Thursday, September 29, 2016

Katie Experiences Virtual Reality

One Wednesday evening we were at the mall and Ryan thought it would be amusing for me to try the Oculus VR headset at the Windows store. I think he thought once I saw how cool it was...and we hit the lottery...that I'd be on board for getting one and joining in on the downfall of humanity. Haven't you all read Ready Player One by now?
 Don't I look so pretty?
I humored him and made everyone (except that little girl that I didn't know was standing there) laugh that walked by as I screamed at the giant whale who tried to eat me. Thankfully I chose the ocean scene instead of mountaintop...I did have enough sense to know I hate heights!
I got to experience some other cool things that weren't scary but he didn't film those. I think we will be going back soon so I can video Ryan...although I'm sure he won't be freaked out in the least. He probably can lasso and ride that whale without screaming.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Haven Meets Thomas the Train

In the past few weeks Haven has latched on to Thomas the Train in the same fashion as her older sister before her did...however I'm pretty sure Olivia was a bit older. Haven loves to read the books over and over, play with the trains we have, and of course watch the cartoon in the morning. So when I saw that Thomas was coming to OKC...well we just jumped right on that (especially since it's free unless you actually take a ride on Thomas.)
Jenna took Liv and Noah when they were younger so I had never been to this event. Assuming Friday would be less crowded we went then right as it opened. No one was there except the workers (who are basically all jolly grandpas) who were happy to take our pictures and let Haven watch Thomas chug into the viewing area. 
She wanted to be close but not TOO close. We ventured off to see the other events but she kept wanting to come back to be near Thomas. 
 Thomas's everywhere!
 We met some friends there but Haven didn't want to stay put long so I just followed her around mostly.
The magician was pretty good.
 She really loved the model train area and did not want to leave. Her Great Grandad Collins would be so proud!
 She enjoyed snack time watching Thomas inside a real train car!
 Peep Peep! It was a magical day with my second train loving little girl!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Seize the Day!

I dunno about you, but if there's one thing I know about children it's that they love a good history lesson about child labor laws and union strikes during the late 19th century in New York. Well they do if it's in Disney form staring Christian Bale with singing and dancing! Carrie and Leann brought their girls down from Kansas and we had a great girl's day planned to see Newsies on Broadway. We watched the movie a few weeks ago so Liv would have some concept of what she was seeing. 
 We headed to Hideaway pizza and Pinkitzel before the show.

Decisions, decisions

The kids all got matching Newsies hats and enjoyed the show.

The adults did too but we refrained from belting out the songs on the way home. Storms were heading our way so they didn't get to stay long afterward, but hopefully we will be able to visit them soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Noah Wuz Here

Noah bean came to town last weekend and after a morning of vigorous Pokemon hunting and zumbaing, we took on the artistic world and went to see Cloud City, the traveling installation at OK Contemporary.
The kids loved it, as to them it's basically a large piece of playground equipment. Except we had to wear special booties to climb on it and we could only take pics on the outside. We found some places to get good shots though!
It really has a way of distorting your perspective and can be a bit trippy.
 They went through it about 4 times and then some other people were lining up so we headed over to check out the other outdoor sculptures... 
 She got her TRex arms going. ha!
 Then we headed for ice cream at Roxy's and some tree climbing before the monthly game night took place.  
 After church and Sunday lunch we headed to Wiggle Out Loud. The heat and humidity was intense but I think they still had fun and they even snuck off to get facial tattoos of their respective Pokemon teams. Intense. They sweated off easily by the time we left though!
We hope to see them again over fall break but this time on their territory!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Olivia!

I wouldn't make any plans for Liv's birthday because I knew they might change depending on when Ellie Rose made her debut. Considering Liv has had rather elaborate themed parties in the past, this "no plan" idea was blowing her mind and stressing her out. Since we were in TN the week before and her grandparents wouldn't be able to come this year, we went ahead and had a small family party while we were there.
 The presents kept her busy for quite awhile that day. Legos are always a good idea!
 I offered to make her a cake or cupcakes or whatever dessert she wanted and she asked for jello. So Jello it was!
 Haven was concerned about the fire.
Once her new cousin was here, she came up with a list of a few friends and I just texted their moms an invite for the following weekend. I came up with minute-to-win-it games 2 days before and there was no theme! Shocking! These girls had lots of fun but I forgot how much smaller a house can seem once you add a few squealy 7 yr olds to it! It's worth it to see my 7 year old girl being celebrated and having fun though!
She had a few friends from church, from life, from the neighborhood, and one from school. Proof that she makes friends wherever she goes!
 You may be wondering why Olivia chose to wear a pioneer type costume...if there's one thing I've learned in 7 years of being her mother...sometimes it's best to not ask questions and just go with the flow!!
 Thanks for the minute to win it inspiration from the family reunion this summer Laura and Mona! The kids enjoyed them!
Needless to say there was a weekend full of Shopkins and Lego filled fun after the party!
I love this girl so much!
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