Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Crazy Childhood Memories

The stories which you are about to read are shocking but true. They happened in my childhood in a town which we will call Schmenderson to protect the innocent. The first story I have to share happened in Kindergarten…..a boy in my class was so bad that our teacher brought in a tall refrigerator box one day and made him stay in it all day. He escaped by midday and went on a rampage hitting 3 innocent victims, one of which was me. His punishment was that we were allowed to paddle him. Obviously the teacher thought our 5 year old muscles weren’t wearing his bottom out enough, so she took over and beat him after we gave our pathetic tries. Looking back I find this funny bc there is no way a teacher would be allowed to put a child in a box today nor let her students paddle him. The second story I never even thought to be odd until about a year ago. In 6th grade the reward for honor roll students was to gather us in the gym and the staff had bags of change that they threw on the floor and we all scampered after it and fought for it. The all A student got like a 5 second head start over the AB students. I never fought hard because I got an allowance and thought fighting for a few quarters was not worth it. However, I never thought it was a silly idea until I remembered this last year. Maybe the teachers got a kick out of it….I’ll never know. I’m trying to think now if there are any other strange things from my schooldays. So the question for today is Did your school system do anything crazy that you remember??


Rach said...

I don't think anything like that has happened. But, I remember in kindergarten when I'd broken my leg. One of my loose teeth came out and it fell on the ground. Everyone started looking for it. It was funny! Then,also in 5th grade someone was hiccupping and our teacher came up behind him and barked. It worked, they were gone. Can't remember anymore. I love you!

your sister said...

In first (Pam Woods) and/or second grade (Mrs. Hogan), we recited a prayer before we went to lunch and listened to the teacher read a Bible story in the mornings. Public schools would never allow that today.

I thought it was funny how in at least one school building the bell could only ring every 2 1/2 minutes so we got out of school at something like 2:42 1/2.

Oh yeah, remember how the 6th grade was in a separate building for several years because the junior high was overcrowded from the moment it was built? The afternoon buses took everyone to departing buses at other schools.

kmom said...

That boy in Kindergarten bit you on the cheek during nap time. The teacher called me and I was furious (partly because school pictures were the next day.) I was ready to march down to school and fuss at somebody, but you were content with the teacher's discipline and ready to get on with life so I decided to leave well enough behind.

Monique said...

I remember in eleventh grade when my English lit teacher took us on a field trip to a funeral home. He was later fired.

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