Monday, September 26, 2005

Heritage Hills Home Tour

Posted by Picasa Yesterday Ryan and I were able to go on the Heritage Hills tour. This is the neighborhood beside us and most of the homes (more like mansions) were built between 1900-1920. The home to the left is the Overholser Mansion that is on the national historic preservation. We got to tour it along with 5 other homes--that people still live in. It was hot and crowded but well worth it to see inside the beautiful homes we ogle at when walking or driving by. One of the homes had the original oven and huge refrigerator/icebox in the kitchen. One even had an old elevator! I kept looking in places that I probably wasn't supposed to, but hey I was curious---and you know how I love me a mystery!! Today's question is would you rather live in a 100 year old mansion or a brand new mansion? I would choose the former of course! and if it didn't have a secret passageway then I would have to build one!! (mom and dad they posted the hours so if you want to go see the Overholser mansion when you are here again we can)


April said...

I think I would rather live in a historical mansion. It has more life. Something about being in an old home of such beauty gives it a warm feeling of comfort.

Anonymous said...

I would like to live in the old mansion. Much more character, and I would get to remodel some things. I wouldn't mind going to see it when I come either.

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