Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oklahoma State Fair

Well I can say we are true Okies now....we have been to the state fair. I believe Ryan has been before but I had not. Not that it was much different from the Tennessee state fair but I think it was a bit larger. My goal was to try a fried snickers or twinkie or oreo that I had heard so much about while at OC, but much to our dismay we found no such stand anywhere, and believe me we did look! However we did find other enjoyable things that I will chronicle with photos now......

Here is what I really came for...the food and especially the funnel cakes!

Dad you would be proud, we listened to the Canterbury Choral sing showtunes. My favorite of course were the My Fair Lady selections.

This was a timber show and this man has been a 10 time world champ. He is logrolling on roller skates!! I don't know where you train to do that.

This was a timber cutting competition between a high powered chainsaw and two men on an old timey saw. These guys need to go to Branson.

We also got to see Plains Native American dances...which looked more like just stomping around in feathered costumes but since Ryan is 1/128 cherokee I'm sure he understood it all.

This was my favorite thing. It was a shirt that someone had embroidered on and it won the sweepstakes award, a first prize award, and a best of show award. A close up shot will show you my favorite part about it......

The lady had embroidered her jump drive which she affectionately calls her "dongle" I guess. This is a lady who obviosuly embraces technology enough to sew it on her clothing. Props to her!

Some things I did not take photos of were a live showing of how to neuter a real dog (it was in a glass booth thing and they were doing an actual operation), baby chicks hatching, prize winning 4H fruit, and a scantily clad lady who had somehow turned a Lakers jersey into an A-line dress complete with purple and gold sneaker style pumps. The question for today is what is your favorite thing about fairs? Mine is definitely the food and quite possibly in a close second is the strange items people enter for crafts contests---for example: my dongle. :)


April said...

I just went to our fair Friday. One of the things I enjoyed was a ride called the Spin Out. It spun you around sideways and upside down. I, also, enjoyed watching the faces of my kids as they rode on the their rides. It was hilarious. I got Madeline to ride the UFO looking one (don't know if you remember that one); she loved it heh.

Mom I said...

My favorite thing used to be the rides, but that was before they started giving me "old lady" headaches. Now my favorite thing is people watching. You certainly find a wide variety at a fair, as I'm sure you found out.

ktsdad said...

Thank you for not sharing the live neutering of a dog with us in photos!
The B's used to love to go to the Mid-South Fair in Memphis. We would always go on the weekend when the rodeo was there and go to that (I think it was free!) I loved the building where all the Home Demonstration Clubs and the 4-H kids exhibited everything from food to homemade wedding dresses to the biggest insect collections I had ever seen (a personal favorite of mine!) And then there was the Mid-South Talent Review, where friends of mine who had won local talent shows competed to appear on national television (The Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour)! 2 groups of my friends won the competition (in different years, of course) and got to compete on the TV show.

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