Sunday, July 24, 2005

In Memory of Botox

Botox, my beta fish, died today. I just realized I do not even have a picture to post of him. He lived almost 3 years. He was my fish since I was a sophmore in college and lived with me in 5 different homes. He was a good fish but lately we could tell soemthing was wrong. He started burrying himself in the rocks at the bottom of his bowl and I would have to dig him out so he could swim. I knew the end was near. I shed a tear and we had a burial at sea. We are about to go to church now, it's missions Sunday......I am not sure if we are going to get a new fish. 1--because I don't think he would be as good of a fish as Botox was. 2--it gives us about 10 more inches of needed counter space in the kitchen. 3--I don't think a fish will survive the winter in this poorly insulated apartment and I would hate to freeze one. Anyway we are leaving for church now. That will hopefully put me in a better mood.


KTsDad said...

You were a good mother! And that's all Botox could have asked for! Love you!

KMom said...

So sorry, so sad. Hope your fond memories comfort you.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about Botox. I believe he waited until you found someone to come along and make you as happy as you made him.


Anonymous said...


Thats so sad. I felt I really bonded with him the summer that you went to Ireland and left him in my care! Too bad!


Monique said...

Sorry about Botox!

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