Saturday, December 03, 2016

Tennessee Tri-fecta: The Birthday

We went to TN last week for the annual tri-fecta holiday celebrations (my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). It's a tradition that will forever confuse our daughters I'm sure. When they are off and married on their own I'm sure they'll be wondering where the cake and presents are on Thanksgiving! Ha! Oh well. All the Henderson family came over the first night and there were lots of cute blurry cousin moments. Those kids move too fast!
I held sweet Ellie Rose lots and was not about to put her sleepy baby body down to blow out my candles. No way! 
 Our traditional cousin photo is quickly outgrowing this couch! 
Silly shot!
Then we learned a new game called Kingdom builders. 
Thanks family for always celebrating my birthday with me whenever I come to town!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Newsletter: 21 Months

I have so many pictures this month and I couldn't narrow them down. You're just so stinkin' cute! I know I've said it before but it's so easy to understand how the baby in the family gets to be a little spoiled. You can do no wrong in our eyes. Your daddy's smitten, I'm wrapped around your finger, and sissy will do ANYTHING to get you to laugh.
I guess it's not completely have done SOME wrong this month because time outs have had to be given. You occasionally think hitting is funny and throwing toys is funny, you will usually sit in a timeout chair while crying, then when I come to get you, you hug me and lay your head on my shoulder and I'd let you sucker punch me in the eye because you're the baby and you're just so cute! But discipline I must......
This month you started doing what we call "The Haven Dance." I sadly have no video of it...maybe next month. When the Christmas tunes are playing, you start flapping your left arm like a chicken wing and skipping with your right foot. Then we all start doing it with you and I'm sure anyone looking in our windows thinks we've all gone nuts!
You are getting attached to a blankie (sounds like baby when you say it) but strangely it doesn't seem to be a particular one which is good. We alternate between all the aden and anais lightweight ones and you wad them up just so while nursing to sleep. When daddy puts you down to sleep you wad it up and then face plant into it before falling asleep. When we get you out of the crib you always want it to come to, but then you immediately forget about it. Being that your sister still sleeps with hers...and I slept with mine for an unhealthy amount of time. I have no plans to break this attachment, plus I'm gonna need you to comfort yourself with something when I turn the boob tap off!
Although you try to say just about any word we ask you to...they mostly come out indecipherable still. You are really good with the "b" sound. Thomas sounds likes Bobas. Even if you can't say the word just right you get the syllables down pretty well but you're so good at pointing and saying "Peease" I can usually figure it out.
You still love to color and you often are found in this spot in your jammies!
We are getting to be more regular with our weekly library visit and you are warming up to some of the kids and don't sit in my lap as long. You love to catch the bubbles, ride the seesaws, and pat all the little babies there. In TN you were so sweet to Lennon and Ellie Rose. You always wanted to hold them and gave them LOTS of mouth kisses. Babies holding babies melts my heart even more!
You are getting to be a big girl and getting braver at the park. You will go down taller slides without holding my hand but you usually start out wanting me to hold on for a few times. You've started pointing to your bottom right before you poop, for awhile you would sit on the potty but hold it until right when I put the diaper back on you. Now you aren't too keen on potty time but you still tell me when you are going so maybe after Christmas (because I think some potty training things might be coming from the North Pole) we can work on that some more!
In the past two weeks we had two roadtrips: a 3 hour one to and from Kansas and a 10 hour one to and from Tennessee. I'm glad to say this is the first trip you were pretty pleasant the entire way. It helps that you are older and understand things more and can feed yourself snacks and color on a tray and play some little kiddie apps. There was only one time I had to contort my body to hold your hand from the front seat and rub it so you'd go to sleep. Sometimes you'd let sister do it too.
Christmas time is here and we've been getting decorations up all week. I know you are still a ltitle too young to understand any of it but watching you with the tree was pretty fun. You saw us hanging up the ornaments so you were trying to hang up anything you found in the room: doilies, shoes, etc. After you were in bed I found a huge clump of tangled ornaments hooks hanging on a low branch...I'm pretty sure I know who hung it!
The holidays are always more special with kiddos around and I'm sure this one will be no different as you will have your three biggest fans blubbering and gushing as we watch you open gifts, and maybe sit without screaming (fingers crossed) on Santa's lap, and hopefully play in the snow if it will get below 60 here! We love you so much Haven!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Little Swedish Getaway

Back before Thanksgiving we headed over to Kansas to visit Carrie and David and see their new home. It's only about 3 hours from here so it was the perfect weekend trip. (Granted I didn't really calculate that we would come home Sat night and then be leaving less than 48 hours later for TN but the kids did well and I chalked it up to warm up car ride for Haven!) The kids ran amok as soon as we got there and Haven was thrilled that there were furry things galore for her to pet.

She also really took a liking to Nolan.
 They sat in this cat basket a lot and she liked to lead him around by the hand and he let her because he is a great big cousin!

Can you believe this first nephew of mine is 13 now?!

We all stayed up way too late chatting and having fun. In the morning the girls sorted out shopkins and Liv got Alice started on her own collection.
Then we got a walking tour of their Swedish little town. (Ironically Lauren's family is from this tiny place so I had heard of it, and it truly is a delight!) We tried krumkake and saw all the Dala horses in the Swedish shop. 
The painted horses are in their town much like the Buffalo are in OKC.
There was a fun park where we played, pokemon hunted, AND geocached...a triple threat!
The kids played in this toy store for a super long time. Haven was quick to make a beeline for the only Thomas in the whole place. 
I think the girls would've gladly stayed and played store all day.
We walked everywhere and the fall foliage did not disappoint. I loved this old church!
After lunch we headed back out to see the lost castles of Kansas. Rumor has it a certain club at OC has their intiation night here every year. 
I'm pretty sure I convinced two high school sweethearts this place was built in 1292 after reading this sign. Ha! Teens.
Then we headed back to the house for more play time before we trekked back to OKC.

Haven wanted to be with the animals at all times. In the yard, through the fence...and once she even followed the cat under the porch to hang out.
Thanks for a fun weekend getaway Moores!

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