Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tommy Lee and Mary Kay

Tommy Lee goes to College is a hilarious show about Tommy Lee who actually enrolled in the University of Nebraska and lived in a dorm and took college classes. It's quite humorous. Mary Kay is coming to our home Sept 8---at least one of her servants is, for a Mary Kay facial with a few friends. There is still time out there girls if you change your minds and want to come!! Today's question is if you had to be stuck on an elevator with one of these two people which one would it be? I think I would choose Tommy Lee. He makes me laugh and his tatoos don't scare me as much as Mary Kay's make up!


April said...

I have to agree with you there. He is a person you can ask tons of questions about anything. Which leads to intersting conversations. I choose Tommy Lee.

Laura K said...

I would chose Mary Kay. I would ask her how she came up with the idea to sell makeup and make a gazillion dollars. But sadly this will never happen, because she is not alive anymore. =(

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