Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Long Awaited Picture

Well this was the best shot I could get of the new haircut. I love it--I can see his face!! I feel I shouldn't try too hard on this post bc it would be inadequate in comparison with the last literary marvel. But I will say that work has been really fun lately bc we are having a sample sale soon and so we have had to go through ALL of our inventory and it has been quite fun to see the good and bad of old designs. I will give those of you who are interested more info at a later date, but if you haven't seen any of our stuff visit I have been wanting a sample sale since I started!! We are running out of room and samples are overtaking office space! Other than that the day has been bland so that is all I have to say....sorry it wasn't as eloquent as Ryan Shakespeare!--KT


Mom I said...

That is truly a handsome man. Proud to say I had something to do with it. Ya look real good son. Love ya.

Mom I said...

Katie, I tried to go to that websit to look at your companies stuff but all it gave me were locations to visit to see it in person. I was looking forward to doing some web window shopping. Next time we come to OKC we want to visit your place of employment. I still want to see those "Ramona" pillows. Love ya,

Ryan and Katie said...

Dear Mona,
Sadly the Ramona pillows were never made. You just have to click on the rose to enter the website and see pics. Then once you click on the rose you can click on product gallery and you don't hae to watch the slideshow!

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