Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Proud Aunt

Well I posted a picture of my favorite nephew so here is a picture of my favorite niece, Violet! Isn't she the cutest!! The comment question for today is what is one of your favorite childhood memories?? My answer is below the adorable picture.....

Answer: I have many but one of mine would be riding bikes in the church parking lot and watching my dad and sister do all these crazy tricks that I wasn't supposed to tell my mom about---oops guess she knows now! And just for the record mom I never did any of them bc I was a wimp.


Your sister said...

Always telling aren't you. Well, if you're going to tell all the bad things I did, then I'm going to tell all the bad things you did. :) I always enjoyed sledding in the Michigan grandparents' backyard on the plastic sleds and crashing into the back of the neighbor's house.

Laura K said...

Most of my favorite memories involve my siblings too. But the one that springs to my mind is when my dad would put on music
(he called it his ear candy), something like John Cougar Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen, really loud and we would all DANCE. Crazy like. Even my dad, if you can imagine that! =) I could probably write a whole book about my favorite childhood memories. I have a very special family. And was blessed with very special friends.
And I just have to say that your niece is the most ADORABLE child I've ever seen. She must take after her mommy! =)

Anonymous said...

My favorite childhood memory is when my sister and i would take our red wagon and make it into a fort with umbrellas and blankets, and then tie the end of the handle to our bikes and take turns pulling each other around the culdisac we lived on, pretending we were princesses! The funny part is, my parents would videotape us doing it.... we are from kansas, alright, thats what we do for cheap entertainment :-D ha!


Anonymous said...

Oh, another funny story while i am on the video tape subject, I dated a guy one time that told me his parents would make him sit in the corner when he got in trouble, and then they would video tape him singing to himself and talking to himself in the corner and laugh at him....haha, at least my parents werent THAT mean :) haha!
~AmyLynn (again)

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