Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sharing means Caring

I thought I would share two of my new favorite websites. The first one is a European guy who gets a kick out of going to abandoned places (industrial areas, old hospitals, and even some castles!) and he takes pictures there. It's strange but fascinating to me. You wouldn't believe how many beautiful old churches and hospital are just left for ruins. He even found a dead body in one! I think I find it fascinating bc lately I am obsessed with the idea of finding a secret or mystery of some kind. When we moved here I kept hoping I would find something here that someone had left behind that was really old. I always wanted a secret door in my house too and I still think it would be fun to have a secret door. I dunno I am weird I guess but I just think it would be fun to explore abandoned old places and find things. That's probably why I like Antiques Roadshow and 48 Hours Mystery. Anyway that website is

The next website I recently found a site that posts people's secrets. You anonymously send in an artistic postcard of a secret you have and this guy posts a select few every Sunday. Some of them are sad and some are funny. It's actually interesting. They post one every week in some paper in D.C. Anyway that is all for now. Have a wonderful day!! ---KLI


Saundreau said...

Hey Katie,
Love your blog! I have to recommend the movie "Simon Birch". It's an older one, probably in the drama section, but also a moral, life changing, funny, sad, awesome story.
Hope you're doing well.
Love ya!

April said...

I so agree there. "Simon Birch" is definetly one to watch.

Mom said...

Have you carefully explored your basement for interesting things or places?

Anonymous said...

Does your house have an attic to explore when its not so hot?

Katie said...

Dear anonymous
We don't have an attic.

Dear mom,
I tried but I don't know which stuff is people's that live here and which stuff may have been here forever.

KMom said...

Maybe you could have a basement party with everyone in your place attending. Then everyone's stuff could be labeled and general areas designated for certain apartments. The stuff left over could be explored by everyone. Maybe someone now in the house forgot they put something there.

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