Sunday, August 07, 2005


We made a new dish for lunch...Porkchop Casserole. It's basically just rice and porkchop and cream of chicken. But it was good. Now we are doing what we do best on our down time....I am reading my library books with Mr. Farnsworthy (pausing to blog) and Ryan is studying (pausing occasionally to play Battlefield 2) I once had aspirations to clean out the big closet today but now that my belly is full I think I will read instead.... ahhh lazy Sunday.

The question of today will be....What do you enjoy doing on your Sunday afternoon??


HS Freshman said...

Well, personally I just like to relax. Once in a while, I'll just sleep. Well, I started high school Thursday. My schedules not to bad. I think it'll be a great year!! I love you!!

kmom said...

I like to read some of the newspaper and take a nap.

Erin said...

I LOVE to nap. But, if I can actually be doing something with Justin, I enjoy that too. How was your porkchop casserole? You will have to share the recipe with me. Sounds interesting! I am so proud of you for cooking!! :o)

Anonymous said...

You can substitute chicken for porkchops for a variation.Mi gran.

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