Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Bump and Her Family!

All photos by the talented Annaleise Mitchell. 
I love them all, thanks Annaleise!
I will cherish these photos as our last days as a family of 3!

Monday, January 26, 2015

House Renovation: Days 5-7

All that's left for the crew to do is the siding, but we are waiting on the city's inspection before they can put it up. I'm very satisfied and impressed with their work, their timeliness, their cleanliness and their ridiculousness....I say that because on the days they had to work INSIDE the house, they wouldn't use the interior stairs and door. They still climbed out the window of the new room and went down the ladder. I told them they didn't have to do that but I literally only saw them use the interior steps once when they had finally put the last window in and needed to come down.
Here's the finished product...
This is the entrance into the room as seen from the bathroom. The stairs and landing will need to be worked on but for now they work.
The view from the door into the room. The ceiling had to chamfered or vaulted some because otherwise it would've been pretty low! But we like it!
A view of the awesomely huge closet! And the window into our bedroom that will go bye bye soon.
 And here is the exit view looking across the stairs and hall into the bath.
I had the week off work while they did most of the work so Charlie and I stayed cooped up in my bedroom or the living room while lots of sawing and hammering and espanol was going on behind this plastic!
She got used to the noise. So did I.
Now we have these awesome blankets up to keep the draft at bay! Although with 70 degree days lately not sure we have had much cold to worry about.
Ryan's got his work cut out for him these next few weeks, but I know he can do it!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Zoo Trip That Wasn't

Liv had Martin Luther King Day off of school and we started our morning off with a little bit of Disney Collector play-doh fun.
We had made plans to go to the zoo with Noah since it was like 70 degrees and there was a brand new baby elephant to see, but one look at the crowd and Jenna saw the agoraphobic look in my pregnant eyes and said we could do something else outside. Thank goodness for understanding friends! I hear it was a literal zoo there! Ha! 
Anyway we went to TWO different parks and had a picnic and the kids played so hard. Then we treated them to Orange Leaf. Man that place is expensive but delicious!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Gingerbread Houses

A nice man from our church occasionally likes to leave us gifts on our porch. One day a few weeks ago he left us 3 kits for gingerbread houses and men. We've tried to space them out and still have one left to make. Liv's class was doing a unit on gingerbread this month so it worked out well to bring the lesson home!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sibling Class

Liv had a sibling class at the hospital on Saturday. While getting ready she asked "Is this a special occassion mom?" I told her that yes I guessed it was, then she replied, "so I can wear your diamond necklace?" She remembered I told her long ago it's only for special occasions, so how could I say no?!
(And yes she's already asked me if she can have it when I die.)
The class had 6 kiddos in it and they watched a video about becoming a sibling, what new babies can and can't do, and feelings they might have. Then they got to make some artwork for the baby with their handprint and decorate a onesie to give their sibling. 
They learned how to diaper and swaddle a doll they brought. 
(When told to rock their baby gently, she dumped it out of its swaddle and then swung her red bear around her head by its leg.)
They looked at pics of each other when they were babies. And then we got to see a labor/delivery room and try on some doctor gloves and such.
But of course her favorite part was the birthday cupcake and juice we got to have in honor of their new siblings!
Liv is all ready for you now, Haven!
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