Friday, May 22, 2015

10 Years

We've celebrated our anniversary in Europe on a cruise ship, in Oklahoma at a Bed and Breakfast, a strange animal safari and a haunted restaurant, we've been to a yurt in Arkansas and a mountain cabin in Oregon. Our anniversary is always a fun celebration I look forward to each year. I've always said I wanted to go somewhere "big" for our 10th, but that was before I knew there would be another little baby in our lives! So big sister spent the night at a friend's house and little sister got to join us in a simple celebration of dinner at an Italian restaurant and a movie that I fell asleep through at home! But I wouldn't have it any other way because as long as I have this man by my side I don't care how we celebrate! Our anniversary is technically only one day a year but we celebrate our marriage every day in the little ways we show love to each other: taking turns with the kids, giving each other breaks, balancing out chores, putting each other first, being patient, choosing battles, and encouraging each other. We mess up a lot, but because of our commitment we forgive and work through it. I look forward to more years together and more adventures both big and small! Love you Ryan!

(We do have a family trip planned for this weekend, but we may have to take a literal rain check as the weather predictions aren't great for outdoor activities.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Turtle

He showed up in our yard last Friday morning and we found him on our hurried way out the door to school. I told Liv we could keep him for a few days and she could share it with her class on Monday if it was ok with her teacher. They've been learning about all sorts of animals. On Saturday we went to the library to get a book on taking care of turtles.  
Can you find him hiding?
Over the weekend Liv spent time constructing a habitat for him in the kiddie pool. We feed him salad...but NOT spinach which is harmful to turtles. She and the neighbor girls spent a lot of time watching the turtle swim and running it over from one house to the other all weekend long.
Liv has a constant need to hold and herd little animals which has always led to issues with annoyed kittens and dogs and pet the turtle is pretty awesome for this quality of hers! Unless she gets salmonella...but we are washing hands a lot! Anyway we say the days are numbered until we will release him at a park, but I am growing fond of him. She hasn't ever mentioned wanting to name him so we just call him "the turtle" and I think that's for the best!
(I say "him" but honestly we don't know its gender.)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weathering the Storms

If you watch any sort of news lately you might have seen that we are no longer in a drought here in OKC. Which would be a good thing except for the fact that the rain came all at once. I think we've gotten like 13 inches in the past 2 weeks. And there is more on the way!
What a difference the rain makes!
In true Oklahoma fashion that has meant lots of hail and tornado warnings and cancellations and late nights parked on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching the pandemonium of the weathermen. (I prefer Damon Lane this year) 
Sisters watching the news and being "weather aware"
There has been tons of devastating flooding around us but thankfully so far all we have is a lot of water in the crawl space. Ryan pumped quite a few gallons out with our shop vac last week
Our own little lagoon beneath our living room floor!
Liv really enjoys it when she sees the weather hype on the TV because she knows it means quality time in our safe space in the closet under the stairs with the ipad.
We hang out Harry Potter style during bad the closet under the stairs!
In fact, she enjoys it so much that on a sunny day yesterday she asked if she could watch a show on the ipad and when I said yes she just automatically went in the closet with it! Ha! It is quite cozy with pillows and blankets and bike helmets a plenty!
When it hasn't been storming but just raining we have enjoyed sitting on the porch while the rain falls and Liv has a blast playing in puddles which sadly I don't have pics of but I'm sure I can get some in the rains to come! I do enjoy the bare yard finally filling in with grass, and the pretty flowers staying alive on my porch, but I'm dreading the mosquito swarm I know will be here soon! We actually had an earthworm crawling across our living room floor the other day! But the best creature the rains have brought has been the turtle.
More on him (or her?) later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

She Gets Me

Many people posted these cards from their children on Mother's Day because kids often give funny answers. Liv's card was pretty sweet and I think she got all the answers correct (although I'd probably say grilled cheese is my fav food) What can I say...she just gets me :)
It also came home the same day as her spring picture. I need to ask that photographer how he got a REAL smile out of my girl. But then again I'm afraid to know, it probably had something to do with fart noises

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sister Comparison

For awhile these two girls were really favoring each other but when I took this picture the other day of Haven in her big sister's dress it was a lot easier to see their differences.Although they are definitely sisters I can tell some specifics about each of ask me again in 20 years and I'm sure I won't be able to! Can you tell which is which?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

Thank you, Mona, for raising this man to be the outstanding father and husband he is to our family.
Thank you, Mom, for loving me through my ups and down and all arounds. Your love comforts me even when we are miles apart. 
Thank you Lord for my two precious daughters. May I never take the title "mommy" for granted.

There is a long line of strong and god-fearing mothers and grandmothers in our families and I'm thankful for all of them today. I hope my daughters will one day get to wear this beautiful title as well, and I pray I can model an example worthy for them to uphold!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Field Trip Frenzy: Part II

The second field trip was to the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Gardens. They had a scavenger hunt to find different plants and trees. It's such a beautiful place and I'm always so amazed how they can keep the temps just right to grow all those things in one place!
Liv's class with their teacher
Haven thankfully snoozed in the wrap for both field trips!
Liv's Pre-K class
And a silly face photo with her class!
 Liv and her friend Emma 
The funnest part might've been the rain we got to walk in on the way home with 20 five-year-olds!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Field Trip Frenzy: Part I

Haven and I were lucky to attend Liv's two walking field trips the past two weeks! The first one was to the OKC art museum. Not gonna lie...a little bit nerve wracking not to let children touch the art! The key was not to linger anywhere for very long!
You can easily spot Liv...she's the one in the pink boots and shorts!
 They just learned about landscapes in their class and it was cute to hear them describe the art!
 I enjoyed seeing them interact with the pieces in different ways. They all liked to lie down under this metal car sculpture and the glass ceiling full of colorful Chihuly glass.

Up next, the trip to the Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Budding Gymnast

Liv's closing ceremonies for her gymnastics class season was this week and the parents were invited in to see the kids and all the things they've learned. It's always fun to see how she's improved and the unique ways the teachers there teach the various skills. I'm always impressed with the curriculum and staff at Metro. We've signed on for a summer session as well and although her buddy Elle won't be attending, her good pal Audrey plans to be in her class. We got some pics but it was hard to capture a non-blurry image when they were tumbling all over!
The arrow is on the floor but I laughed when I saw this photo because it looks like I photoshopped it in to point at Olivia!
You can see how amused Haven was by it all.
They each received a medal at the end of the night (in front of a super awkward hippo back drop!) and Liv was so proud! I'm so proud of her too!
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