Monday, September 29, 2014

Oklahoma State Fair 2014

This post is way late but it's probably because I was waiting to upload the video and get some pics from Jenna. My phone battery died early on so not many pics were taken but we had a super fun day. Right after Liv's bday party we headed to the state fair. We spent time in Agtropolis harvesting our crop and buying things with the money we made.
Waiting for chicks to hatch. And moths to come out of cocoons.
Viewing all the prize winners of crafts, gardening, and homemade goodies. 
Then we ate some foods on a stick of course. Dad tested the chocolate bacon. 
I was sorely disappointed in my Frosted Flake coated Chicken on a stick. 
But Liv approved of the corndog. 

So did Noah
Then we headed to Disney on Ice which was gifted to Liv by her Oregon grandparents. We loved the show!
 Ryan....well he thought it was just ok as you can see.
After the show we went to the circus which was awesome despite the long line. Ryan got this cute video of Liv and Noah laughing at the clown.

Things to note
1. The chewing of the gum
2. How adorable their laughs are
3. We will never know what was going on in the circus because Ryan doesn't pan over to the ring
4. I'm pretty sure these kids would love the Three Stooges!

Then my daughter, who is usually not keen on strangers, remembered taking her photo with this lady from the circus last year and BEGGED me to take one of her again. So we did. And it got even more boobalicious. I had to give her chest hair in Paint so it wouldn't be inappropriate.
Then we let the kids ride ton of rides and they bawled when it was like 9pm and we said we HAD to leave. We'd only been going, going, going for about 14 hours straight and I was pooped! It was a wonderful day at the fair! See ya in 2015!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Break Fun: The Zoo

I honestly don't know who was more excited about fall break: Liv or me! She was pretty confused though and I'm still not sure she understands she will be going back in 2 weeks although I've tried to explain it to her! Friday was parent/teacher conference. All went well and she is a great helper in class her teacher says. When daddy got home we headed to the zoo and then to get sno-cones!!
The otters were definitely our fav of the day and I love the grizzlies too.
I tried to tell this child it was hot but since her fall/winter wardrobe has appeared in her closet it's all she wants to wear even if it's 85 degrees. She cooled off in the sprayers!
 Not many animals were out but Liv doesn't really care about them anyway. She prefers the carousel, park, and animal statues.
I can never tell who has more fun on the playground...Liv or her daddy!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Bump: 15 Weeks

Ask and ye shall receive. 
Sorry folks. I know you asked but there's not much to see. It depends on what I'm wearing and what I ate but there is a slight bump noticeable to probably only me (not really in this pic though). I tried to put my hands there so you could imagine where the bump will be!
Oh well you gotta have a starting point picture! 
Liv loves to ask all sorts of questions about the baby. She stumbled into our room at 6:30 am when her alarm went off and rubbing her eyes and yawning asked "so when you eat food does the baby eat that food?"
Really? That's what you wake up thinking about?! 
We've checked out LOTS of books from the library and she wants more and more about babies. Her biological vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds. She'll say things like "so when they cut that baby out of your tummy.....I MEAN your UTERUS....will it hurt?"

Still feeling great, working lots, sleeping lots, working out lots, eating lots, rinse, repeat.
(Here's a comparison shot. I started out about 15 pounds lighter than I did when I was pregnant with Liv so that might make a difference.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Bucket List

I shared my Fall Bucket List over at OKCMB today. What is on your list for this beautiful favorite season of mine? Please share so I can add to our list!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sharing Our News

When we told our family we were expecting Liv we just made phone calls and that was that. This time we were more technologically savvy and were able to capture their expressions. They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. We told my parents the night they got to town after Liv was in bed (maybe that's why my mom is whispering her surprised reaction). I considered doing the rabbit thing like my sister did but since my mom didn't get it THAT time I thought I'd be more obvious and ask her to see some things I'd bought Liv......
After our doctor appointment Monday we shared the news with Liv. She is learning to read so I thought it would be fun to have her read her new "big sister" shirt. We had just gotten done with our reading lesson so I told her this was part of it. Even when she read it, she still didn't get it and it took some prodding.
She was all about helping us tell Ryan's parents later that evening while she wore her new shirt and we skyped with them on the big screen TV. Priceless.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bed in a Box

I am not getting paid to say this, but I really do love bed in a box. Granted it's only been about a week, but seriously, I'm gettin' some good zzzz's! After doing bedroom shopping we had our minds made up about the bed and the color scheme but the mattress was throwing us for a loop. We laid on several at furniture stores, but Ryan came home to do some research and kept finding that the highest rated mattress was one you can only buy online from here. A foam mattress they ship to you in a box. I was skeptical, but also just ready for a new bed so I said sure why not?! Then this arrived on a truck and I was even more skeptical. 
Uh....isn't it supposed to be king size? And 11" thick? I'm just not understanding how it's crammed in a 4 foot box? We had to wait a few days until our bed arrived.
This was what our room looked like sort of BEFORE.....
Well at least the bed part, We've moved chairs and dressers but you get the general idea.

Then our bed came and I was pretty amazed how fast they were able to put it together. We also got a huge ottoman that's currently in our room that may one day go down to the play room when it's finished.
While I was picking Liv up from somewhere Ryan cheated and opened the box without me. He did take a video to show me with his phone, but I doubt you are interested. It was basically vacuum sealed and flat, folded in half, then rolled up. once you laid it out and cut the plastic magically expanded.
And a five year old quickly appeared asking if this was now our new "family bed" ha! Sorry kid!
I got sheets at Ross and my mom happened to have some king size blankets she brought from TN, but we didn't have bedding yet. I ordered 2 of these 5x7 rugs over Labor Day when they were 70% off online. Again....skeptical of the online purchases but soooo cheap I couldn't pass it up. Thankfully they were just as pretty in person! Our room is huge so I'm still trying to figure out how to arrange them: one angled? both angled? each side of the bed straight? One at foot of the bed? 
On our date last Friday we planned to go bedding shopping and happened upon Steinmart having a 12 hour sale. I'm not gonna tell you how cheap my king sized quilt and shams were because you'd punch me in the face. Steiny has good sales ya'll. Anyway. Still far from being done, but better than it was. It's a little too much blue right now but some curtains will help and I might get different pillows. And we need to redo those mirrors over the bed but for now here is the progress. I haven't slept this good in so long! The bed doesn't creak whenever you move and there is so much space, I love it!! (Ryan does too)
Liv loves it too and enjoys girl movie nights in mommy's bed!! Especially when candy is involved!
I'm happy there will be plenty of room for 4 on family movie nights in a few months. Sorry Charlie, you are not allowed on the bed, but you can be comfy on the new rugs :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ramblings of a Pregnant Woman

Things I haven't gotten to tell you for 14 weeks

  • I felt nauseous a few days early in the beginning but no sickness. I was rather sick with Liv so I was in denial for awhile....I still am some days. I thought the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat might make it more real but not really. Maybe when I feel it move....
  • I was having to wake a few times a night to eat and pee but now I'm getting good sleep....maybe it's the second tri-mester or maybe it's the new bed! 
  • Besides tiring easily, I've been able to work and work out and carry on about my activities like normal. Ryan does do most of the meals though. I do already have some round ligament pain which seems way too early to be happening, but the dr. says that's normal for #2. 
  • We found out in July the day we left for Branson to see Ryan's family. I saw my family in TN the next week but we managed to keep it a secret from both of our parents. Sorry! It was hard!
  • I will post videos of us sharing the news with our parents and Liv later.
  • The most prominent change has been what I call my pregnancy agoraphobia. I know at the END of pregnancy women tend to nest and want to be at home. I haven't wanted to nest as much as just avoid people. I feel rude saying that, but it is what it is. Since I am someone who usually enjoys the company of friends, this has been very weird to me. Things like church, Bible study, the gym, the fair, community events, holiday activities, have been difficult. I hope my hermit attitude will change soon and please don't take it personal!
  • I have spurts of cravings. I went through a breakfast burrito phase, a sausage and biscuit phase, a Cheezit phase, a cheddar pretzel and icee from Target phase..... Sadly I have not gone through a salad phase.  My food revulsions are anything healthy. Fruits and veggies always sound disgusting and all I want to eat is bread, meat, and cheese. This is not exactly a good thing.
  • Caffeine is my best friend. I feel awful about this too. I don't think I had a single soda when I was pregnant with Liv, I was convinced it would harm her. I cannot get through most days without a Dr. P now. 
  • I'm convinced that pregnancy has changed my hearing. I've been watching The Office a lot at night on Netflix. And the opening song sounds COMPLETELY different. I hear a whole new part of it and it's kind of like nails on a chalk board. I realize this is very weird.
  • I can still wear most of my clothes although the ponytail holder through the button loop and the belly band have been used. Dresses have been my best friends. I got some great maternity hand me downs from my sister and friends, but my doctor scoffed at me for wearing maternity jeans already at my appt the other day. She said she knew I didn't need them yet, but said she thinks women wear them sooner than necessary because they are comfy.....DUH! She was wearing scrubs and not in surgery right?! ZING! I should've said it, but I didn't because I'm polite.
  • Don't worry, I am NOT with the same doctor who delivered Liv. I'll be at OU and I love my Dr.
  • Although the hospital allows VBACS, I am currently planning on a c-section. 
  • My boobs. Oy.
  • Ryan and I are both convinced it's a boy (mainly because this pregnancy has been so different). Kinda terrified about that. Boys are just an unknown territory (I mean I am married to one but I didn't RAISE him), but I will be happy with whatever gender is growing inside of me....I can learn about super heroes, beyblades, sports, and minecraft right? Or I can leave that up to the father and take Liv shopping!
  • Liv would like to name the baby Brightly Rose if it's a girl and Jack if it's a boy. She is not allowed to name the child. Although if the baby comes out as a My Little Pony we might stick with Brightly Rose.
  • When I announced on facebook that I was pregnant, three other people immediately contacted me to tell me they were pregnant but hadn't told many people yet. It's like there's a secret first tri-mester club out there.....anyone could be pregnant! You never know!
  • I realize my children will be 5.5 years a part and as tragic as this is to some people (seriously, one nurse told me, "it'll be like raising two separate families"), I am looking forward to it. I think Liv will be a great big sister and helper and I do not think the age gap will mean they will be strangers or enemies. I never wanted to have babies back to back, and it is offensive to me to hear people say things like that nurse did. 
  • Although I didn't discuss my family planning with you, this baby was planned so you can stop wondering about that.
  • It is also offensive to hear "Two really is better than one." I cannot tell you how many people have said this to me upon hearing that I am pregnant. Liv would have been fine as an only child. There is nothing wrong with only children. We decided after much deliberation to have another, but there is nothing weird about families who don't, so stop saying that!
  • I'll get off my soap box now, but really people, your opinions are unnecessary sometimes.
  • The room we are adding on to our house upstairs will be the guest bedroom/possible baby room. The baby might get to share a room with Liv, but I would feel bad about putting a boy somewhere with such girly pink curtains and decor. We all know it's going to be sleeping in our room (or the hallway like Liv) for a few months so I'm not too concerned about it having it's own space yet.
  • I hate calling "it" an "it"
  • We find out in 4 weeks the gender.
  • I have taken no belly photos. Second child syndrome begins.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The rest of the visit

Monday was a rough day. Grammy and Papa had to go back to TN and all morning Liv kept getting teary eyed saying "but they'll still be here when I get home from school right?" And no matter how many times I said "no," she kept asking, hoping my answer would change. It was a very tearful good-bye, but she did manage to calm down about 2 minutes away from school thank goodness. I'm thankful they were able to come celebrate her bday. Here are some pics we got.
Opening her gifts from them
Playing her new Frozen game together
The grand opening of John Rex Elementary. The 2nd graders sang a song and my dad met the mayor of OKC
The ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a well done program, but we didn't get to visit with Liv, too many people
Grammy and Liv coloring
 Thank you Mom and Dad for always coming the weekend of her birthday! There's no way I would ever be able to pull off her birthday parties without your help!! And there's no way I'd be able to rest afterward if you weren't there to play with Liv!! Love you!

(We also got to go to the State Fair and Disney on Ice together but that will be another post.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And then there were 5....Charlie's part of the family too!

If you hadn't heard already (and I hope you haven't because we are pretty good secret keepers over here), we've got some pretty exciting news in our household. 
Despite the amount of pictures there is only one sibling for Liv on the way!
And she said "she is telling the world!"
To answer your questions.....
1. March
2. 14 weeks
3. I feel pretty great, just tired and hungry a lot
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. I can't believe you asked that one!
7. No we still don't want your unsolicited advice
The only time it's appropriate to show something you just peed on
This might explain why posting has been light, because I go to bed LOTS earlier now! I'll try to fill you in with more info later! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Because who wants to wiggle quietly???

This was the second year for Wiggle Out Loud and we were excited that Papa and Grammy got to wiggle with us! I was helping at the OKCMB booth a bit but then got to enjoy the sights, activities, music, and food!!
Bubble pop in the face!
These two girls are too cool for school
Feeling some rhythms in the Drum Circle tent
Jammin' with some kiddie bands. She was sad Spaghetti Eddie wasn't there this year. Maybe next time!
Wiggling can also include hopscotch
Makin' spin art with Papa!
Testing out her new homemade maraca
Trying Katie Bug's Shaved Ice. I had the Mango with chili pepper. Liv has the raspberry lemonade. 
Enjoying all sorts of musical talent from around our city.
This kid never walks when Papa's around!
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