Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Everyone Loves an Irish Girl

As many of you know I was in Ireland this time last year working at Camp Shamrock in the Mourne Mountains. Well today I happend to be chatting with a friend from there online and he was telling me how much fun he had at camp last week. He mentioned there were some new counselors from TN and said there was a really awesome musician there named Gentry Morris----I know him!! He and I are friends from when we went to camp in TN together like 10 years ago!! So ironic. I really hope I can go back some day. I still keep in touch with some of the people I met. I have been reading my journal from when I was there last year and reminiscing. Two of the girls from our group last year went back by themselves. I can't wait to hear stories and see pics from them. Anyway....for more on Camp Shamrock you can visit (and I will give Gentry's site a plug too I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

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