Monday, May 04, 2015

Arts Festival 2015

Even though we all know the main reason to go is the food, this might be the first year that we actually looked at no art whatsoever! We did enjoy some live music. Liv and MB clapped and danced along. We enjoyed delicious food. And spent a lot of time playing at the Myriad gardens!
Liv had gone with Lulu and Noah a few nights before and got the exact same food: pizza and dippin' dots...what a rookie move.
A vast children's play area and Liv would rather look at a search and find book! 
Haven went too, she just slept the entire time in the stroller. Ryan stayed home to work on the house though. See ya next year artists!
Arts Festival 2007--the only year we bought art!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Cousins in the Water

We had mostly nice weather while Amy and Joe were here. One day was hot enough to get out the sprinkler which Mary Belle had never experienced. Liv was kind enough to show her the ropes and let her borrow the umbrella when needed. 
MB took a break to come wave and Haven...
...and pop her elastic headband on her head! Whoops! Sorry Haven.
I'm pretty sure you could hear the laughs all down the street from bath time too as these cousins enjoyed dumping water on each others heads. After awhile MB got sick of it but she was a good sport. 

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Phone Dump-April

I feel like I'm full of excuses for not blogging, but in all honesty...wouldn't you be too if this was your view most of the day? 
I find it so hard to put her down sometimes. 
And to be honest, Ryan fixed me up a new laptop and I'm not used to it yet, therefore editing photos from my sister's visit has been a bigger undertaking, but I'll get there soon! 
Anyway here are some shots from April I may not have shared here yet! I guess these potentially could have been posts in and of themselves but I'll let the pics do most of the talking.
Babywearing, sleeping in with my wee one, baby toes!
The many faces of Haven
Bedtime Stories, Roly Poly Season, Liv's bday card to Charlie, backyard roses in bloom!
Sleepy time, nursing time, crazy hair time, more sleepy time
Laundry vs baby, Date with Liv, Kids art at Mayfair, Haven's happy place
Baby's first trip to Seminole, Waiting for storms, Smores with Neighbors, Spider that lives in our window
First stroller ride, tree climbing, Liv learns to mow, the witching hour
Daddy-Daughter-DOTA moment, bedmate, more roses, tis the season for eggs on clearance!
 I can't believe it's already May!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Newsletter: 2 Months

Dear Haven,
It's nice to know that all those hours of nursing are paying off. You are a healthy growing girl at 11 lbs. 10 oz. and 24 inches long! (98% height and 56% for weight) I knew you were growing because your newborn clothes have all been packed away but it's always fun to hear how much!
You are starting to be awake a little more often but you still enjoy your snoozing. You sleep from about 10pm-4am every night and then go right back to sleep after a little early breakfast. You slept best on your tummy or upright in your car seat or swing. I know, I know, it's not recommended but you seem to startle pretty easily if you are flat on your back.
You were having a lot of reflux, choking, gagging, and spitting up issues. We got real proficient in holding you over the wood floors at night as opposed to the carpet awaiting the splat sound in the dark. But in the past week it seems to be getting much better. That's one reason you sleep upright in the swing for your long stretch at night. But you are gaining weight well and aren't fussy the majority of the day so the Dr. said we can wait and see before we try reflux meds. She said you have something called laryngomalacia which is something you will grow out of but may be causing your tummy issues and also is the reason for some of the weird baby noises you make!
Although I don't wish these newborn days away I do wish you would enjoy life a little more between the hours of 5-9pm. Just as your big sister and daddy are getting home and we finally get to be a family all together in the start your witching hours. We take turns trying to make you happy, but you sure can exercise your lungs during those hours! Sometimes the porch swing, going on a stroller ride or car ride, or swaddling and bouncing can help but usually I just nurse you as much as possible during those hours. That makes dinner time, gym time, church time, or any other evening activity a little difficult at the moment but I know it won't last forever and if the cluster feeding at night helps you sleep such a long stretch...I can deal with it!
You have very strong legs and love to climb up me whenever I try to hold you close. You also hold your head back in the wrap and refuse to lay it down on my shoulder unless you are ready to sleep. I think you'll be ready for tummy time soon!
Your eyes are still a beautiful deep blue. You are starting to get thigh rolls, baby chub, and delicious fat cheeks. Your chin dimple is adorable and your samurai hairline is still going strong. When your hair is wet it's extra curly and if it's humid you will get some strays that start to stick up but so far it's still laying flat. Despite not liking to lay flat to sleep that is how you prefer to spend your awake hours as opposed to a bouncer or swing. Your diaper station is your favorite happy place although it's not safe to leave you there unattended. You coo and kick your legs and smile whenever you're there. 
You got to meet some of your cousins like Mary Belle and Afton this month and it made me look forward to all those holiday family memories we will make as you get older. I'm so glad you will have cousins your age to play with! However your big sister makes a pretty awesome playmate for now. She's still your number one buddy and asks every morning if she can play with you before school. She sings songs with you and reads you books, but she's still so anxious for you to be able to sit up or walk!
This month has reminded me how much I've forgotten about tiny babies. How fun the first smiles are, how long those growth spurt nights can be, how fun it is to see others faces light up when they hold a tiny baby, how much you can fruitlessly analyze why a baby is crying, and how joyful my heart is from just holding you close and staring at your face. Thank you for reminding me of all these things! I love you!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Look who came to town!

Our weekend was choc full o' family fun! My sister came to meet Haven and of course brought her hubby and my fav 18 month old Mary Belle!
Then Kelsey came all the way from Oregon to run in the OKC memorial marathon and Wendy and her girls came up from TX to watch Afton, so we got to see them too!
Yep this pretty lady not only ran 13 miles that morning but also gave birth a few months ago. She's inspiring! Afton and Haven will be great playmates one day!
Anyway more pics with my sis and Haven's newsletter coming soon! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Are You Talkin' to Me?

I was just telling someone the other day (and I don't even remember who) that I'm so tired and exhausted I am second guessing everything I say or have texted in the past...oh...8 weeks! As soon as I send a text or email in the middle of the night during a late night nursing session I immediately regret it and reread it like 5 times to make sure it made sense and then in the morning I forget I even sent it! I sat on a couch with Lauren the other day for like 5 hours and am not sure I can tell you what we discussed (and I may have even been sleep talking through half of it!) It all seems very surreal and dreamlike...maybe I shouldn't be driving. And Haven is a pretty good sleeper, and yet I'm still struggling to remember what I just said 2 seconds after I say it or type it. I probably am not even making sense right now! I'm trying to lay off the caffeine but I think some days it's a necessity....and today is one of those days!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

When I'm Not Here....

In addition to blogging here I do still blog occassionally over at OKC Mom's Blog (when I can find my way out of the piles of laundry...seriously SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY). My latest one was a follow up on Second Child Syndrome....but this time with the newborn edition. I'm sure all of you with more than one child can relate!

I also wrote about trying to navigate the slumber party world awhile back and don't think I ever shared. For now Ryan and I decided to handle it as a case by case basis but I also firmly believe it will come to haunt us when Liv is older so that stinks.

I did NOT write this article but I could have. We all know I love my Zumba class! I'm so thankful I was able to return to it last week. Some days I'm dragging and dog tired but it still gives me energy and hopefully will help me shed those last few baby pounds!

Anyway, I thought I'd share these with you so click on the links and check them out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

House renovation: Paint! Trim!

Ryan was painting most of the weekend and trim work has begun!! We picked a neutral color that matches all the walls in our house...for now. It was easiest.  We've also browsed carpet at Lowe's this week. It still has a bit of a ways to go but we're getting close!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Friday Dates with Hubby

Our weekly dates took a bit of a back burner when the house renovation was closing in on my due date, but I'm happy to say they are back and the past two weeks we have been to some delicious new (to us) places for our lunch dates. Yes we have a little sidekick joining us now, but she's usually asleep the whole time so it's still like we're alone!
We finally checked out Backdoor Bar-B-Que and were both very impressed. Barbecue is usually tasty no matter where ya go, but we both thought theirs was unique and extra delicious! I love the lighting centerpiece with the old ladder too.
Last week we headed to The Garage. Ryan got fish tacos and I got the strangest burger I'd ever seen on a menu and although I had my doubts...I loved it! It was called The Nutty Rooster and had PB, Siricha slaw, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese (basically sweet n spicy)
Then we took a stroll down to the Memorial as the 20th anniversary is this year and it had been awhile since we had visited. 
Maybe I'll up my selfie game for the next date, but I make no promises.

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