Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why Hello There!

Yep I'm here, and so is this walking stick we found on our wagon the other day. Lots of posts to catch up on and I'll be working on them soon! Birthdays, pumpkin patches, field trips, newsletters, but for now I'll leave you with this funky insect.
He's here to welcome the autumnal season!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Phone Dump {Aug 2017}

Here are some events that happened last month that I may or may not have already shared...and will probably share again whenever I write Haven's newsletter!
Our engage-aversary happened. 2004 vs 2017. Yeah yeah we are starting to look old.
My friend Crystal teaches free sunrise yoga classes occasionally through OKC parks and rec. This one happened to be at lake Hefner and was a truly beautiful location. I obviously did not take the pic of us in posture (can you find me?) but I stole it from her. I did take the difference in the sky from the beginning of class to the end! I'm sad the sun is rising later now because I won't be able to go!
Teamwork on the horse hair. Finishing out one of Liv's summer bucket list items by teaching Haven about "fizzies." Asleep in the pick up line. Child of the 21st century, on the potty on her "cell phone"
The joy on her face from playing with a dead cicada at the gazebo. Pretty pretty princess. Haven meets Chuck.
Just one of the guys watching the DOTA championship. Working on a closet design with my ancient tools...and Liv's Dr Suess ruler. Haven loves her magnatiles and plays with them DAILY.
Beautiful Oklahoma skies. Makes up for the lack of trees and hills sometimes. My new sign. I try to change it weekly and get quote inspiration from mostly New Girl and The Office.
Haven on the porch with her trains and playing with kinetic sand
Liv informed me she gets hungry sometimes when making her lunch...ha! Me and my baby! More magnatile creations. The sign they made daddy when he got home late at night from his Colorado trip.
Antique door search for a client.
Helping pass out watermelon on OC freshmen move in day with Mayfair. Reading together. Ice cream date with Jeri...but Haven said "pwease tome pway swabbieswoobies (lalaloopsies) wiv me at my house?" so it turned into a much longer playdate!
Evening counter clean up. Playing in the pouring rain with Noah. Reading in the pickup line. Library play time!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Baby's First Dance Class

Olivia started dance lessons last week at Sweet Yield Studio. Which also means I am now technically a "dance mom" and I'm sure there's been some sort of scary TLC reality show about this. I quickly realized I was in over my head when I tried to decipher what kind of shoes she needed for her ballet/jazz/contemporary combo class. Luckily my friend Hannah owns the studio and gave me some tips. Her class filled up quickly and she has a few friends with her...which may or may not be annoying to the teachers...guess we will find out soon enough! 
We worked real hard on that bun for the first class. This week, however, I'm going with the messy bun look. She looks so grown up! 
 We weren't allowed to watch their class but I took some shots playing before class time and they already looked like pros to me!
She really enjoyed it and I'm already looking forward to seeing what she'll learn throughout the season. The teacher sent me this photo after class and let me know Liv went all out on the silly photo. 
Yep. That's my girl! So graceful and poised. Sweet Yield will never be the same!

Monday, September 11, 2017

We're All Just Winging It

I have an alter-ego. She is wiser and calmer and she comes out when I am writing. Most of the articles I write for the OKC Mom's blog are really written by this wiser mother that lives somewhere deep inside me. Behind the impatient screamy mama and next door to the selfish mom. (Do I have multiple personality disorder?? Who cares as long as there's a sane mama in here somewhere!)

I never write these articles for other people. I write them for myself. I hope the help someone else and I hope others relate to them usually, but for the most part they are often just pep talks I'm giving myself. I wrote this during a rough month of parenting when Ryan and I were at our wits ends with a sleep regressing child. I was irritable, irrational, and trying all sorts of things because we all just needed some sleep. Luckily it was months ago and things are much calmer around our house and it's fun to be on the other side of that issue reading the advice I was giving myself.

Anywho here's my latest for OKC Mom's Blog....

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

I mentioned before we had planned on going to Houston for Labor Day weekend but the hurricane put a damper on that plan. We still managed to find a few fun things to do in OKC. While we were at the science museum, Ryan started on our free flagstone path to the backyard.
No grass grows here (without a lot of trouble and ain't no body got time for that!) so we wanted to fill it in with something. Our free stone ran out but it's starting to look great, now we just gotta buy more! Then our neighbor behind us who is moving offered us some free outdoor chairs. I bought some cushions and am still deciding if they should be here or by the fire pit. 
She also gave the girls a wagon, which I thought Liv was too big for but she proved me wrong. They loved it so much they wanted to eat dinner in it. Then we went on a late night walk. The temps are cooler and it was so nice outside!
A very last minute lunch was put together with the cousins and we got to catch up for a little bit in the afternoon.
Liv was devastated that the girls couldn't come AGAIN this visit but this time she held her tears back.
 We also had a game night with friend (no pics) and did a little geocaching by the lake. Liv played her harmonica a lot this weekend serenading people at the lake and on her wagon rides. So talented.

Friday, September 01, 2017

House Update: Hallway, Kitchen, Guest Room

We stripped the wallpaper in the hall a few months back and Ryan was able to mud and paint it last week. We haven't hung things back up yet though but here's the clean slate!
Because of the window unit we used in the guest room we had to switch the furniture around but I think it looks bigger now! 
The kitchen cabinets are all painted and the demo has begun on the gross tile that wasn't original. Sheetrock will be up soonish so the pressure is on me to decide what I want for the backsplash. Match the original on the other side? Fun pattern? Who knows. I change my mind daily. The counter top on that side will be replaced with butcher block too. Then we will paint walls, ceilings and redo the floor!
I also copied Lauren's idea of covering the side of the fridge in favorite photos. It's fun to look at during mealtimes and remember lots of the memories shown on them. I just need 4 more magnet frames for the bottom!
This weekend I hope to work some on the yard and MAYBE I'll make a decision about hanging things in the hallway. Pretty soon it'll be time to demo the bathroom!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ryan's Bro-cation

Sometimes things happen in our family that I'm not a part of...I feel like this will become even more prevalent as kids get older. (Cue Slipping Through My Fingers) But this time it was hubby, not the kids, to do something without me! Ryan took a bro-cation last weekend for the first time ever. He and some childhood buddies met up in Colorado and did manly things.
Things like mountain climbing and bow shooting. I'm not sure why these pics are tiny but oh well. I'm a bit over technology these days.
The girls and I missed him but we managed to have some fun of our own. We did have Labor Day plans to see our friends in Houston this weekend but a little hurricane named Harvey kind of ruined that. Thankfully they are dry and doing well but their area was still hit hard so we will have to postpone our trip to see them.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Finding Our Routine Again

I've been forcing Haven out of the house more since my last post....much to her dismay at first. I just need to remember to take more photos....cause posts aren't any fun without pics! We are finding a new groove and new routine still with big sis being back in school, but with the cooler temps ahead I can see the zoo becoming a weekly thing. 
The morning temps were amazing and lots of the animals were out and about.
 Audrey and Henry joined us for the morning. Bo got to stay through the afternoon and he and Haven hit it off. They both have big sisters so there was a lot of common ground.
They both were all about getting drenched in the water.
And they were both really excited and determined but hesitant at holding birds.
We watched the sea lion show and ate snacks and the entire way home (until she fell asleep) Haven moaned "No leave, want to stay wif Bo!" So maybe I'm changing this homebody's mind one playdate at a time!
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