Sunday, December 10, 2017

Artsy Fartsy

Last week we finally went to see both the art exhibits I've been taking my sweet time to go see. Not For Sale is no longer here but was at Oklahoma Contemporary and we really enjoyed it. We were the only ones there on a Wednesday after school and the girls loved all the hands on things they got to do. They picked out their favorite graffiti art too, but were mostly about mixing tunes on the ipad stations.
 DJ Liv and Mix Master Haven jammin on the one
They left their mark on the large collaborative tape wall
 I need this pillow in my life
 And I started my budding passion as a street artist with this handy worksheet!
Then on my birthday I took Liv and Sebastian to experience Factory Obscura's Shift. It's an immersive exhibit to walk through and touch and be a part of and they loved it. They treated it like a playground and even though it's small we were there for an hour as I said over 1,000 times "Please don't run!" I hear it's like a tiny taste of Meow Wolf in Santa Fe (which Liv's dance teacher is about to go and be a part of)!
Both places are free (donations are accepted) so if you are looking for indoor things to do around the city, go support the Oklahoma art community!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Dancing with Friends

Liv's time at Sweet Yield Studio has been fun and brief. Although she's enjoyed it, I think she prefers to play with her friends and climb trees and not have anymore structure after a school day than she has to...that's my interpretation of her not wanting to continue after the winter recital. But she did invite her friend Izzy to come to the "Bring a friend day" last week and Izzy enthusiastically agreed!
Rumor has it she would love to take Liv's place in her class and I'm just hoping her mom will say yes so I can sell these dance shoes we didn't use very long :) Even though it was just one short class, they managed to learn a sweet little friendship dance routine! Love it!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Tri-fecta 2017: My Birthday

The next day we celebrated my birthday. The family came over and we had my fav meal of lasagna. The kids were still playing with their new toys, which meant we adults got to play some games too!
I had three helpers for my 2 candles!
 Hey girls! Look at me!
Haven was learning to use a camera with my help. She got some good shots.
 Silly Haven
 She was finally starting to perk up since it was the last day there!
 Papa and his mini-me
 Sweet sleeping angels.
Another TN tri-fecta in the books...(And I think I've finally figured out how to work this chromebook!)

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Tri-fecta 2017: Christmas

Christmas always comes a little early in TN since we are all together then. And no one complains because who would complain about early presents and delicious food?! No one. But they WOULD complain about trying to get a family photo via tripod. This is what we really looked like. Thanks Ryan.
But after a few shots we managed to get this gem :)
Look at my precious nieces in their matching dresses. Too cute! 
Haven was sickly again so we didn't attempt a shot until after the presents were opened. Liv is such a little mother hen to her sweet cousins. And they adore her!
Time for the paper to fly!
Olivia clutching her long lost Lambie!! Thanks goodness Grammy has a beanie baby dealer.
Little Larry
Of course the kids loved to help unwrap the adult's gifts too!
Then we got to play with new toys and puzzles!
The xmas fun wore Haven out...or maybe it was her fever...she crawled up in my lap and fell asleep.
Ryan took me out to see Murder on the Orient Express and my kids watched a movie in their fav spot, Papa's lap!
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