Thursday, August 04, 2005

Soundtrack to your life

Today's comment question is who would you choose to write and/or perform the soundtrack of your life? They can be dead or living. I am not sure who I would choose bc I don't have one favorite artist. Maybe I would have a compilation CD of R.E.M. , Josh Kelley, Blues Travelers, Kelly Clarkston, Jason Mraz, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Wonder. Those were random but some of my favs to listen to at work anyway!! That is all I have to say about was bland.....Ryan and I are lazy and are eating Flavor-ice for dinner.....our apt is so hot that it is actually cooler outside.....I am halfway through the 2 books I checked out from the library (another J.D. Salinger and one about History's Mysteries)......Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!


erin said...

Hey KT-
I would definitely have to say Kelly Clarkson. She has an amazing voice. I never get tired of her CD. Well, that's it :o) Have a good weekend and I'll see you Sunday!

Laura K said...

I would have to say Faith Hill or Ella Fitzgerald. Both have beautiful voices. It's a bummer that your apartment is so hot. Violet is not a happy camper in the heat. She gets sticky and whiny. But she is still cute. Thank goodness mom has AC. You guys should go outside and camp on the lawn if it's cooler outside. =) Troy keeps saying he is going to do that. Have a great weekend.
Love you.

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