Saturday, February 06, 2016

Extra Time with Liv

This week we (Haven and I) got to have two weekday adventures with Olivia. On Wednesday early pick up we headed to the Lego store at the mall. Once a month they have a free build day and if you sign up online you get to build and take home a little figurine they provide all for FREE!!
 I heard this month's snow mobile was one of the most boring ones they've had...BUT since it was her first she loved it! We got to see next month's rabbit and she's ready to sign up for it too! We managed to escape without buying anything, but it was tough. We got a pretzel treat at Auntie Anne's and bought our yearly bottles of handsoap from Bath and Body works. I love their foaming hand soap.

Then on Friday there was no school because it was parent/teacher conference. I got an early appointment with Liv's teacher so we'd have the rest of the day to play. After a great report from her teacher, we headed to the science museum to meet up with Keely, Mo, and Ro.
Liv discovered a new favorite thing: metal sand and the big magnet. They also spent lots of time at the sand table, Curiocity, and riding segways.
Lil Sis watching from the sidelines...
They looked in these mirrors shrieking for like 20 minutes.
I miss days with my oldest child. I will admit they are often more tiring...sooo much talking...soooo many questions....soooo many more battles of the wills.....BUT so much more laughter, so much more fun, so many more sisterly moments.
 Even though her little sister is over half her size, Liv manages to tote her around the house daily causing me much frustration. Haven seems to love it most of the time though...until she gets hurt but I guess it toughens her up right?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Book Review

I'm three books in to the reading challenge of 2016. It's never too late to join in!
In other book news...Amazon is closing up Shelfari and merging it with Goodreads. So I will have to either move my account that keeps track of all my books to that website or another competing one. It's a hassle and now none of my links will work from past book reviews. I'll probably just forget to change over and all of it will be lost. Silly internet.

Nine Stories. I revisited this Salinger favorite of mine. Each time I've read it I go back on the blog to see which of the short stories were my favorite and it's the same ones every time: Bananafish, For Esme.., Teddy, and DeDaumier Smith's Blue Period. I keep thinking some of the other ones will appeal to me but they haven't over the past 10 years so maybe they never will! Oh well it's still a good read for the ones I do enjoy! I usually end my year reading Catcher in the Rye but I chose this Salinger one instead. Do you like to reread books?

The Empress of One was recommended to me by Jeri and I loved it. My only complaint was the ending seemed a bit lacking and I really wanted to know more about the other characters in the town. After reading discussions online AND talking to Jeri there are more in this series of sorts. I'm excited to read them and find out what happened to Lark, and did Sally follow in her mother's footsteps, and what's the deal with Katherine and her father? I give it a 9 and recommend it if you like good character stories set right after WWII.

The Clue of the Leaning Chimney. I had this vintage Nancy Drew copy on my shelf from Ryan's Grandmother's house so I thought I'd read it one day. I'd never read a Nancry Drew book. Formulaic I'm sure but held my interest enough that when I came to page 160 and found out it was missing the last chapters, I had to go to the library and get it so I could find out if they found the Engs and the vases! Hypers! They did! I don't understand some of the language from the day or why it was ok to casually jab at Bess's weight problem.  I give it like a 5. I have a few more. I might read them for fillers some time, but they look pretty on my bookshelf. Konmari might slap me.

Things We Tried to Read with Liv but failed....
Grimm's Fairy Tales. I have a beautiful vintage copy from 1920 that my grandmother's aunt gave to her and it's so cool and special to me and I thought we could read some to Liv. WRONG! I even tried to screen some of them before reading alloud and they'd be going well and then on the last page a king would behead his children. Just no. Too Gruesome. Who read that stuff to their kids?! We had enough nightmares from Star Wars so we have since moved on to The Secret Garden. It's going much better.

Liv is really into reading herself these days. She still mainly makes up the stories from the pictures in her books, but I love it. She locks herself and Haven in her room and I can hear her reading through the door and playing school. She's VERY good at using inflection in her reading which I think is a unique skill for a 6 year old.

What are you reading? Rules of ratings seen here.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Phone Dump -- Jan 2016

There goes the first month of the New Year! How are you doing on those resolutions? I'm doing fairly well, but there's always room for improvement!...or IS there when you're goal is to just be easier on yourself? Because by being critical of how easy I'm being, doesn't that negate the purpose? I'll let you mull that over. Here are some snapshots from my phone this month! I may or may not have already shared them.
 Freezer meals with OKCmoms blog and freezer meal society. Genius idea and company! Fun at the mall with Liv and building legos!
 Taking advantage of the global warming and playing outside lots lately! Liv got a hand me down scooter from the neighbors and loves to take it to the park. Haven is learning to enjoy the swings and of course watching her big sis's every move.
 ...and daddy joining us is just that much more fun!
100 days of school activities, a portrait she made of Noah, spying on my girls through the window playing. A lovely sight.

 fridge magnets while mommy cooks, Liv showing off her jewelry from Grandma, a devlish Lego scene left on my kitchen table.
Pigtails one day mean crazy hair the next day! We finally made it out to Seminole to meet all the new farm pets including Penny the puppy! Haven loved the fireplace and cuddling with Lolo.
Have enjoys chasing Charlie and eating Mops's dog food while we dog sat this month. A play date with Bayler and a morning in bed with mama after a night staying up!
Fun at the science museum and at Nicole's house.
 Liv requests yoga with the youtube lady, Haven helps me blog, she enjoys this new toy she got from Henry, and she is happiest when being left alone to explore the house!
I cut my hair off this month and used an actual stylist (not my typical supercuts run) and I love it! This Income tax place opened up by our house and makes me laugh daily. Liv has lived in this Dorothy costume this month and she often is found singing to herself in the front yard. Such a weird child. I love her. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Newsletter: 11 Month

Dear Haven,
Your big sister reminded me the other day that you are almost a toddler. No way! But she's right. You are cruising around on all the furniture in the house and although you haven't tried to let go or take steps on your own...I know it's coming. I just can't believe we're already here almost at the year mark! These months really have gone by so fast and that's something you just can't understand until you are a parent of the sweetest babies on earth I guess!
We've been working on our sign language this month. Your signs for "more" and "milk" just look like clapping your hands but the fine motor skills are getting there! You love to clap at music, when you see your big sister in the morning, and when you hear the theme song to Full House starting. You love that show...or maybe you just love having your whole family together, but you don't clap at dinner time like you do at Full House time! In other motor skill news you love to comb your own hair and attempt to put socks on your feet. You are MUCH better at taking them off though!

Stylin' in your new car seat. You grew out of that infant carrier!
You are a ham in the pew at church and love to wave to the ladies beside us and especially love to flirt with Guthrie and his daddy Josh behind us. I'm pretty sure you are the cutest distraction to the sermon there ever was...well at least since your sister. Gotta be fair!
While exploring the house at rapid speed you love to open and close doors, get inside the kitchen cabinets, rock the rocking chairs, and undo piles of laundry...laughing as you do it! I told Ryan the other day I needed a house project to tackle and he looked at me like I was crazy. He was right, I don't know what I was thinking. I can barely get one household chore done a day chasing you around let alone start painting something! You are my little shadow, following me as I pick up the house, peering in the shower until I'm done, and sitting in my lap as I type this letter one handed!
We've known for a long time that you admire your big sister but this month as she has become obsessed with perfecting her cartwheels and handstands, so have you! Every time she unrolls the mat to begin practice you crawl in the room and wait your turn for the mat raising your arms high! I caught it on video and then in a picture at the mats at the science museum and at the park while you watched her! So cute!
We've given you lots of foods to try and you seem to like them all! You still nurse but maybe not as frequently. You attempt all sorts of acrobatics while doing it though so we haven't been nursing in public as much! Your hair is getting thicker but not much longer. You have about 3 cowlicks so I can never figure out how to brush it. You still remind me of my sister most days but many people still say you look like me or Olivia.
I haven't begun planning for your first birthday. I do know what present we are giving you and I do know you have family traveling hundreds of miles just to celebrate this milestone in your life. I know the next month will be filled with me looking back at pictures over the past year, at posts I've written on the blog, and being sappy and sentimental about what we were doing a year ago to prepare for your arrival. Maybe it's an overused phrase but I feel it more than ever lately with you, "the days are long but the years are short" and this one has been the shortest of all! I love you sweet Haven!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baby Dedication Sunday

Sunday we recognized the families who had welcomed new babies in 2015. Each family set up a table of photos in the lobby and members of the congregation wrote notes. Haven wore her grandma's dress for the special occasion and I bit my tongue as I allowed Liv to do her own hair. She's learned to do ponytails and she can't be stopped with their number, location, or needed accessories for them.
It's encouraging to see all those families we can go to for strength and comfort when the days (and nights) are a little long! All the families of children joined us on stage and a special prayer was said. So many kiddos they can't all fit in one pic!
The day was also bittersweet as we remembered sweet Poppy who we all wish could've been there too. Her table was beside Haven's and I teared up a few times over the friendship I wished they could've shared on earth. We will meet her one day though and I cling to that hope.
Thank you Mayfair for helping us be the village that raises our girls!
(And Thanks Danielle for the pics)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Keepin' On with Kon-mari

So I finished the major Kon-mari organizing categories (clothes, books, paper) but the last 2 of photos and mementos I feel will be a bit harder as they aren't all in one place. I might even have to kon-mari at my parent's house at the next visit for some of those mementos! I did start on some the other day though. I do save cards that people send me...not all of them...but these ones hold a special place in my heart because they are from my bff and cover our distance apart the past 15 years. Yes I kept them! They bring me joy everytime I read them!
 I also found this one from my parents. I think it was included in a wedding gift. Haha! Not much has changed, they know me so well!
Look at this sweet gift tag card by my talented friend Benay! That's one for a baby book...ya know IF I ever make one!
I separated Liv and Haven's memorabilia into two files and will eventually get them each a file box to hold school papers or projects for them over the years. I'm pretty good about throwing all of Liv's crafty papers away each week...of course I can't let her SEE them in the trash though!
And while I kon-mari my things Olivia plays and constantly moves her sister away from her toys....over and over and over again!
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