Thursday, July 19, 2018

Day at Camp Yamhill

Violet was at Camp Yamhill last week, but she came home a day early to spend extra time with cousins while they were here. We went out early one evening to pick her up and so we could eat dinner at camp and play in the river and get a new pic of the grandkids on great grandpa's bridge and listen to silly songs at campfire...which was too hot to have but the songs were still fun! The drive out to camp is one of my favorite parts, so much beautiful mountain farmland, I need to take pics of it next time we go!
Little Loraxes
Throwback pic from the bridge 3 years ago!   
The kids played in the water a looong time and somehow none of them fell in. They skipped lots of rocks though and dropped several off the bridge to make loud splashes. Liv found two big rocks that fit together like an old phone...which is funny to me because we've never owned a phone like that...but she sharpied numbers on it haha!

Can you tell which one is my nephew and which one is my husband? George is almost as tall as Ryan now!

Some of the older kids took a canoe trip out on the pond.

Silly song time. I thought they might sing some the girls know from their daddy singing to them but of course silly songs have changed since he was a camper. They really had a fun time! I couldn't tell the campers apart from the counselors which clearly means I am old. Any time another counselor got up there I was like....wait THAT person is in charge?!

Maybe next summer Liv will be ready for sleep away camp but for now she's adamently opposed to sleeping away from home, that's ok by me for now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Day on the Coast

I mentioned that it mostly feels like we are here on vacation. Especially since the Moores are here too. But one thing that doesn't feel like vacation is when we plan a day trip to the coast and Ryan can't join because he works from home now. It's a bummer, but we still managed to have some fun without him. It was a pretty perfect day that didn't require jackets. We ate at Mo's and played in the bay there until the kids wanted to walk down to the "real ocean" with the waves. We saw tons of sea lions from a distance, thankfully. We played for a few hours then were heading out just as it started to sprinkle. I'm sure we will have lots of more trips there that Ryan can join us on!
We don't really get the full Mo's effect since we didn't partake of any seafood but we still enjoy the view while we ate our sandwiches and mac n cheese!
Hank the dog had as much fun as the kids did playing at the beach!
Those are seal lions all lying on top of each other at the water's edge.
Walking to the waves.
Found em!
It may be a Texas stop sign but they have them in Oregon too thankfully!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fourth of July Festivities

Kelsey's sister Kirby just so happened to be moving to Oregon from OKC the same week we were, so although this welcome home party on the 4th was for Kirby...I pretended it was for us, because that's how I roll! (don't worry we didn't crash the party we WERE invited) It rained on our patriotic hot dogs and it felt very Oregony in that moment.
We forgot to wear red, white, and blue.

Everyone loves Baby Jensen!
Then we headed over to the Craigs to play a bit and for a fireworks show. I thought Haven would be terrified but she loooved them. She danced with sparklers and every time they lit another firework, she'd shout "Yessss!" or "Fireworks are the best!" or "I wanna do this foreverrrrr!" It was pretty funny. But then I tried to get her enthusiasm on video and she just said "Better than I thought" ha!

Here's some of the fun with sparklers

And then as the finale exploded 15 feet from her face she fell dead asleep in my arms!
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