Saturday, November 17, 2018

Book Review

The Storyteller was the Oregon book club pick of the month and proved to me that I'm officially old. Kelsey asked around if anyone had read it. I actually said I've never read a Jodi Picoult book so this'll be a first! Then I get home and log it into my Goodreads account and find out...I HAVE read a Jodi Picoult book, in fact I HAVE already read this book. Oops! After reading the description I remembered it but it wasn't THAT long ago for me to have such a brain fart. Oh well. This is 35. I did read it again, but I also skimmed quite a bit too. I think I give it a 6.5 and recommend it if you like overdramatic stories, WWII books, or soap operas.

Homegoing was the Oklahoma book of the month. While it is fiction, it is based on lots of historical actual events and people as it follows a family lineage from Ghana in the late 1700s until recent days. Each chapter is devoted to a different character in the family tree and it is helpful that the family tree is in the front of the book because you'll go back to it a lot, but I give it a 9.5 and really enjoyed it. I recommend it if you like historical fiction.

The Middle Place is a book I'd been seeing for years that others recommended. I'd recently read another memoir of essays by the author so I finally picked this one up and loved it. She writes from a place in motherhood where you still want to feel like a child of your parents but also have the responsibilities that come with being an adult. As she and her father both face cancer at the same time she reflects on her growing up years juxtaposed with her current life threatening situation. It was a beautiful read and I give it a 9. I recommend it if you like memoirs.

I've been attending two ladies Bible studies. The one at Keizer on Sunday morning is studying Gideon using the video and workbook series by Priscilla Shirer. I really enjoy it and my only complaint is her sets in the video are like something out of a medieval theme park or a set design for a play in the dark ages. What is that about? The other group is in Newberg on Thursday morning and we have been studying James. I won't rate the Bible though because that doesn't seem auspicious.

What are you reading?
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Monday, November 05, 2018

Phone Dump {Oct 2018}

Here are the highlights in photo and video form from October!
We passed by this house every day on the way to school. And every day she added more things and constantly rearranged them. She started at the end of September. And then in a strange twist of all came down THE DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN. I think someone must've called the city action line her. It was kinda sad but not necessary for it to be up for a month so I kinda get it.
Haven and I made some Halloween crafts...a rainbow spider. We became official Oregonians with library cards! 
Sisters playing outside. See how brown it was? Then we planted grass seed and it's growing pretty well. Haven and her friend Delilah sharing a stool. Liv wanted me to document this reallllly long pretzel next to a clothespin. She wanted to keep it forever but settled for a pic of it.
Haven and Delilah playing Salem witches.
We stay in our jammies pretty late some days! Haven and I exploring the rose garden at Bush Park. Liv made no bakes and pumpkin bread with minimal supervision for our Oklahoma guests. A real phone booth on the corner in Salem!
Fall foliage. Stuck in a midnight traffic jam for an hour on I5 after dropping Jenna at the airport. All the cars turned off and people were just getting out an talking to each other. My cell service was not great and I think Ryan might have been nervous for me.
My sweetie helped me decorate the porch for fall. This dahlia is as big as my head. New shoes from my friend Cassie...her hubby works for Keen and she gets lots of samples! We registered to vote just in time!
Toddler playdate at the gymnastics place in town.
Visiting great grandma. Playdate with the Bakers at the Gilchrist museum (I still find it pretty funny that two Henderson gals ended up in the same place).
Getting ready for trunk or treat. Bowling with Liv's school for those who raised a certain amount of money in the jog a thon. Haven being crafty.
Haven was a cake walk addict at the fall party at church. My elaborate unicorn costume. I'm thankful I can wear Liv's boots. Pretty fall leaves.
We got her 3rd grade school pics back and I realized I birthed my husband in female form.

Here is a compilation of random October moments. (Ryan would judge my vertical videos but I post most of these on IG so that's why I don't turn it horiztonal.)
I can't believe it's already November!!

Friday, November 02, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018

Haven had said she'd be Twig for Trunk or Treat but she wanted to be Snow White on Halloween. I have no idea why but thankfully we already had a costume! Liv still wanted to be Hilda but we didn't dye her hair blue this time since it didn't show up that well anyway!
The fall leaves are pretty gorgeous right now. 
There were two free events in our neighborhood on Halloween night so we walked to both of them. The high school students at Salem North put on a trick or treat through the classrooms. Most were in costumes and some had decorated the classrooms. 
I had to remind Haven a lot that they were just costumes since several were in bloody bandages of sorts.
Then we headed to the church that was having a family event. They had moved it indoors due to potential rain so it was a bit crowded and we left early as it was basically a cattle herd line.
I was pleasantly surprised that there were lots of porch lights on so we hit up the houses on the block or two by our house.
No one knew who Liv was but she didn't mind explaining to everyone that asked! We saw lots of her schoolmates out and about.
Then we came home to play games by the fire and hand out handy. It wasn't nearly as chaotic as our old hood but we still got lots of trick or treaters. 
We carved pumpkins two nights before Halloween. Liv wanted a panda bear and sketched her design out for Ryan. He carved while the girls painted little ones.
It turned out cute!
The day after Halloween, Haven and Afton still felt like dressing up and gave each other beards with Kelsey's makeup. The peace and quiet we got while they were doing it was worth it!
I can't believe it's already November!

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Trunk or Treat 2018

Liv gets more excited about Trunk or Treat I think than for actual Halloween. The church we have been attending didn't have one, but when I heard the church in Newberg did (where we did go and where family attends) I said sign us up! Liv was dead set on having a Hilda themed trunk, luckily Haven agreed so no squabbles yet! The show is pretty new to Netflix but she and Haven have seen them all. I believe it's based on a graphic novel. Ryan and I watched a few episodes with them to figure out what to do with the trunk. He whipped up some cardboard creations, the girls helped me paint little cheap birdhouses for the elf homes, and we fashioned costumes out of stuff we already had laying around. Thankfully Ryan and I did not need to dress up this year! So here is Hilda and her pet deer fox Twig.
For reference...

I walked Haven around through the cars while her sis ran around with the older kids. She would say "trick or treatinggggg" at each stop. After about 5 cars she looked at me and said "Well I think I have enough candy now." We walked through a few more but then I let her call it quits because it was wet out and her feet and legs were soaked so we went inside! 
I loved Becky's was a claw machine with stuffed animals.
Baby Jensen the lumberjack was pretty adorable.

"Need me to chop any trees?"
The food display was a bit ridonculous.
Cousin Hazel! They had a pirate trunk that I somehow didn't get a pic of! Aunt Laura was there too but Violet was sick.
My costume was simple. I'm a unicorn, can't you tell?!
Basically no one knew who the girls were, but they loved it so that's all that matters! It was a fun night full of sugar and chili with cousins and church family. I think the tradition helped my girl not feel as home sick for one of her favorite holiday things!
Trunk or Treat 2017 -- Lego Elves
Trunk or Treat 2015 -- Chef-ers
Trunk or Treat 2014--Stick People

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

EZ Orchards

There are quite a few pumpkin patches around here and although I heard great things about several of them we kept it simple and went to EZ Orchards after school one day. It's free on weekdays and although they don't offer all of their activities then, we still managed to have lots of fun and buy some ginormous pumpkins!

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