Sunday, July 24, 2005

Missions Sunday

Well I didn't want to leave on a sad note because despite this morning's bad news.....the day got MUCH better. Today was missions Sunday at Memorial Road and the church raised over $720,000 for people in the mission field! The goal was highly surpassed. I was very proud of the children in Green Acres who raised over $100! Then this evening there were 3 baptisms. So praise God! On another unrelated note--I already finished my book! .....And.....I think Botox is trying to speak to us beyond the grave, we were in the kitchen and all of a sudden the light over the sink came on and neither one of us had touched it! So I think Botox was trying to tell us he was ok in fish heaven. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to thank God for all of your blessings!

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