Friday, May 26, 2017

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

The weather has been very nice lately in our city. The mosquitos aren't out in full force. The mornings and evening are cool and nice. And the day time isn't blazing hot so we've been on the porch and in the yard lots!
Ryan snapped this of me looking at cloud shapes with the kids the other day.
Haven is happiest when she has a roly poly or worm crawling on her.
The whole family got into the yard beautification one weekend. Liv voluntarily swept the porch of all the hedge clippings. She helped me plant lots of flowers too.
How many kids can you fit in a sandbox or in Liv's secret garden? The answer is about 6. 
The infamous goose feeding day at the lake!
Reading on the porch waiting for daddy to come home.
It got warm enough to bring the kiddie pool out last weekend and catch some rays.
Haven made a kite at Mother's Day Out and the girls both had fun flying it!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

House Update: Kitchen and Hall

The current state of the kitchen
Ryan is still transforming the kitchen. He was able to get mostly one side of the cabinets done before I hosted a baby shower for Danielle. We finally made a growth chart (see at far end) and I got a fruit basket to hang on the wall. I have some other small kitchen decor projects in the works too.
So far he hasn't had to do any cabinet door rebuilding like in the last kitchen. But he did put the drawers on metal tracks so he had to rebuild those. This was his genius method to not cover EVERYTHING in site to prevent the dust from settling while sanding. He just covered himself inside the area. I'm pretty sure he will have lead poisoning. He did wear a mask though.
Still working on the trim pieces. I wanted to keep the original hardware but the drawer handles were all mismatched so I went with that new polished brass look. It doesn't match the hinges or the knobs, which I'm still considering replacing, but I also kind of like it the way it is so who knows.
I'm not sure I ever posted a bench picture...this is from awhile ago, we don't usually keep the chairs there. I need two more big pillows. We considered cushions and re-upholstering but I clean up spills on it every day so it seems a bit impractical.
Here's Haven not wanting to eat her lunch on it.
Now it's on to the other side, which does have less cabinetry but includes the side we are redoing the gross backsplash and counter on. He was able to remove the large broken vent hood which already brightens up the space! 
And then eventually the floor and repainting the walls and ceiling! And maybe making that pantry look a bit better.

Last month the girls and I also tackled the 70 yr old covered wall paper in the upstairs hallway. I actually liked the vintage print but it was already torn in several spots so I wanted it gone. We got lots done with just our hands and a scraper but a friend loaned us their steamer which was SUPER helpful. 

Here are some before and during shots.
We thought it would peel off pretty easily like the downstairs closet did, since it was the original. But some parts were not gonna budge without steam!
 Kids dig the demo parts!
Go on Haven, give it a little riiiiiip! Like peeling a sunburn.
I kind of found the repetitive and monotonous task therapudic. Maybe I should work on an assembly line.
The after picture isn't very exciting but Ryan will eventually texture and paint the hallway. Nothing too exciting but I can say I contributed to the home renovation projects now!
 I should prob hang the pics back up so it doesn't look so drab but then I'd have to take em down again!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gymnastics Medal Ceremony

As you may recall Liv decided she was done with gymnastics about a year ago. So we took some time off. Then she wanted to give it another shot so she started up again in January aaaaand quickly lost interest again. She stuck it through the season though and had fun with her pal Kamaria and coach Jessica.
Liv is very naturally talented physically, despite her clumsiness, but she would prefer to be living in her imaginary world of stuffed animals or play scenarios in the backyard than being interrupted to stop and do a scheduled sport or activity. Maybe that's normal for kids, but either way I felt we should finish what we start, so finish we did!
 She's been thinking about another sport to try but I'm happy for the summer off season! 
Her group receiving their end of the year medals! I'm not sure if she's older or just that much taller.
Haven was excited to finally be allowed in the room instead of watching from the other side of the window!
So graceful.
I gave Kamaria's mom a gymnastics pose on the way out. I'll miss chatting with the moms in the lobby every Wednesday at 4:00!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy 12th Anniversary: Part I

A few months ago I thought it would be fun to see The Lion King and since it was playing around the time of our anniversary, I thought that would be a fun thing to do to celebrate the occasion. But I also really wanted Liv to get to see it too. So we decided to let her join in the anniversary fun! We didn't tell her until a few minutes before we were leaving that we were taking her on our secret date. She was skeptical but likes a good reason to dress up and wear some of mommy's make up!
We dropped Haven off with Benay and then headed to the Melting Pot for dessert.
She wasn't sure about what she would like to eat at a fancy restaurant....
But once she found out it just a bunch of dessert you get to cover in chocolate, that eased her mind!
She spent most of the meal trying to guess what we were doing next.
Then we headed over to the civic center and she finally saw a sign with the name of the show on it so she figured it out and was excited! 
 The show was great, of course. I had seen it before but they had not. Liv laughed through a lot of it. I think the special effects and costumes amazed her, so I apologize if she laughed during Mufasa's death...shes not a sociopath I promise! We had binoculars for a close up view but really enjoyed the front row balcony seats, the animals look even more real from that distance!
We had a really fun evening. Liv wanted us to take a second selfie so we could pretend her hand was Haven. Someday I'm sure we'll let her join us for a family celebration of our marriage too!
Earlier in the day we watched our wedding video together as a family. I told Liv it's never too early to start thinking about characteristics she'd like in a husband someday. So far she came up with two: hardworking and rich! Ha! Ya gotta start somewhere!

Our second anniversary date will take place on our Oregon trip but this time no kids allowed! So blessed to call this man mine now for 12 years!
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