Monday, November 24, 2014

Pre-decking the halls

We usually don't decorate for Christmas until we return from the Thanksgiving Tri-fecta celebration in TN however I jumped the gun a bit this year on last week's snow day. I let Olivia decorate her little tree. 
She thought it was a lot shorter than she remembered, but I reminded her that we used to put it up on a table. 
She remembered her Belle ornament from last year and has already played with it so much she broke her. And cried. And asked daddy to glue her back and he did. 
She was so proud!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Turkey Crafts!!!

I miss all the crafting me and this kiddo used to do. As soon as Halloween was over we made it a point to get crafty with what else but turkeys?!
The best part about the early stocking of Christmas items at stores is that they mark the fall and thanksgiving stuff WAY down in the middle of the season! So you can get awesome crafts for like 80% off....or you can raid your own craft cabinet and get creative. We did both!
 Our Halloween banner on the stairs might be gone but it's been replaced with turkey art from past and present!
Charlie did not join in our crafty enthusiasm.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wishing Xanax were safe to take during pregnancy.....

We got 9 piers installed in our house's foundation today. About 10 men showed up at 9am and quickly hand dug 9 holes taller than themselves on 3 sides of our house.
That is some serious work! I was doing ok until I noticed the truck....I tend to distrust business people with spelling errors.
But I do realize English is not their first language so I'll let it slide...I guess. Then the house started getting jacked up and you could feel it and hear it and the power was flickering and I guess that's normal?! Right?!
Luckily I was packing for our TN trip so I didn't have time to worry too much. Charlie needed a xanax too though! Anyway I'm glad that's over and now we can get started on the fun part...adding on a room!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Against all odds in the melting minimal snow, these girls built a snowman Monday. 
 A very small and grassy snowman but a snowman nonetheless.
She might've eaten some of that snow. Blech!
It was Liv's first time to experience a true "snow day" meaning school was cancelled...although roads were melted and fine by later in the day. She was in heaven, and then in tears the next day when she had to go back! 
Today the weather was in the 60s and rain is predicted for tomorrow, so we've had quite the range of weather this week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful Tree

With the Halloween candy overload and Christmas craziness already taking up 90% of the stores, it’s hard to keep selfishness at bay and have a grateful heart–even though Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And I say that as a 31 year old grown woman! If it’s hard for me, I know it’s even harder for my 5 year old! To help keep our minds focused on a season of thankfulness, our family made this centerpiece and we add to it each day at family meals. It has been a great daily exercise for us to focus on what we are blessed with and not we think we are lacking.
To see the rest of the pics and tutorial check out OKC Mom's Blog today!
Can you guess whose leaves are whose? 

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Cuddly Snow Day

The snow started falling while we were at church yesterday. We went to lunch with friends at Ted's and then headed home. It fell for a few hours but there was probably only an inch or so total. Liv played out in it for a little bit, but it was pretty windy, so I convinced her to come inside to help me make pumpkin bread and then we all watched a movie together cuddled up in bed (and by watched I mean that I fell asleep, but they watched a movie) We even let Charlie up on the bed for some cuddles.
Then the rest of the time was spent with Liv coming up with random games that no one understands like this.
Today school is cancelled and the roads are bad so Ryan is going into work late so I MIGHT just get a hankering to put up some Xmas decor a little earlier than usual!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Review

The Invention of Wings. I loved this book so much even though it was a bit heart breaking. Slavery, women's rights, 1800s = not a happy time. And I've been trying to tell people to read it, but everyone I've told to read it says, "Oh I loved it too, I just finished it!" I just pulled it off the shelf when I saw the author's name because I loved her other books, but I guess it's a well known book and on Oprah's book list....I didn't even know Oprah still had a book club! I listened to it while driving and never read the synopsis so I had no idea until the end when the author gave her epilogue that it was based on a true story! It made me love it more to know those people were real...well mostly. I kind of hope they make it into a movie although the treatment of slaves was very hard to read/listen to, so it would be even harder to watch on screen. Sarah was a woman before her time and I love the fact that she stayed true to herself and her beliefs during a time when no women were doing that. Girl Power! Ok enough of the Spice Girl chatter. I give it a 9.5.

The Supreme Macaroni Company. I think I've said it before but Adriana Trigiani's writing often makes me think of My Big Fat Greek wedding. Mainly because her families are of a strong cultural background (Italian though, not Greek) and so their functions together are full of colorful characters and idiosyncrasies. Sadly though this book was a pretty big let down....but it's also partially my fault. I grabbed the CD off the library shelf when I saw her name and did not read anything about it so I was 75% done with it and very disappointed when I found out it's the third book in the series! Oops! No wonder I don't care anything about the characters! Maybe I would have if I'd read the first two but I'll never know because now I know how it ends...and it's depressing. I give it a 4 but I blame myself for the bad rating.

Dad is Fat. I actually READ this book! Not listened to one for once! It's a fast humorous read by the popular comedian (hoooot poocket anyone?) about his views on raising 5 kids in a tiny apartment in NY. A lot of it is in his latest stand up routine, but it was still a great read. In a world where there aren't too many "clean comedians" he is definitely a great one (he even has a funny chapter on this) with some pretty great family values too. I forget who recommended it to me but Thanks! I give it an 8.5.

We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves. Another book on CD....what can I say? I'm in my car for about 90% of my job! I actually don't think you should read the synopsis of this before you read it because it kind of ruins it. And I don't want to give it away in case you do read it, but the gist is a girl is looking back on her unique upbringing being raised by scientists who were living out their research by experimenting with their own family. I did enjoy it although a lot of the science, sociology, and psychology references lost me at times. It's not a true story but there have been other families in the past who have done similar research. It's also an interesting look at our memories: how they are formed and how they can vary tremendously from other members of our own families.I give it a 7.

Me Before You. This was our book club pick for the month and I actually read this one too, as opposed to listened to it! I had enjoyed another book by this author so I was pretty excited for this one. Because it deals with the topic of assisted suicide or the right to die with dignity or whatever phrase you choose to use, it was a very socially appropriate time to read it as I finished it the week that young woman in Oregon chose to end her life because of her brain cancer. The story was all over the news and although I don't watch the news, I read lots about it on the internet. Anyway....I'm not gonna share my opinions on the heated issue, I'm merely saying it was an appropriate book for the time and brought up lots of great discussion at book club. Overall I didn't necessarily enjoy the book or the characters...BUT it was a fast read because I was desperate to know how it ended. I give it a 6.5.
I skimmed through a few baby name books, they were entertaining but did not help in the naming of our daughter. In the end we went with what I liked from the beginning :) But since I didn't read them cover to cover I won't include them here.

Sorry I have no Liv books to review, she was not enjoying the last My Little Pony, and we never finished it, so we took a break from chapter books for awhile. We are still reading of course! Just not chapter books. She is loving her books on CD lately that she got for her bday from a friends.

Rules for rating seen here. What are you reading? I need some good recommendations!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ranch House

For a few weeks I spent a lot of time with Loree in Calumet, OK (aka the middle of nowhere) at her client's amazing ranch house. They've been working on it over a year and it was fun to help them move in and get everything situated and organized. Here are some shots of their beautiful place!
When I see this pic I just want to sing "Oh give me land lots of land, underneath the starry skies, don't fence me in...."

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here's a smattering of things I've meant to blog about but keep forgetting to. Get ready for randomness!

Way back in September we had our Neighborhood Night Out where they close down the streets and we grill hot dogs and chat with neighbors and feel very American. Or at least ideal American. It was a great night and the firefighters brought their trucks for the kids to see in and we walked down and back with our neighbors and had a grand old time. Have I mentioned I love this hood? I think I have.
Moving along, Liv's teacher has a website for the class and she often posts pics of their field trips for those of us who didn't go that week to see. They recently got to go to the very top of the Devon tower (on the coldest day of the season no less!) 
Can you spot Liv in each picture?
Their xmas decor was out and I guess that was enough motivation for these 5 year olds to walk in 20 degree weather!
A few years ago Ryan and I saw the documentary Ghengis Blues (I'm pretty sure you can watch it on youtube now) and were fascinated with the Tuvan throat singers. Do you even know where Tuva is? Google it. Anyway these famous musicians from this tiny unknown country were in Oklahoma and we got to see them for free at one of the libraries. I was pretty pumped. Liv sat nicely through most of it but she thought all the songs sounded the same after awhile. I love our libraries.
In October my little Bible class of Pre-k thru 1st graders joined in with Kid President and Grover from Sesame Street and collected socks for the homeless (Socktober). Our goal was 50 and we received 86 pairs! Some from outside the class. I hope next year to get the whole church involved. We took them to City Rescue on the last day of October.
Our dear old pal Ricky was in town on furlough from India and was so kind to come by our house to see us. He wasn't able to bring his family this time, but we are always encouraged to hear about their mission work in Kakinada. One the far future...I hope we can visit him and see the children's home and all the other mission work being done there. He might be the happiest and most positive person I've ever known!
Christmas decorating started this week at work, but I did get to make one fall garland for a front door that was pretty beautimous. Christmas pics will come later when we are all done.
I probably should've spaced these out into a few posts since I've been a slacker lately but there ya go! Book review and house updates coming soon!

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