Monday, August 22, 2005

Dear Lagunies....


Jessica, break up with Jason already. You deserve so much better and can do so much better. And don't ask so many questions bc he isn't going to answer any.

Jason, stop having your cake and eating it too. Break up with Jessica but be honest and nice to her.

Kristen, please do not get extensions again. Fess up you know you miss Stephen and you did him wrong and you try to be a player but you aren't.

Lo, Come back. You are my favorite.

Stephen, Get with LC and be nice to her. Don't listen to Krsiten she is fickle.

LC, don't obsess over Stephen. Play hard to get and maybe he will come around. If not don't settle for Kristen's leftovers.

Alex, don't shove the fact that you were going to formal with Jason in Jessica's face at the beauty parlor. That's trashy.

Taylor and Talan, stop flirting with others and just admit you like each other and keep it that way. Talan don't go back to Kristen it will make her ego larger than it already is.

Ian, I have never heard of you before tonight...maybe you can straighten Kristen out.

Maybe in all of my wisdom they will find my blog and come to greater understandings....but then what would I watch on Monday nights?!


Rach said...

I agree with you on that. I didn't see it last night though. Have a great you!

April said...

Well, if I am not at work, I watch Medium or CSI. Those are my favorites. I have yet to really sit and watch Laguna Beach :/

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