Monday, August 31, 2015

Newsletter: 6 Months

Dear Haven,
Half a year! Six months have gone by in the blink of an eye my wee one. Speaking of eyes...yours are still blue! The pediatrician had told me if they were still blue at this point they'd most likely stay that way. They are a very pretty color that changes a bit depending on the light we are in. We had your well baby appointment today and you are in the 86% percentile for weight and height at 18 pounds and 27 inches. Your 9-12 months clothes seem to fit best.
You can roll both ways and push up on your arms when you are on your tummy. You can sit but only with support around you. We got an exersaucer from Reese this month that you like for a little bit. When we lay you on the floor you often hold yourself in a crunch for a long time which is just what your sister used to do! You definitely aren't as content for as long now and we have to change your position or scenery in between your naps. You do still enjoy being outside and that's usually the easiest fix if you are fussy.
You remind me of your aunt Amy's baby pics so much in these pics
The biggest change this month is that you randomly started taking a pacifier, but only in the few seconds before you fall asleep. I usually nurse you right before you naps and bedtime and as you are dozing off you will transfer easier into your crib if I can slip that paci in. You are waking about once a night but you go right back to sleep.
Baby's first jeans!
You are starting to have a little separation anxiety when I leave the room or leave you in Bible class. I usually get called to the nursery on Wednesday nights because you can't make it long without me that late in the evening. Daddy and I both smiled at this adorable pitiful face that was texted to me one night that just said "help momma!" I do love that you immediately calm down when in my arms.
One morning this month I was in the shower and Liv came running in telling me that your ear was full of blood. I figured she was exaggerating because you often scratch your ear or face with your tiny nails and cause little scabs of dried blood to form, but she insisted I come so I hurried to dry off and came to your crib. She was right. You were happy and smiling but your entire ear had a pool of blood in it. We got you and the sheets cleaned up but I've been trying to keep your nails shorter ever since!
I was tired of that yellow crusty cradle cap on your scalp so I went against everything I read and scrubbed it off. We shampooed your hair and I got a comb and just massaged your scalp with it. I figured I'd stop if you started fussing but you seemed to enjoy it so i kept at it until I didn't see anymore flakes in the teeth of the comb. It hasn't come back since!
Your hair is still so dark and beautiful and curly and the thing most people comment about. But even though I think all parts of you are gorgeous, it's your smile I like the most. You don't just smile with your mouth. You smile with your whole body. Your face lights up, your eyes squint, your shoulders raise, and your body squirms like you just can't contain the joy you have inside of you. Thanks for being the joy in my day my precious girl! I love you!
Love, Mama

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bible Bingo

Danielle gave these out to the kids at church to help them in their summer Bible reading and make it more fun. I don't think we will finish the Bingo chart by August 30th but we will keep at it! Liv really enjoyed reading in the bathtub.
 She's very enthusiastic about writing so she wrote out her list of Bible Heroes with some help. I love 5 year old hand writing.
She was going to put down Adam and Eve, but we weren't sure they would be considered heroes...but I did let her put Jonah down since he eventually went to Ninevah.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Zoo day

Even though school is back in session we can still have fun with friends, especially on early pick up days! Liv gets out at 2 on Wed. and it just so happened to be a rare 70 degree day in August so we headed to the zoo with friends!
Have you ever seen a goat's pupils up close?! CREEEEPY!
Noah was in town with Lulu so he got to join us too!
These kids had fun seeing animals but they've been to the zoo so much I think the most fun they had was on the playground there.
This was also Haven's first time at the zoo. She was pretty bored.
 She nursed and fell asleep, but I couldn't get her to stay asleep in the stroller so she was kinda cranky most of the time there. I feel our days of going out and about and her sleeping in the car seat or stroller are numbered.
Even the bear rightinfrontofher couldn't excite her.
Oh well I'm sure we will be back again soon with cooler temps sticking around!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Boredom Busters

Do you have a fire hazardous stack of old magazine laying around your house? For some fun crafts to do with kiddos check out my latest post over at OKC MB....I don't THINK this will cause as much controversy as the last post....but then again what do I know? There may be a coalition against the cutting up of magazines and if so I'm in BIG trouble!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wooly Willy: Haven's turn

Hairstyles with Haven!
Remember when I did it to her sister?
Liv's were taken at 4 months and Haven is almost 6 months. I think it's clear that Liv had much more hair! But Haven's stays curly when it's dry whereas Liv's always straightened out once it was dry. Liv's stuck up in crazy directions but Haven's is pretty tame...for now!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Liv's Art

Last week Liv's homework assignment was to put 5 things in a bag that represent her. She chose a paintbrush because she's a good artist, a paci to show she's a big sister, a pencil to represent she's a talented writer, a medal to show she's a gymnast, and a shoelace because she's a fast runner. She comes home with various drawings every day from school.

Her favorite things to draw currently are princesses, our family, barns, and zz monkeys. I don't know what a zz monkey is but they are everywhere around our house! For example....
I thought they must be something she made up or from a book in school. I finally googled them today and found this.....but that's about all. Who knows?! I like to document the art in pics so I don't feel as bad about throwing it away after a day or two of laying in piles around the house!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Porch and Playroom Time

Two full weeks of school are in the books and while Haven and I have no rigid routine to our days so far, one thing we do make time for every morning is porch time before it gets too hot. She usually plays and I usually read. We swing and chat and let Charlie join us occasionally. One morning it even rained which was a welcome break from the heat! I think it's mandatory that all my houses from now on will have to have a nice covered porch!
 Then we retire to the playroom which is getting a lot of use since it's completion. It's probably the coolest room (as in degrees) thanks to the porch shaded windows and the nice fan.
She may not be a huge fan of tummy time but she seems to automatically roll there these days and then not know how to roll back!
She's really into the price is right wheel these days.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book review

Go Set a Watchman. (Long review alert) I loved this book. It's getting a bad rap because of the way Atticus seems to have changed and the fact that maybe Harper Lee didn't want it published and that it would never stand alone as its own work without the help of Mockingbird BUT in light of all of that, I enjoy a coming of age book and that is what I think is at the heart of this book more than any kind of racial message. At the age of 26 Jean Louise is still coming into her own, she finally sees her father for what he is, a flawed human. On her yearly trip back to her small southern town, she sees her city, in the height of racial tension brought on by recent Supreme court decisions, in a much different light and she's trying to come to terms with how she can be from this place that seems so foreign to her beliefs. Who can't relate to that feeling? Surely I'm not alone in that! Granted I am from a small southern town so maybe it rings a little more true for me, but I would imagine most 20-somethings who have moved away go through similar feelings when visiting home and forming their own opinions that may be in contrast to their parents.

Spoiler alert: I disagree with some of the viewpoints that hold Atticus has become a racist or that by the end of the book Scout agrees to see things his way. I think what the author was trying to say is that there were many complicated views in the 50s on how best to proceed with new civil rights laws. She's not agreeing with one or the other (although I tend to think Scout is a representation closely to herself) she's just presenting that this is how it was. Atticus is representing the population that felt change would best come slowly and Jean Louise represented the people saying slow change is still oppression. In the end they made up because they agreed they could each hold their own opinions and still love each other and have a relationship. He was proud that she stood up for her beliefs and either he or her uncle (I can't remember which) was persuading her to move back because they felt Maycomb needed people with her mindset. And like I said before I really feel overall this book was about a girls' disillusionment with her hometown and her idealized father more than anything else. I doubt I would've enjoyed it as much had I not had the background story of Mockingbird, but I do, so I'm very thankful I read it and I give it a 9.5.

Not That Kind of Girl is a memoir of short stories by Lena Dunham (maybe a long lost relative on my maternal grandmother's side?) who has risen to fame rather quickly at a young age. I guess it would be in the coming of age genre too but I would def not compare it to Watchman! I enjoyed it and appreciate her candor, sense of humor, and the way she can depict the dichotomy of feelings inside a young girl's head! Her writing and humor reminds me of a friend I once had and I think it'd be fun to discuss it with her if she were still here. It is rather crass at times though so reader be warned. I give it a 7.

Girl on a Train. This is one of those hard to put down books which helped me get out of my reading funk! How many times do you make up stories about people you see in a restaurant or shopping center? Well this woman has done it with people she sees from her seat on the train every day except her memories are blurred because of her alcoholism and so when she sees something from the train one day that shocks her, she gets involved but maybe too much. It's told through her distorted memories and will have you guessing until the end pretty much! I give it an 8.

The Storyteller. It's been awhile since I read this one but I did enjoy it. My only beef with it was there was a little TOO much going on with the various storylines which I hear is typical of a Picoult book but this was the first one I've read. There's nazi hunting, a love story, a mystery, and vampires all rolled into one. I did become fascinated briefly with learning more about people who still hunt for nazi war criminals today...something I'd never even thought about before. There are some still alive and still in hiding and there is a great documentary series on Netflix called The Last Nazis which I think does a great job of presenting the topic from the viewpoint of a nazi hunter, a former nazi, and children who were raised in Lebensborn, hospitals for Hitler's Aryan race of fatherless children (another topic I knew nothing about). I give the book a 7.

Books I Couldn't Finish
Pride and Prejudice. Sorry all of you classic lit lovers. I think this is my third attempt at this book. I cannot follow who is speaking in the dialogue and although it's witty at times I just can't stay interested. People keep telling me to watch the movie FIRST and then I'll like the book. But I don't think I'll want to read the book if I watch the movie. I dunno. The best part for me was finding out who all of my sister in law's pets are named after!

Dear Life. I read half of these short stories for book club. None of us were that enthused with them. We had great hopes as the author has won a Nobel award for her writings. All of these stories seemed to just jump into the middle of something like we already knew the characters and what was going on and they were kind of hard to follow and get any meaning out of. Probably just over my head. There was one I kind of enjoyed but that was it.

Rules of rating seen here. What are you reading?

(We took a break from chapter books for awhile with Liv. She is reading much better on her own and likes to read out loud often at bedtime so we've been keepin' it simple so she can practice! I'm sure I'll have some children's books reviews soon though)
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