Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day in the City

Yesterday was Day in the City. A day when our whole church comes together to do different service projects in the community. Our class went to a KIPP school. KIPP stands for Knowledge is Power Program. You can read more about it here Some of the activities I did were help the janitor mop and buff the hallways, help switch two teacher's classrooms, pick up trash outside, and pull weeds in the conservatory. Ryan helped mow and clean the grounds. I had never heard of KIPP so I learned something new. We had a good time. Then we went and helped Erin and Allison move in their new apartment.

We were pooped so we came home and napped, only to be awoken by a squirrel trying to get in our bedroom--that's right......A squirrel started scratching through the material between the window pane and our AC box unit. He poked his paw through and I went to scare him and he just sat there and looked at me. The squirrels have also been eating our birdseed and making a mess of it on the porch. I told our landlord and she said that squirrels around here are so brave that nothing phases them and one even got in her house one time! So when I couldn't sleep last night I kept staring at the hole the squirrel had made waiting for him to pop through again and give me rabies. Today's question is what are your experiences with animals in the wild getting in yoru home? We had a snake in our garage onetime hanging over a bicycle. My dad wasn't home but our brave neighbor got it for us.


April said...

Once my dad was helping me fix the tires on my bike. He had taken them off, so I was sitting on the bike just peddling going nowhere. All of a sudden our cat brought a mouse into the garage. As soon as she dropped the mouse, I began to peddle fast screaming. The mouse is running around, cat chasing it, and my dad laughing cause I am peddling a bike with no tires.

Rach said...

Wow...sounds like you've had an interesting weekend. I've heard mom was making cookies one time and there was a snake in the cabinets wrapped around the mixing bowl, and there have been afew others on our back porch. I love you!

The Judge said...

Hi Katie
Your dad gave me your blog address. You and Ryan make a handsome couple. And just think, Sandra and I helped raise you (ha ha). We are proud of you!

Erin said...

There was a big spider in my room this morning. That's an "animal" from the wild. When I see those things, I yell for Allison or my dad. They must come kill it for me. Today it didn't want to die. He thought it would be cool to stay under my my bed is in shambles now. But, he is dead and I can breathe easier. Thanks for helping us move KT and Rhine!!

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