Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Domino BzzAgent

This is my new favorite magazine. We got one at work--probably because we subscribe to so many--and it's brand new. It's another decorating magazine but it's more fun. They also have a fun website http://www.dominomag.com/ where they have links to other great online sites and stores. I subscribed to it bc it's only a dollar an issue and who can pass that up!--Not me apparently, but anyway just thought I would pass the info along and maybe you will love it too!

I just realized something. I am being a BzzAgent. Want to know what that is...read ole Sal's latest blog entry:
http://www.xanga.com/SallyElizabeth And now for the question of the day...what is your favorite magazine??


Laura K said...

I normally can't pass up People magazine. And I also love O (Oprahs mag). =)

April said...

I enjoy People with an occasional Us in there.

Mom I said...

My favorite is MORE which is published especially for women over 40. I used to love Christian Woman but I haven't received it in years and don't know if they even publish it anymore.

FATSO said...

Readers' Digest. I have loved reading it cover to cover for over 10 years because I learn a little about a lot of different things and usually get a good cry or two in.

Carrie M said...

I love looking at Log Home Digest, or any other log house magazine so I can get ideas for the log house David and I are going to build when we are old and rich.

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