Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Family is Far Away

Check out my latest post for OKCMB as I share tips on how to cope when your family is miles apart from you. Everyone needs a mommy sometimes but what do you do when your mommy is too far to hop in a car and come over? How do you split family holidays and traditions without upsetting one side? (well I just got lucky honestly that both sides of our family are understanding) How do you maintain a bond between kids and their grandparents if they only see them a few times a year? Check it out and leave a comment if you can relate or have tips to share! 
 We had a contributor dinner last month for the blog. We don't get together that often so it was fun to hang out with the other writers who do such a good job at making OKCMB what it is! We also got new headshots which is why my facebook pic finally changed.
And for those wondering....the second day of school went fabulously and I got in the pick up line super early to avoid the chaos. It helped. It also helped that I worked today so the day went by much faster!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School

Today was Olivia's first day of Pre-Kindergarten at John Rex Elementary. She got dressed and made her bed and agreed to take some first day pictures before seeing what gifts awaited her at the breakfast table. 
She perused the goodies while I made her some oatmeal to go along with a few of the powdered donuts. 
We read from our new devotional book over breakfast and I kept thinking of all the wise advice I needed to bestow upon her. She kept asking "Is it tomorrow?" I think because we kept telling her yesterday that school was was a confusing concept. I snapped a few more pics and we headed over to pick up Noah.
The dress seems long now but we'll see by the end of the year how much she grows!
That's more like it!
I wore the thumbprint necklace she made me today so I could rub her thumbprint whenever I missed her.....which was  lot.
Once we learned that we would not be allowed to walk our children to their classes Jenna and I decided if we couldn't walk with them, they could at least walk together! Liv and Noah are in the same class this year which I think helped calm Liv's nerves....and mine as well. Now let's just hope they manage to actually make other friends in the class throughout the year!
With their sweet teacher Ms. Bradshaw
Their teacher was there to great them at the drop off spot and surprisingly there was no line of cars. I hugged her quickly while a few tears welled up behind my sunglasses. She did great though and I was so proud of her! Looking back it probably was helpful to us both that the good-bye had to be quick so I couldn't linger! Jenna and I calmed our nerves in the company of other moms over a "Boo hoo brunch" at First Watch. It was delicious and theraputic.
But then I had the rest of the day ahead of me......

The school day is from 8:00-4:00 and let me tell you.....this was the longest afternoon of my life. I was so ready to pick her up and hear about her day by like noon! Then I got to practice my patience even more in the "pick-up line" which was about a 45 min wait. I'm hoping things will go faster in a few days....I hear they usually do. The smile on her face as she ran to my car was worth the wait though. I missed her so much today. She offered bits and pieces of info about her day throughout the evening....the cheer they learned, the puzzles she did, but she was quick to say "I'm the ONLY one in the WHOLE class that didn't nap. I TRIED to but the other kids were kicking and snoring." I don't doubt that she didn't nap but I'm anxious to hear the teacher's side of the story!!

A wonderful article was recently written about the school and I know many in the community are excited about this school....none more so than the children and parents of the children attending I'm sure!

Anyway we can tuck that milestone under our belt! She is excited to go back tomorrow and I will be excited for the hours to pass so I can pick her up again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ready as We'll Ever Be!

We've bought and delivered school supplies.
We've bought and hung up the uniforms.
We've toured the school and met her teacher.
We played in the room
And found her cubby
We've made a daily chart to help us get into a new routine. 
(getting up at 6:30 for the past week has NOT been fun!)

We did back to school mani/pedis
We've checked out and read a bajillion "First Day of School" books from the library
We celebrated the last night of "summer" with sno cones at Shimmers
We've prayed for this new part of life to be a smooth transition.
Tomorrow is the big day! We're as ready as we'll ever be and I still don't feel ready for this at all......
Is it ok if I just stare at my baby while she sleeps all night?
To be continued...............

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's about that time for some more freezer meals

We are about to get into our new school routine and what better way to lighten the stress of school starting than with some freezer meal prep?! Jenna and I tore my kitchen up for about 4 hours on Saturday but we got some great meals out of it!
Enough raw chicken germs to give me an anxiety attack!
Our menu items included:
chicken fajitas
taco meat
breakfast burritos
bran muffins
Hawaiian chicken
Stuffed Peppers
Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken
Sausage and Peppers

Hopefully that will take one thing off our plates to think about for the next few meals as we make a life adjustment!!  Thanks Jenna for planning the menu and list!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meeting Elsa

Technically Liv met her at a birthday party awhile back but she got to meet her again last week at an OKCMB playdate. We checked out Aloha snow cones in Bethany (delicious!) and had some fun before Elsa arrived singing "Let It Go" through the parking lot. It was pretty magical. The kids all joined in her song as they waved their arms and built their imaginary ice palaces. Then she read stories to them. Liv got her picture taken with her AND got her autograph in her special Frozen book. Now she's just dying to get Anna and Sven to sign it too. That's right...Sven...the reindeer. I'm not sure how he autographs things but maybe his hooves are more finely tuned than I thought.
Playing with playdoh

Pin the nose on Olaf
All the kids belting it out....pretty adorable!
It was a very dramatic reading

Notice Liv trying to read her own version in the crowd.
Liv sharing every single page of her book with Elsa
On the way there I asked if she wanted Elsa's autograph. She said Yes!!!! Then 10 min later said Mom what IS an autograph?
I do not know what is happening here but neither does Haylie in the background
Don't worry Elsa, I don't understand half of what she's talking about either!
 Always check out the OKCMB website or facebook page for more fun playdates in the upcoming future!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bathroom Renovation

Check one thing off our list. It's a long list but one check feels pretty good! Our tiny full bathroom is mostly tile without much wall space, but Ryan painted it while we were in TN. He also replaced the ugly cabinet above the toilet with a pretty new white one. Sorry it's hard to take pics in a tiny space but these are the ones I got!

(Hard to see much difference but all the woodwork has been painted, walls were tan and now blue. Can't see the cabinet or the dingy tub)
Wall color: Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams
Cabinet: Lowe's
 And best of all......we got the tub refinished yesterday. It is glorious!!! Old cast iron tubs that have been scrubbed for 60 years with steel wool and comet are just impossible to look and feel clean. The above before shot was the best we could clean it and it was embarassing.

 And see the overflow....everytime we left town and turned the air down, the house would get warm and that brown stuff would spread and start growing. No amount of scrubbing could get it to vanish but it would fade when the temps were lower again. So gross.
  The bathtub magic man came yesterday, spent about 4 hours spraying toxic fumes all over the tub (we left the house), we couldn't touch it for 24 hours, but it is beautiful!! I might actually bathe in it now! I wish we would've done this to the tub in our old house! Anyway check out his website, he's redone tubs for a few friends of ours but can also do tile and other things. I love my tiny bathroom now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Memories with Friends!

Although we have been traveling fools this summer and we barely did any of the fun stuff I usually like to do in OKC....because we just weren't here....we have managed to have some fun play dates with friends in the brief moments we were home! Here are some from the past few weeks!

Liv and I made it for about half of the summer movies at Harkins Theaters. Elle joined us one Monday and we toured Bricktown on foot and fed the ducks. 
Then we came home and made cookies. 
They played so well together I barely saw them except when they needed me to zip a costume or reach something too high!

We met Keely and her sisters at the spray ground last week and I've decided the best time to go is after most schools have started....we had the whole place to ourselves most of the morning!
These girls will be at the same school next week but not the same grade. They are getting so tall it's hard to remember when they were drooling and toddling all over the play room!

I may not have as many pictures of Noah and Liv at the pool as I have in years past but it's mostly because I've been working part time this summer. So Liv is over there lots, but I'm not always with her! Jenna has also been keeping her cousin's daughter, Lauren. So Liv and Noah have become quite good child care providers. They even gave her bottle in the gym childcare one day when she was crying!
Lauren really reminds me of Liv as a baby with her big beautiful eyes, her crazy long hair, and her perfect caterpillar swaddle!

The baby love can continue at church functions too as Liv can't get enough of holding Baby Reese.

She also had kids her own age to play with at our Sunday night small group!

The fake smile is so painful sometimes but it makes me laugh!

She's been begging to have Ms Jeri over ALL summer but we just haven't been home much to invite others over. We finally got our chance the other night and had a dinner party. Liv actually finished her meal in a reasonable time for once because she knew a tea party with Jeri was bound to happen upstairs in her room!

I love their friendship that has no age limit!

Liv haggled at a garage sale to buy these used princess party decorations with her own money. You'll be seeing them again in a few weeks at a 5 year old party! (I'll probably get some new plates though!)
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