Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Today is my most favorite mother-in-law's birthday so I will post my favoritest pics of her. Happy Birthday Mona I hope you had a great one! In honor of her birthday Ryan and I made porkchops and went to the library (ok we would've done that anyway but oh well!!)

And Happy 2 year anniversary to Kassi and Jason!! I wouldn't forget you guys!!!


Mom I said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting. It was a great day. I know my 49th year is going to be terrific. Sounds like my boy is going to be very very busy. Wish I was there to take you shopping or go out for coffee while he studies away. By the way, Rick and I saw REAL seahorses at a casino in Las Vegas. They really are pretty amazing. Yes, I really did go into a casino, but I didn't gamble, honest. By the way, what was I eating in that middle picture. Love ya, Mom I

Laura K said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Such a beautiful mom even when making silly faces. In the middle picture she is eating a lemon jelly filled danish that she got at the Pikes Street Market in Seattle.

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