Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy 12th Anniversary: Part I

A few months ago I thought it would be fun to see The Lion King and since it was playing around the time of our anniversary, I thought that would be a fun thing to do to celebrate the occasion. But I also really wanted Liv to get to see it too. So we decided to let her join in the anniversary fun! We didn't tell her until a few minutes before we were leaving that we were taking her on our secret date. She was skeptical but likes a good reason to dress up and wear some of mommy's make up!
We dropped Haven off with Benay and then headed to the Melting Pot for dessert.
She wasn't sure about what she would like to eat at a fancy restaurant....
But once she found out it just a bunch of dessert you get to cover in chocolate, that eased her mind!
She spent most of the meal trying to guess what we were doing next.
Then we headed over to the civic center and she finally saw a sign with the name of the show on it so she figured it out and was excited! 
 The show was great, of course. I had seen it before but they had not. Liv laughed through a lot of it. I think the special effects and costumes amazed her, so I apologize if she laughed during Mufasa's death...shes not a sociopath I promise! We had binoculars for a close up view but really enjoyed the front row balcony seats, the animals look even more real from that distance!
We had a really fun evening. Liv wanted us to take a second selfie so we could pretend her hand was Haven. Someday I'm sure we'll let her join us for a family celebration of our marriage too!
Earlier in the day we watched our wedding video together as a family. I told Liv it's never too early to start thinking about characteristics she'd like in a husband someday. So far she came up with two: hardworking and rich! Ha! Ya gotta start somewhere!

Our second anniversary date will take place on our Oregon trip but this time no kids allowed! So blessed to call this man mine now for 12 years!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Wasn't Prepared for This! {The Gross Side of Parenting}

In case you missed my latest post for it is!
"I don't know about you, but I often live in a state of "Am I really in charge here?! Am I the adult? I have no idea what I'm doing!" And no situation really drives this home for me better than a trip to the doctor's office with a child who ends up having some weird condition that although gross to me, seems very common even though I have NEVER heard of it or treated it. Props to all of you in the medical fields. Then of course there are some other ailments that I may have heard of, but never really thought of having to be the one to administer the treatment to a CHILD. Parenting is not for the weak, ya'll!" (to finish article click on link above)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Book Review

I feel there are Four categories that I spend most of my free time on.
  1. Blogging
  2. Reading
  3. Working Out
  4. Keeping House Tidy
I can usually do three of them well at a time. (Not all at once of course!) My house is looking decent, I'm catching up on my posts and my gym routine has never been better.....sooooo reading is definitely the one that's been slacking as of late. But I am finally getting caught up on some house projects and blogging so I can't complain much! I figured I should write this book review before I forget what I read this month. I started three books that I never really got into so we will see what I get around to by the next review! 

The Sun is Also a Star was a young adult fiction book we read for book club. I liked the style it was written in and the random tidbits I learned about like why South Koreans have the corner on all the black hair care stores. But the teen love story was almost too much to stand at times and it needed to be edited in certain parts that dragged on. It ended similarly to Lala Land which I liked but some people loath. I give it a 7 and recommend it if you like young adult literature. (I really really like the cover art of this book, it's string art. So if I were judging a book by the cover it would be a 10....maybe I should start a separate category for this, but there's often multiple cover designs if a book is popular enough so maybe it won't work)

Primates of Park Avenue. This memoir is a bit of a satirical look into a woman's move to the upper east side. She writes about the culture of the uber rich mothers and relates it to anthropological studies of all sorts of creatures in nature. It's funny but also fascinating. I learned about lots of things from Birkin bags to how to get the right apartment and the way to make friends with wealthy white women is to flirt with their husbands. It's a world very far removed from mine so it seemed like fiction at times but alas it is not. I give it an 8 and recommend it if you like memoirs or those reality housewives shows.

Rules of rating seen here

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Table Top Teaching

It's the end of the school year so the teachers have officially given up and are letting the students take over. Just kidding...sort of. The first graders all got to present a lesson to their classmates in a small rotation last week. They were supposed to come up with something they were knowledgeable in that they could teach their peers about. Liv chose "How to Make a Paper Cell Phone," which is a craft she is very passionate about and has made LOTS of!  
Liv worked hard on her poster, and although she seemed very nervous and fearful about speaking in front of others (which seemed very unlike her) she rocked her presentation!
Luckily the other groups were teaching lots of recipes so I just kept shoveling food in Haven so she'd stay quiet. She looked so tiny in those desks but I know she'll be a rocket soon enough!
 I figured the kids might not be fans since they probably each have their own REAL phone at home but I was wrong! They were texting and chatting and facebooking on their apps during the rotations it made me smile. I'm glad the simple pleasures can still entertain her and her friends in this age of technology!! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oh No! Oh No! Oh No! Goose Get Me Mama!

Last week we went to play at the park with some friends after school. The girls were feeding the geese Ritz crackers and the geese were starting to stampede. Haven would repeat "Oh no! Oh no! Goose get me mama!" when they were still very far away from her. It was pretty cute. Then that evening my phone randomly will do a google edit on a photo and say "do you want to save this pic?" I clicked on it and found this gem that I didn't even know I took. Ha! Pretty fun photo....and pretty great edit done by a robot. Thanks technology!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Bloody May Massacre

One morning last week I went in to wake Olivia up for school. Haven was starting to stir so I leaned over the crib and saw a dark stain. I assumed poop but upon turning the light on realized it was blood. And there were several spots all over the bed, then I noticed her face and clothes were also covered in dried brown crusty blood. I guess she picked her nose so fiercely at night that it bled enough to look like a crime scene. 
 My proud little nose picker.
Life with kids is so glamorous.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's day gift was a mommy and me mini session with Cassie Duffle. (It's also going to be the belated gift to OUR mothers too as soon as I get them printed!) Since we seem to never get professional pics done unless someone is pregnant or newborn, I asked if Ryan could hop in some pics too and she obliged.
The school also celebrated the moms last week with "Muffins with Mom" although Liv wanted to ditch me after about 5 seconds to go play with friends. It's to be expected though. I love my social butterfly!
Today was the actual holiday and my children brought me gifts along with breakfast in bed. Liv had made some art at school and a flower pot with her daddy at Home Depot. She wrote me a few cards and made a box of special things to do when I need to feel loved. Haven made me a card and a towel with her handprint on it. 
Of course by the time we were ready to take a picture before heading to church, one of my sweet girls was pouting and refusing all pictures. (You can tell I'm a mom by the shopkins bandaid on my finger)
But after a buffet lunch at Fuze (no complaining at mealtime from anyone when you can get WHATEVER you want to eat!) she perked up in time for a photo.
Then I was able to sneak away and spend a few hours ALONE in a book store. Of course the only things I saw were things I wanted to buy for my children and now I have another house project in the works just for them. Because that's what moms do!
We called and skyped our moms and it was a wonderful Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

On Becoming a Morning Person

Due to a number of factors beyond my control, my morning gym schedule recently had to change. I decided it was high time I try to join the ranks of those early risers who get up at the crack of dawn and are already showered and ready with a spring in their step before anyone in their house even opens an eye. Here is my list of perks and jerks of becoming a morning person.

Perks of Being Up Early

  1. I can enjoy the quiet. Who even KNEW my house could be so quiet?!
  2. I'm in a better mood when I can start the day with some alone time
  3. I get uninterrupted reading time, blogging time, Bible study time, gym time, etc.
  4. I finally feel like a Proverbs 31 woman and often think when my alarm sounds "time to consider a field and BUY IT!"
  5. I'm amazed at how much I can accomplish in a morning when I'm up that early.
  6. Haven doesn't have to endure gym childcare and we have more time in the mornings for fun things

Jerks of Being Up Early

  1.  I REALLY want to go to bed at like 8pm....sometimes 7. 
  2.  I REALLY feel the need for caffeine by mid day, which means in an effort to be healthy I'm now consuming caffeinated diet soda to stay awake, so does it cancel out? 
  3. It's like an internal thing now so even on a morning when I want to sleep in....I can't.
  4. After I've accomplished a lot I think wow it must be almost lunch time, the day is halfway done! Then I look at Haven eating breakfast and see it's only 8 am and think "this is gonna be a loooong day!"
I plan to keep it up, especially since I have friends who help keep me motivated to do squats or swim laps. If you ever want to join us crazies at the crackadawn let me know and I'll save you a spot!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Trip to Osage County

Tuesday morning at 6 am my two normal morning gym buddies and I headed out on a road trip instead of pumping iron. Our destination was the Mercantile in Pawhuska but we had such a charming time meeting people there and finding hidden gems that I think we will return, because we didn't have time to see it all!
 Besides being first on the scene of a horrible accident in a country town with no cell service and no ambulance, the trip was easy. This picture was taken before we came upon the accident (and yes we did stop until other help arrived). After that we were pretty shaken but made it safely to our destination
We walked around the restaurant part taking pics while we waited for our food. No Drummonds were sighted while we were there.
 Lucky for us there were absolutely no crowds or lines for breakfast at 8:30am! We ordered three things and ate family style so we could try it all! And it was all very delicious! 
 After our meal we checked out the mercantile and bought some gifts.
 The prices are really varied but there's a lot of great stuff to choose from! (Much better than Waco in my opinion. Sorry not sorry Jojo)
 Then we went upstairs to the bakery and got some more treats to take home and share. 
 And pose for pictures. We were stuffed and the line was already forming for lunch so we headed out.
 We walked around the town and into lots of the other shops, then burned some calories climbing the steep stair hill up to the courthouse which is featured in the new best seller (and soon to be movie) Killers of the Flower Moon.  
 Then we literally just drove around town trying to find something to do. It didn't take long to stumble upon the Osage County History museum where we were educated with lots of amazing stories about the area from Shirley and Jerry.
Us with the best tour guides Osage county has to offer. We plan on asking Jerry for a personal tour of the whole area next time. We learned about the first boy scout troup being from Pawhuska, the Osage murders, Whizbang Red and her house of ill repute, John Stink who came back from the dead three times, and how the Osage were the richest group of people in the entire world for a period of time because of their oil rights.
 The school house wasn't open but they let us in anyway for a tour! 
 And let us sign the chalk board.
 They gave us lots of maps and told us about other sites to see. We drove by the catholic church with beautiful windows but will have to get an inside tour next time, along with seeing the national wildlife preserve and Osage Indian Museum....BUT we did have time to stop at the swinging bridge. Which I'm sure is a huge hit with the teens of Pawhuska. 
 It seems very unstable and  like you could fall through and die in the muddy creek below at any second so it was right up our alley!
We made it out alive though! And in just enough time to drive by the Drummond Ranch sign on the way out of town. It wasn't a lodge tour day but you can see it from the road.  
It truly is a beautiful drive right now as all the grass is bright green from the controlled burn and the recent rains. Hills, cattle, and mustangs...and if you leave in the morning when we did you get to watch the sunrise over all that while you drive! So yeah head to Pawhuska and check out the famous stuff but the true gems are in the tales from the history museum....tell Shirley and Jerry we sent you!
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