Monday, February 20, 2017

Grammy's Here, If You Need Me I'll be Purging...

The closets that is. Not like in an unhealthy bulimic sort of way. But in a dump everything out of every drawer, cabinet, and closet way. It feels so good! If you need any of my junk it will be at the Mayfair garage sale coming up the first weekend in March. I'm sure I'll be bringing some junk home to replace the stuff I'm giving away as I would estimate 90% of my house is furnished by items from the annual church sale that supports an orphanage in Mexico!
You can also catch a glimpse of the rebuilt and recently primed kitchen bench!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Heat Wave

What do you do when the weather spikes up to almost 90 degrees on a weekend in February? Lots of yard work, outdoor dining, and playtime in the water!
I think a total of 8 kids from 4 different houses were represented back and forth between yards all day. It was glorious. We got sunburned (or in Liv's case...a base tan) and all slept very well last night!
 I guess Puunxatawny Phil doesn't really know what he's talking about after all!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

It's a Conundrum

Haven's Favorite thing: Playing with big sis's toys while she's at school
Olivia's Least Favorite thing: Discovering little sis has messed up all her toys while she's been at school.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Phone Dump {Jan 2017}

Yep it's still weird to type in "2017". But here ya go. The first month of the year just dumped out of my phone for you! (Thanks Nicole for the reminder to use my phone collage app! She's obviously not feeling old)
Liv fell asleep on me during Harry Potter one night. See even she gets bored of it at times. Ryan and Sean finishing our second Christmas January. Liv's "not amused" face of me trying to sneak pics of her playing nicely with her sis. Slumber party for the dolls!
Haven making Lego people at the mall, She likes to try and dress herself these days. We cram lots of people in the bathroom to cheer potty training! Go Haven Go! 
Haven being lazy with me in bed, wearing her new backpack, she likes to pretend to go night night at Loree's when she goes to work with me, Ryan took a pic of us cuddling and Haven looped her arm around my neck...that's my girl!
I took charge of the OKCMB Instagram one Friday to share some of my fav things: My grandmother's gold leaf necklace, snacks, my fav gym buddies who dance with me every week, my chipolo Ryan got me for Xmas so I can easily find my keys or phone!
Jen Hatmaker came to OC to speak and I though there were like 5 of us from Mayfair going but when we arrived saw so many more! We took a group pic and then I found some of my gym buddies there too. It was basically a reunion of every woman I know in OKC. And the speaker was amazing. Of course.
Haven doesn't like to wear pants...or any clothes really. She loves to nurse her stuffed animals, and swing on the porch swing....which seems an odd activity for January but it's been rather warm.
Sisters playing sweetly on a Saturday, girls movie night, Liv and friends from school roller skating!
Our new small group at church working on a service project together. Liv made up a game with her princesses, bracelets, and a dice and convinced Calvin to play.
Some work pics this month. The house we are working on and the floorplan of the master closets I got to design. Amanda got to work with us one day un-decorating Xmas.
Jayven mean mugging Haven! Ha! Cassidy and Liv played dress up ALL day. We rarely saw them unless they were hungry! Charlie being cute and Haven showing Aunt Laura her xmas clothes!
Me giving in to facebook trends.
Haven's hair can get rather mulletish some days so I had to do a "who wore it best comparison photo"
Sunrise on the way to school one day.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

What it feels like to be old

I've sat down to write my phone dump post at least 10 times now. And every time I do, the website I use to put my photos in a collage messes up. I've tried using different computers. I've tried using a different browser. I've tried adding an account, using less photos, and every time it just won't let me do it. So now I have to find another outlet to achieve the same effect which means I just need to ask Ryan because he can find it in two second what would take me 5 hours. This is what is feels like to be old. Technology is advancing and I am not and all it does is stress me out and at this point it actually would've been faster to take some film to be developed and mail each and every one of my 5 readers the pictures from my cell phone. That is all. Wait no it's's my book review that just came out in the Christian Chronicle. That's what you can read until I can get technology on my side!

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Book Review

Normally at the beginning of each new year I do a "best of books" list but I'm gonna have to take a break on 2016's list, I'm struggling to find time to blog in between the part time jobs and family life so it is what it is. And there's a blurred line between which year these were even read in, but maybe I'll do better in 2017!

The Wonder was a book that I assumed would reel me in like Room did and I'd finish in a day. Not the case with this story. It drags on quite slowly as it tells the tale of a nurse sent to investigate the (miraculous or child abuse?) case of a girl who apparently seemed to not be eating or drinking anything but whose health wasn't failing. Although it's not a true story it was based on similar happenings that did occur I believe in the early 19th century (whenever Florence Nightingale was around.) I found myself skimming a lot as it got repetitive....we get it, she HAD to watch the family very diligently, the family and church and town relations were all very tense, blah blah, but the the last few chapters were much like Room and I breezed through them as I had to find out what would happen! And I won't tell you, you'll have to read for yourself! But I only give this one a 7

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. I think this book is a very important subject matter in our society today and deals with the issue of race in the criminal justice system, but I also feel it's pretty heavy and lengthy so if you'd like the same information but don't think you can finish the entire book...please watch the documentary 13th, which is nominated for an Oscar and easily accessible on Netflix. With many of the BLM protests and issues coming about during this political season I feel it's important for American citizens to at least be aware of some of these facts in our judicial system. The history of them, the present issue at hand, and how our country is affected if things aren't changed for our future. You can agree or disagree, but you can't deny some of the atrocious facts raised in this book and documentary. I give it a 9. (The author is in the documentary but did not direct it)

Big Little Lies. Oh my goodness. Lauren gave me this book like 3 yrs ago or something and told me I'd love it and I just kept putting it off because it looked intimidating. Anything over like 300 pages makes me sigh when I look at it. But I have enjoyed the authors other books that I have read and I knew this would be a miniseries soon so it was time I gave it a chance. So good. Such humor about moms today, pta drama, but with a serious side to it as well. I recommend it if you like her other books or are a mom whose ever had a child in school. I think you'll enjoy it. I give it a 9.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Meh. Elizabeth Gilbert can be pretty annoying and rub people the wrong way sometimes and while I have enjoyed some of her other books, this was one I found annoying. Maybe it just didn't speak to me. The parts I found most interesting were the parts where she told someone else's story or example not her own. She contradicted herself a lot in this book and while I did highlight a few passages from it, it still wasn't fun to read. I give it a 5.

I Will Send Rain. Jeri recommended this book to me and said it was a better dust bowl story that Grapes of Wrath. I did enjoy it as the Dust Bowl wasn't exactly the main topic of book, rather the setting that a family drama took place during and obviously affected their lives greatly. If you like American tales or historical fiction then I recommend this one and give it a 7.5.

Maisie Dobbs. I feel like this will be a miniseries on PBS soon if it isn't already. Since it is a book series maybe this first one wasn't as good because it had to tell Maisie's back story of how and why she became a psychologist and private investigator after the war, in a time when obviously not a lot of women were embarking on the single life and careers of their own. I liked the detective part of it but it was interrupted by 2/3 of the middle part of the book telling of her childhood to the present, and while I guess it was necessary, it also bored me. So I can only give it a 6 and MAYBE I'll check out the second one before I write it off completely. I recommend it if you like Downton Abby or historical fiction.

What I'm Reading with Liv
Harry Potter. Yep we've started it! And we're almost done with book 1. She does get very interested in it but I must say I'm kind of bored with reading it aloud. I do love the series though. Some books are just like that I guess. Fun to read to yourself but when you actually have to say it out loud I feel it could be annotated. I feel we will have to take the series slowly though as I know she will want to see the movies and they get quite dark and scary the further along you get!

What are you reading?
Rules of rating seen here.

Friday, January 27, 2017


This is actually how I found her sleeping for naptime the other day. So hard to wake up a sleeping cherub for school pick up, but it must be done! 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Back for more!

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by our house again on the way back west. We got a few days of fun with them and I even kept Liv out of school Friday so she could cry even harder when they left. Well that's not the REASON but I knew where all this fun with grandparents would lead! Since I worked most of Thursday and Friday I didn't get too many pics of the fun they had but I heard about it! Saturday was a hard good-bye but luckily Noah came over shortly after they left so she had some distraction from her grief. We love you guys!

 Haven's feet basically never touched the ground.
 We went to the OKC Home and Garden show together and toured the tiny home village. Would've been more impressive had most of them actually been finished but they wanted you to buy and customize. For what they were charging for these I'm pretty sure Ryan and Rick could be millionaires if they wanted to go into the tiny house business!
Liv got to design her own room at this At Home booth!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

PaleOooooh Here We Go Again...

Clearly the safest place for my toddler is up on a high counter next to a chopping knife and hot stove. Parent of the year right here.
Four years ago I embarked on a dietary adventure for 3 months or so. You can read about it here and basically know that I'm having the same experience again EXCEPT this time it has nothing to do with RA (I've been off all meds for that since the last time I did this diet) and everything to do with losing the holiday weight (or maybe it was extra pregnancy weight I never lost to begin with) and to cut my sugar cravings. Which were out. of. control. Too many holiday treats hanging around my kitchen led to brownies for breakfast and Dr. Pepper all day erryday. I'm kind of an all or nothin' gal so while moderation SOUNDS great in theory....if there's a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper in my house I will most likely drink one for 12 days in a row. So it became time to cut it out completely....for at least a month. See if I can regain some of that self discipline I might have once had. 

I will say this go around has been difficult. I think I'm more hangry this time. I'm tired of eating the same things, I'm really tired of eggs, so instead of eating the same thing over and over I will skip a meal which leads to me just being in a crabby mood until I realize..."yeah I should probably suck it up and eat another stinking salad." I comfort eat like most people in the Western world so that has been another hard thing to kick. I'm not being at strict as I was 4 years ago, but I have successfully had no bread products, soda, or caffeine this month and only a teeny amount of dairy in yogurt form.

 We are almost at the end of January (thanks goodness!) and since I have no idea what I weighed or measured before, I can't tell you exact numerical benefits. I didn't want that to be the marker of my success. But I CAN tell you my clothes fit better and I feel better, and that was the goal. Thanks to the Whole 30 diet being all the rage (which seems to be basically the same thing as Paleo?) I had lots of friends with new recipes to pass on to me. So in addition to the old stuff we got to try some new stuff too. No I didn't photograph my food or type up recipes but if you want them maybe I can do a later post.

Who knows what February will bring. I'd like to think I can continue to eat some of the same recipes and remember to add more veggies to my plate and more water throughout the day. That's what seems to help most of all, staying hydrated. I know that diets aren't the best way to stay healthy...that moderation and consistent lifestyle eating habits are better for you but hopefully this will help kickstart better choices for me for the rest of the year!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Mother's Winter Rant

My latest over at OKCMB
Raise your hand if you’re ready for Old Man Winter to go ahead and buy the farm, kick the bucket, meet his maker? I know I’m not alone. I’m actually over it about 24 hours after the first day below freezing. We may not get much snow and ice in Oklahoma, but the little we do is plenty for me and the biting wind we get makes up for the lack of precipitation. I’m pretty much convinced the only reason holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s day are in winter is to help us have something to look forward to while we’re miserable and freezing! Let’s go over some of the reasons I think most mothers could go ahead and fast forward to spring. (to read the rest click here)
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