and Noah are in the same class this year which I think helped calm Liv's nerves....and mine as well. Now let's just hope they manage to actually make other friends in the class throughout the year!
With their sweet teacher Ms. Bradshaw
Their teacher was there to great them at the drop off spot and surprisingly there was no line of cars. I hugged her quickly while a few tears welled up behind my sunglasses. She did great though and I was so proud of her! Looking back it probably was helpful to us both that the good-bye had to be quick so I couldn't linger! Jenna and I calmed our nerves in the company of other moms over a "Boo hoo brunch" at First Watch. It was delicious and theraputic.
But then I had the rest of the day ahead of me......

The school day is from 8:00-4:00 and let me tell you.....this was the longest afternoon of my life. I was so ready to pick her up and hear about her day by like noon! Then I got to practice my patience even more in the "pick-up line" which was about a 45 min wait. I'm hoping things will go faster in a few days....I hear they usually do. The smile on her face as she ran to my car was worth the wait though. I missed her so much today. She offered bits and pieces of info about her day throughout the evening....the cheer they learned, the puzzles she did, but she was quick to say "I'm the ONLY one in the WHOLE class that didn't nap. I TRIED to but the other kids were kicking and snoring." I don't doubt that she didn't nap but I'm anxious to hear the teacher's side of the story!!

A wonderful article was recently written about the school and I know many in the community are excited about this school....none more so than the children and parents of the children attending I'm sure!

Anyway we can tuck that milestone under our belt! She is excited to go back tomorrow and I will be excited for the hours to pass so I can pick her up again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ready as We'll Ever Be!

We've bought and delivered school supplies.
We've bought and hung up the uniforms.
We've toured the school and met her teacher.
We played in the room
And found her cubby
We've made a daily chart to help us get into a new routine. 
(getting up at 6:30 for the past week has NOT been fun!)

We did back to school mani/pedis
We've checked out and read a bajillion "First Day of School" books from the library
We celebrated the last night of "summer" with sno cones at Shimmers
We've prayed for this new part of life to be a smooth transition.
Tomorrow is the big day! We're as ready as we'll ever be and I still don't feel ready for this at all......
Is it ok if I just stare at my baby while she sleeps all night?
To be continued...............

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's about that time for some more freezer meals

We are about to get into our new school routine and what better way to lighten the stress of school starting than with some freezer meal prep?! Jenna and I tore my kitchen up for about 4 hours on Saturday but we got some great meals out of it!
Enough raw chicken germs to give me an anxiety attack!
Our menu items included:
chicken fajitas
taco meat
breakfast burritos
bran muffins
Hawaiian chicken
Stuffed Peppers
Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken
Sausage and Peppers

Hopefully that will take one thing off our plates to think about for the next few meals as we make a life adjustment!!  Thanks Jenna for planning the menu and list!
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