Monday, July 25, 2005

Update on Julia and Emeril.....and Kristen and Steepheeen

Just so you know you may request a new dish from our growing menu. Tonight we made Chicken Parmesan (that's actually what we made to the left) was good! I was impressed with us. so impressed that I took a picture! I got the recipe out of a cookbook I got for a wedding present.

But enough about food bc something even more exciting is about to happen......LAGUNA BEACH with Chinaberry Lane roomates. The drama shall begin tonight at 9 pm on channel 30 and I am as excited as can be!! In the words of my "real orange county" friends...this entry is done-zo!!!


Erin said...

I had so much fun watching all the drama unfold. Stephen!! and LC better kiss soon. Thanks for having us over!

Celeste said...

I'm very impressed with your cooking skills. You can send me the recipe sometime. You have the dishes that I want from Pier 1!!! I'll enjoy eating off of them when I come. I think I would like steak. See if you can work on that for me. Also, I had my first Laguna Beach experience last night. I too, am for Stephen and LC. I can't wait to see how the drama unfolds!!! I'm also glad to know that my roommate and I aren't the only 22 year olds watching this show!! Love ya!!

Laura K said...

Dinner looks yummy. Do you mind if we come over for dinner. Just give us a couple of days to get there =). I don't watch Laguna Beach, but maybe I should watch. I am anxiously awaiting the Desperate Housewives to get back on!


C.O.O said...

you nuclear-reactor girls look like you are 'bout a threesome with my big --a-k -ick causing a meltdown. blog me so i can blog you two's

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