Tuesday, August 13, 2019

July Phone Dump

Having two family reunions in one month really makes the month fly by! We had a few weeks in between them though! Here are some fun July memories.
Boat selfies with Haven
She forgot how to deal with Oregon weather. Best buds and playmates. My new rheumatologist has interesting office decor. But it gives you something to look at while you wait!
We volunteered to water the school garden once a week this summer. The produce is for anyone in the community. I mostly just wanted the strawberries, but they were usually all picked. We picked blackberries, raspberries and blueberries one day at Fordyce farms with Alex and Alicia.
Liv packed a diaper bag for her doll at the park. Safety first!
July letterboard quotes. Haven lasted this long at the dentist. Then she lost her marbles and cried the whole way to the car, he didn't even get to look at her teeth. Maybe next time! Our beautiful clematis took over the fence this month. I kinda want to plant it everywhere.
Rose water coloring with our play group that we barely attended this summer since we were gone so much! They had different nature events at Bush Park on Wednesday mornings, I planned this one. Glad I could be there for it!
While sissy and daddy were at camp, Haven and I had donuts, walked to Saturday market, and had slumber parties in my bed. "New" shelves for the toy closet and craft room kept me busy reorganizing one whole day. So much better though!
It's been a year since I started my curly girl method journey. To celebrate, I straightened my hair for the first time in a year! It was longer, grayer, and made me look younger I think. Holding sweet baby Clover. Rick and Mona had a housewarming party and I somehow volunteered to take 9 cousins by myself to see Lion King. They were good though and we all enjoyed the movie despite not so great reviews!
Alice and Olivia made Haven her own play tent. I posted this pic of Ryan on my insta stories and I think people really thought he looked like this in high school. It was for a Halloween band performance. Cousins modeling their shirts Carrie made them for the reunion.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Old Fashioned Festival

Since Rick and Mona moved from the hot spot on the parade route, we had to move the viewing to Laura's house, which also happens to be on the route! (I promise there's more than one street in town).
All lined up ready for it to begin!
There didn't seem to be as many floats this year but someone mentioned their policies may have changed after last year's tragedy when a trailer ran over a girls head. She survived, but still.
I had my hair straight that day and Afton stared at me like this all day, she was glaring at me from 2 ft away and said "Gigi what did Katie do to her hair?!
Speaking of hair, Jensen got his cut and looks 5 years old now.
The kids rode the death contraptions until they were too tired and hot to ride anymore, then they walked back to grandmas house.
The fair is small enough we can park it on a bench while our older kids run between rides.
Jensen was too enthralled by rides and loud music and people watching to nap, but a little electric slide dancing action from his favorite person put him right to sleep.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Portland Zoo

The Moores arrived in town at the end of July a few days before the family reunion. We met up with them and Mike, Debbie, and Melody at the zoo for some fun. We had never been to the Portland zoo before, and although it is undergoing a lot of construction right now we got to see lots of animals.
The statue animals just pose better for pictures.
I really felt like this bear was my spirit animal.
Up close and personal with one of those "injured eagles" that you know someone shot just to be in a zoo. How can there be an injured eagle at EVERY single zoo...think about it.
After lunch we got to watch the birds in flight show which was my favorite part but pretty terrifying how low they fly over your head! I kinda wish I had a video of it. Amazingly, no one was pooped on.
Then by a stroke of luck I was rid of my children for like 3 nights because they wanted to sleep at grandmas with cousins. Granted we were up there like every day, but still. We tried to repay the favor by keeping Alice two nights but I'm not sure it was a fair trade off!

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Father Child Camp

Our family reunion was the same week that Liv's age group was at Camp Yamhill. I'm still not sure she was ready for overnight camp, but she was a bit bummed to not have the opportunity to decide if she was brave enough. Luckily they have a father/child campout there for two nights so she and her daddy went to that (and even then she was nervous to sleep at camp!). Haven could've attended too, but we thought we'd wait a bit longer. Ryan got a few pics and there are more on the camp website if you want to spot her!
I hear she was champion of carpet ball and really loved the flying squirrel
She did pack tennis shoes but here she is hiking in flip flops.
And she came home with some crafts and matching camp shirts with her daddio. 
I am glad these two can carry the Camp Yamhill tradition!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Michigan Trip: Part II

We headed to Binder Park Zoo with my parents in Battlecreek one day after the rest of the family had headed back to their homes. It's a smaller zoo but it wasn't crowded and we had a lot of fun. Especially feeding the giraffes from above their heads!
They had several peacocks roaming about, this one liked to show out.
I think the girls could've brushed these goats all day. I had to force them to leave.
Hey girls, remember we have an actual dog at home that you could brush who desperately needs it? Thanks.
The statue animals pose easier than the real one.
They had dinosaurs on their signs to the children's zoo, Haven cried real tears when she saw this dino statue and realized there were no living dinosaurs at the zoo. It was then I had to tell her about false advertising and fake news.
Hello Mr. Giraffe! (See video for the girls feeding him overpriced romaine)
Check out that tongue!
She gave Papa a new hairdo while waiting for the tram.
Then we checked out bridge park because Haven loves bridges. They basically reassembled really old bridges in this one park and you can walk across them. The end.
The girls swam in the hotel pool in the evening. The next morning we packed up and headed out to Ann Arbor to meet my college roomie Kassi and her family for lunch and a stroll in the Matthei Gardens.
Olivia, Haven, and Wren (Jonas was there too but he was fighting naptime so we didn't force him to be photogenic)
Then we stopped by my grandparents home to visit before heading to the airport for a late night flight. Four generations!
I love this picture rail they've always had above their bed. Six photos of each of their six kids.
We ate at a yummy pizza place for dinner and tried Vernor's ginger ale.
The flight home was the bumpiest flight I have even been on. But no one seemed to freak out except me a little because of these screens. Thanks Delta. 
Pretty sunset though. Thanks God.
Here is a video compilation from our time in Michigan. Liv saw Amish people for the first time while at my aunt and uncle's. They drove by in their horse and buggy everyday and she though they were in costumes. We explained that's how they always dress and then I said "They don't believe in cars." She looked confused and said "What do you mean they can see them! They are right in front of their faces!" Guess I should've said they don't believe in USING them!
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