Thursday, November 16, 2017

Turner Falls Trip

One Saturday morning this month we got a wild hair when we saw how beautiful the weather was and decided we needed to take a little trip to Turner Falls. So we literally just got in the car and went. Which was fun but also a little crazy because I packed NOTHING. No extra clothes, no snacks, totally unprepared. We had a great time, the leaves were starting to change, the crowds were down because it was bedlam weekend, and the weather was pretty perfect.
Liv wrote in her new diary constantly the whole trip. It was kinda cute.
Liv of course enjoyed playing on the rocks and water and fell completely in the first few minutes we were there. She pouted for a bit, but she dried off eventually.
 I don't know how she didn't fall in more times than she did!
Apparently the water around the falls was closed so a policeman blew his whistle at Haven for wading. Seemed a bit silly when you could get in all the other water around it but whatever. We are law abiding people....unlike those trespassers who climbed behind the falls where it says DO NOT CLIMB PAST THIS POINT. 
 We hiked up the hill to the cave and Ryan managed to get both girls in and then hoist himself up by the rope. I played it safe outside. I was a little saddened by how bad the graffiti was as the last time I was there none of it existed. And I thought they might be renovating the castles by now but apparently they ran out of money so they are just crumbling away. 
Haven and I skipped rocks (AKA threw them in the water) while Liv and Ryan went exploring on their own for a bit.
Eating at a diner in Davis
The last time we were there apparently was 12 years ago (except for the lookout point!) and I felt out of shape according to my post. I felt fine this time, so way to go me! This almost 5 year old can outlast a 23 year old!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pumpkinville 2017

Last month Liv's class had their annual field trip to Pumpkinville at the Myriad Gardens. Haven and I went along for the fun too! It's my fav "pumpkin patch" and I love how creative and different each year is!
 Field Trippin Moms stick together!
Sometimes Liv's friends love me more at school than she does!
Her whole 2nd Grade class
 Afterward Haven and I went out for cookies. As I took this pic she was scolding me for not having a lid. Turns out she was right and I spilled my water a minute later!
And a few min later she was asleep in the pick up line! 
Pumpkinvilles of the past

Friday, November 10, 2017

Phone Dump {Oct 2017}

My phone needs a new battery. It drains pretty quick but Ryan did some googling and it's working a bit better while we wait on a new one to arrive from China. Apparently my cell phone isn't one you can just pop out and put a new one in. Lame. So my pics were all deleted off my phone after a factory reset and I don't know how to do easy collages with any's a bunch of photos from October in full form!

A book about constipation. No one makes it through this book in our fam without laughing because we are mature. least fav.
My girl and I know how to chow down on some Auntie Anne's!
Livin' that mommy blogger life with Alicia and Sandy at an Evereve opening event. I got to do the social media coverage for the OKC mom's blog and we all got styled 
Ryan installed a light in our Harry Potter closet this month. Now when the tornadoes come we will be able to see each other with our bike helmets on.
This dog has run away and come to our house twice. He looks like Ryan's old dog KC.
Small group at the Bryant's. I love their home and Judy goes all out on hosting. She decorates the kids table too!
Traditional fall treat!
Playing with Bo!
Pick up line fun...listening to murder podcasts hoping I'm not ruining my child.
She was up before 7am the first day of fall break. Blerg.
Special hairdos for a Trolls viewing
Warm enough for sprinkler play in October!
We managed to not carve a pumpkin this year but they did paint a few.
Playing in the we affectionately call Guthrie. Haven and Bo usually play once a week but it's a real treat when Liv gets to play with his sisters!
They do super safe things like this...

A view of my garden. This is how we eat potatoes.
Bo left his truck here and for a week it was Haven's favorite toy. She loved pickle.
Having super fun times at Scarlette and Carsten's bday party!
Ryan making the dragon head
With the weather change come snotty noses and cuddle time on the couch.
I decorated two houses for xmas in October! Kinda crazy but when you spend money to have it done you want it up for as long as possible!
Hopefully by next month my phone will be fixed and normal phone dump posts can resume!

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