Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ramblings of a Katie

  • The weather in OKC is pretty beautiful right now. We are playing outside lots, eating breakfast on the porch, and Liv is riding her bike or scooter every spare moment
  • We are also Pokemon hunting...which I think will be a separate post coming up
  • School is going as well as can be expected. Which means Liv will say good then pause and say no I hate school! Which I translate to mean she just likes summer better. And who doesn't?! She comes home talking about things she's learned and is really into playing school with me and her dolls right now so I take that as a positive thing.
  • We are waiting for my niece to be born any day now basically, but hoping she comes on our convenient 5 day labor day weekend. Like we can control these things! I'm pretty excited to meet her!
  • I signed up to sub at Liv's school this year on Tues and Thurs but have not heard anything yet. 
  • Haven is being a screamy mcscreamerson lately and we have entered that flailing and screaming tantrum in public phase that gives me a really good full body workout...especially when it's in the library and I have to wrangle her, my purse, and ten pounds of books out of there somehow!
  • She is also not a fan on me getting back into my gym routine but I gotta save stuff for her newsletter so I'll hush up about her
  • Liv gets the rest of her cavities filled this week. Fingers crossed. Her front tooth is soooo wiggly right now.
  • How is it almost September already?
  • We binge watched Stranger Things a few weekends ago. Amazing. And so scary. And I don't like scary things but I loved this! 
  • Now I'm binge watching Gilmore Girls again in preparation for the upcoming season in November. Remember last time I watched it? (here and here)
  • I haven't been reading as much lately. Mostly because I'm so exhausted by the end of the day I'm trying to go to bed around 9 or 10.
  • Fall is almost here and I've managed to keep my flowers alive all summer. Huzzah! This is the first time that has EVER happened. 
  • I have a love hate relationship with our porch hedges. They do make for excellent usage to dry wet swim towels and swimsuits, sun the cloth diapers, and air out smelly kitchen towels. I'm sure the postman thinks I'm batty. I met some Dish network salesman on a walk with the girls yesterday and he said "Are you the one with the clothes on the bushes and the door wide open?" whoops! Yes that would be me.
  • Liv breaks something everyday. She's like curious George. Today it was my tweezers...opening a mouthwash bottle. Last week it was the cord for our portable phone charger...she clipped it with nail scissors and cried because she didn't think it would cut it. I'm just glad it wasn't plugged in! Ryan's box of items to fix or superglue is always full. I always thought 2 and 3 year olds were the culprits and the reason you "baby proof" your house. Nope. 6 year olds are curious enough to destroy everything you own.
  • Nursing makes me hungry all the time....still! Yeah no sign of quitting that anytime soon.
  • I did not go to my 15 year reunion last week. I did facetime into it for a bit though. I'm sure it would've been lots of fun. Maybe I'll catch the 20 year.
  • This is enough for now. I'll leave you with a video of Haven rocking at the toddler play time at the library....before she threw the biggest tantrum of her life. Goodnight!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

House Update

It's been awhile since I've shared any house updates with you. While we were in Tennessee back in June, Ryan painted the brick on the outside of our house. (Well the brick that can be seen from the streets. He's finishing up the back this weekend) Since then he's been building, staining, and hanging shutters to replace the plastic black ones. Then he stained the beams and our house is actually starting to look like how I dreamed one day it would! For the time being our upstairs balcony is lacking a railing. Eventually we will put one up that is also the color of the wood. (No, no one is allowed on it for now and they haven't been for quite some time due to the rickety rails.) Landscaping will come in the future but I'm loving it, and so proud of all of Ryan's hard work!

Here's the "before" for some reference.
The siding looks like a different color in the pics to me but it's not. 
This kid has been enjoying the new view too! Just kidding, but she HAS been noticing the new pics we've finally been hanging on the walls and likes to point them out to us!
I think we all know the kitchen renovation shall be the next big undertaking. I might need to start yoga or guided meditation before that project though! ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Olympic Party {Rio 2016}

The Olympic opening ceremony snuck up on me, but we managed to still celebrate in patriotic style! Luckily I had saved some decor from the years before and I have friends who are down for a themed party with 24 hours notice!
 We had lots of yummy red, white, and blue foods to eat while we watched the Rio Opening Ceremony. 
Since then NBC has been on at our house practically all day. I always forget how much swimming there is in the summer Olympics. Right now I am watching the trampoline competition and very thankful Liv is at school, lest she try some of these feats next door on the neighbor's trampoline! ha!
The kids with their torch ice cream cones!
 Liv is learning the athletes by name and hilariously keeps asking if Oklahoma is winning. No matter how much I try to explain geography to her...it's not clicking just yet! Oh well, we will keep chanting USA! USA! as we watch Phelps, Simone, and Ledecky dominate our evenings!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mommy Blogger

I don't think I've written anything as controversal as that crazy back to school post last year that made every teacher on the internet hate me...notice I'm NOT linking to it....yeah I still get hateful comments about it. Anywho I have written some other gems that I don't think I've linked to from the blog but I might've shared on facebook.
A Back to School Bucket List JUST for Moms
And yes I'm proud to say I've been tackling a few of these items already. The deep cleaning of the house was therapeutic....but it's been a few days and already seems filthy again so it'll probably be a few months before I do that again!
Photo Scavenger Hunt (Boredom Buster Ideas)
Granted this was written BEFORE PokemonGo came out and now that is all the rage and the ultimate boredom buster. I keep meaning to take a picture of the people playing it glued to their phones when we go out. We play it too but it's kind of crazy how many people have discovered Will Rogers Park thanks to pokemon! Anyway this isn't a post about Pokemon at all but I got off track....

An Olympic Party for Kids!
Using photos and ideas from past parties I was able to write this post...and then throw together an Olympic party this year in a few hours!
When Do You Let Your Kids Quit?
We struggled with this question when Liv wanted to quit gymnastics. If ever I find myself talking about a certain topic a lot with my mommy friends, that's how I know it would be a good blog post!And this was definitely a hot topic for awhile!

Friday, August 12, 2016

First Day of School {1st Grade Edition)

I'm not sure why but this year's back to school was the hardest on me. (And the easiest one for Liv!) There were more tears from me in the week before 1st grade than pre-k or K by far! I thought I'd be a pro at this by now but apparently it gets worse! I was all cried out by morning though so I didn't leave a mascara trail.
We met her teacher the week before and she acted liked she ruled the school at orientation. Running in the halls, high fiving her old friends, dominating the new playground, and marching right up to her new teacher like they were old pals! She has a few of her buddies from last year in her class. There is another Olivia in her room, we told her teacher she could go back Liv if it helps.
She laid out her clothes the night before but we ran into a little snafu in the morning when her shoes didn't fit. We tried another pair. They didn't fit either. I guess she'd been wearing flip flops all summer and I hadn't thought to try on any of her shoes, and she'd outgrown them all. Like 7 pairs! Ahhh! Mom fail!! She had some new ones in a bag of hand me downs and we scrambled for a pair that would work but sadly they weren't broken in and gave her a blister by the end of the day. We got her some new ones yesterday though so we are all good!
Checking out the first day of school gifts: Markers, shopkins, and glitter pens
She's still sporting her silicone ankle bracelets. She said she plans to wear them until she dies. I love that quirky kid. Sometimes she reminds me so much of myself it's scary. I once had a bracelet that I wore until it fell off but I was a bit older. 
To calm our nerves a few of us mamas headed for the traditional "boo hoo brunch" and checked out the new Sunnyside Diner by the school. Great food and service! (And I don't think any of us boo hoo'd)
After school we headed to Pinkitzel for a special treat. 
We saw some other John Rex pals there too!
Then we came home and played with her new markers and glitter pens!
A shot of the new shoes...she now wears a 2 which is the same size as her aunt Amy and very close to her mommy's size!! And she rolls her socks down and tells me that's how they are supposed to be worn?
Since school is back in session, I took down our summer bucket list. Olivia was very perturbed that we had one item left, to see the BFG. But it has been out of most of the theaters here so we are waiting until it's at the dollar theater or on video.
And some nostalgic comparison photos....because what else is a blog good for if not a walk down memory lane??
The past four years of first day pics
Siblings on the first day a year apart
She's getting taller than that chalkboard!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Newsletter: 17 months

Dear Haven,
Summer time has come to an end...not by the calendar or by the weather...but by the fact that your sister is back in school. Had this letter been written on time 2 weeks ago when you actually turned 17 months, well then it'd be a different story. But we've been filling our summer days with so much fun there hasn't been much time for sitting and uploading pics and typing. Now, you wave bye bye to your sis in the morning and it gets REAL quiet in the house. I've been turning on the Olympics for some background noise, because even though you make noise...somehow it's not as much as a 6 year old!
I love this checked swimsuit of yours!
Your vocabulary has regressed this month...probably because you are working on your stair climbing skills and are quite scarily good....so the only words we usually hear are "Mama" and occasionally "mine." But you manage to get your message across with those 2 words! Ha! One of my favorite things this month is your singing. You often will join in at church with a little singsong humming action and it's so precious. You also join in when I'm putting you to sleep while nursing.
Speaking of nursing, there's no signs of stopping. I was trying to wean you to just a 3 times a day, but that kind of went out the window this month. Oh well. You rarely are still when nursing these days. It's basically like an acrobatic feat. We have pretty much quit nursing in public for this reason although you know if we are out or guests are over, you will bring me the nursing cover and usually remain still if that's what you need!
You are learning boundaries in public spaces and love to try to sneak away from me. We were at the science museum and library the other day and you kept escaping with a quick step to your feet and a wild laughter that was easy to follow. But then as soon as a stranger talked to you, your face got serious and you ran back to me!
Shoes are still your favorite toy and you continually crack us up clomping around in daddy's sneakers or sisters boots. When Erin and Ashton were here you even put on his smelly huge work boots and had us all laughing.
You've developed a love for a star blanket that you cuddle at nap time and night time when I nurse you to sleep. It's the same kind as your sister's. You know which blankie is your sister's and you will steal it and start saying "mine" just to get her goat.
We went to Oregon this month and you did great on the plane and adjusting to a new time zone, sleeping in a strange place, and being around lots of family. You really seem to have a special love for Hazel and Grandpa even though you loved being around everyone. We've skyped a few times since then and I can tell you remember who those people are when you see them on the screen! It was fun to watch you play in the sand on the beach...once you got used to it!
I'm always a little bummed for summer to end. It's just a bittersweet time, but I try to let myself be a little sad without dwelling on the loss of lazy carefree days too much. I know we will find our new groove without big sis around as much and I am excited for our new routine. 
Already you are so fun to watch play without Olivia yanking toys from you or carrying you to whatever spot she wants you in for her imaginary playtime. I look forward to toddler library time and playdates with baby friends. It's one of the reasons I love having such an age gap between you two: I knew I'd love the one on one time I get with you!
I love you,

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Phone Dump {July 2016}

There haven't been many posts lately, but school starts tomorrow and my heart is very heavy. I'm crying at the drop of a hat, but I am looking forward to the routine. It's just bittersweet. Here are some fun moments that happened in July....
I chopped my hair off and the internet let me know that was a good decision. Noted. We tried sponge curlers in Liv's hair overnight. It looked pretty for a few minutes but mostly fell out. It didn't dry all the way. We will try again sometime! 
Haven had some fussy moments and early mornings this month as she broke all four of her molars in at once. She developed a hemangioma on her gum that freaked us out but the Dr. and dentist assured us it was ok. But there were lots of tears and blood shed. She loves to play peekaboo barn on the ipad. This was the face when my lap was full for bedtime reading. I made room pretty quick!
Ryan spent a day with us at White Water Bay. Haven joined after Mother's Day Out but she wasn't a huge fan. I had to wake her up from nap one day and this was the look she gave me. So pitiful. Have you guys tried the Walmart grocery pick up? Bit of a game changer! Pool time with friends! 
Liv called me into her room to see this "remembering table" she made for us for after we die. She can be a little morbid. Sisters walking in to church. We each accomplished the 20 hour library goal and got some free books and late fee waivers! Liv conked out in the car one day.
Haven wearing my old sailor suit looking thrilled. Ha! Sunday sister pic. Staying cool at White Water. Sisters snacking and watching toons. 
Typical scenes from the playroom. Myriad concert nights. They saw a few bunnies from where we were sitting on the hill this night. 
I promise I get my child dressed sometimes, but it's true she stays in her jammies lots! Even at the library! 
Liv being brave at the dentist. Red Bear and Green Bear don't see as much play time these days but they were called upon for special comforting duties this day! She got sealants and 2 cavities filled....4 more to go...please don't judge! This pic cracks me up...Liv with a bag of taco bell dinners and a rainbow over her head!
Funny story, Erin came to OKC for less than 24 hours thanks to our little flight mix up coming back from Oregon but we were soooo glad we got to spend time with her! And Haven loooved Ashton's smelly work boots. We were horrible hosts with a burning hot house and a smoke alarm issue that woke us all up at 5 am but I hope it doesn't scare them away forever!
Happy Birthday Nick! We had to take a pic of these matching outfits that we didn't plan!
Haven playing in big sis's boots! 
At the gender reveal party for a friend of Liv's from school, although Liv couldn't come, Haven and I had fun. I tear up seeing the joy in these pics. And there was even MORE joy as a proposal came shortly after but I got no pics because Haven started freaking out from all the joyful screaming going on. She calmed down at the Myriad concert chewing on watermelon rind though!

Newsletters, Olympic party, Back to School, OKCMB posts coming soon!

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