Monday, March 19, 2018

A Few Good Men

At 5:30am on Friday mornings there are a select few amazing women who drag their tired bodies out of bed and head to the gym for the spunkiest and most energetic 30 minute Turbokick workout delivered by Thor. We might be lethargic when we enter, but we are laughing and high fiving and air jacking our way through those intense 30 minutes! Our fearless leader is also a talented actor and had been dropping hints about his community theater production of A Few Good Men. We of course immediately and surreptitiously bought tickets on the front row as soon as we could and then kept it a secret all those Fridays ahead of WE were good actresses too!
I don't think he saw us during the performance, but he did by the time for applause! We brought him flowers too. It was a great show and I had never seen the movie so I really didn't know how it was going to end!
 I admit I illegally took these photos. Look at him being all lawyer-y
This was right before the general barked "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"
Its fun to hang out with gym friends not in gym clothes! Katy is technically not a gym friend, but she easily filled in when Jenna couldn't make it since she lives close to the theater.
Sometimes the people you sweat with each week become friends outside the gym too. It's a lovely thing.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Phone Dump {Feb 2018}

Here's some snippets of fun from our February!
Me and Haven cheesin, having fun with Ms. Sadie, the crib came down! Haven fell asleep twice at the table eating a snack this month!
See told ya so. Liv's school project over Madam CJ Walker. Haven and Bo in the playroom. I hung up more things on my state wall!
A day on site checking on projects and taking more measurements. The top two are views of the house and the bottom in their barn.
Sweet afternoon chats with the neighbors. Kelsey and Jensen came to visit! Ryan and Haven reading.
Haven checking out her own hairdo and eating an interesting lunch choice.
Playdate with friends, sisters being sweet, staircase o animals, bath time
I think they were out of school 2 days for the snow/ice. Haven refuses to wear a coat but happily played in 20 degree weather in her PJ's until that ice soaked in on her toesies!
Haven and Davee....who refuses to have her picture taken so I have to be extra sneaky. Playing WOMAN-cala. Me being disgusted about something.
The ice kept me away from the gym for too long. But I returned after a weekend of doing step aerobics with Grammy. Liv in a tree. Haven and Bo.
Before and After pics. The before is usually curlier but it had just come out of braids and been brushed. It's really lightened up in color and is getting thicker. It reminds me so much of my seester's hair. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Rest of Grammy and Papa's Visit

I just realized I never posted all the random photos from the weekend that wasn't the birthday party! Most of it consisted of Liv using Papa as her personal jungle gym as per usual.
 The kids were home from school due to the icy conditions so we deep cleaned the house and texted Grammy these shots to let her know we were doing it just for her!
 Haven on the lookout for their car!
 In case you thought I was kidding about that jungle gym stuff
Liv was NOT happy that she had to go to school Friday and Haven got extra time with them but I reminded her she had a good 5.5 year head start on Haven. 
 We introduced them to the VR
And played lots of games.
Guess Who with Haven is a bit of a hoot and then it's just annoying
Liv even learned Catan!
Never too big for Papa's lap!

We saw Paddington 2 after church on Sunday. It was a very cute movie.
We clean up pretty decent.
Liv was devastated when they had to leave, many tears were shed. I let Haven sleep in though and she was blissfully ignorant when she woke up and either didn't seem to notice they were gone or just processes things differently in a 3 year old way. Hopefully we will get to see them again in June! We love you!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ladies Retreat

What does one do when on a ladies retreat away from her family? This video about sums it up! 
I was deemed the "fun-meister" of the weekend and in charge of ice breakers. I got tackled more than I thought I would, but it was a spirited game! I took minimal photos of the weekend but it was a weekend of girl chat, Brene' Brown, powerful stories of faith through unsure times, and staying up later than 35 year old me can handle. I know this because I came home and slept the next two days like I'd come back from summer camp.
Heather doing what she does best.
My roomie procrastinating until the last minute.
The past few years have fallen on Haven's birthday so I haven't attended but I'm so glad I did this year! What a blessing to be surrounded by this group of women to learn and grow from!
And this one was happy to lay on me and pick her nose as soon as I walked in the door!

Friday, March 09, 2018

Oscar Party 2018

I was taking this picture so I wasn't in it.
Who are you wearing??? The fanciest girls' night of the year happened last Sunday night and I dunno if you can pick me out of the dress blended in so well! Just kidding. I chose my vintage frock from a church thing years ago.
It was a tad comfier than the lacy sequin one I was considering. I didn't see as many of the nominated movies as I usually do, but I was rooting for Lady Bird to at least win SOMETHING. Oh well. We had a fun night with lots of fun food choices and I think it gets bigger and better every year!
Gym friends! Right siders + Melissa
Technically also gym friends. Our podcast titled Treadmill Talk will debut soon.
The #timesup ladies in black.
Mayfair representing!
Filling out my ballot. I did not do well. 
Check out Melissa's glittery heels!
And of course the interesting themed foods.
My favorite was probably Lindsay's "the shape of water jello" included!
Can you guess what the other represent? If not just read their tags!
I can't tell you how much I love that this many people are willing to humor me in their fancy clothes to watch an awards show/have it on in the background while we chat. It really is a fun night!
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