Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tumbleweed Houses

One of the links listed on the Domino website is a link to Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. These are prefabricated buildings that range from 40 to 750 square feet. The designer has been making them since 1997. Some people I am sure use them for playhouses or offices, but many people live in them. I thought it was very interesting. Kind of like living in a motorhome size space but with a more homey design. I guess if Ryan and I are really anxious to own a home we can downsize 700 sq ft from our apartment and buy a tiny house for $20,000!! The website shows all the different floor plans and has frequently asked questions and info about the designer. The question will be could you live in a place like this? I don't think I could for a long period of time but it would be a good little vacation home somewhere like on a beach. It would also be fun to have in the yard for a guest house or retreat for kids or something. Anyway here is the website--check it out


April said...

I could not live in something of this size. I have 3 tag-a-longs, but if it was just me maybe.

Laura K said...

It would be fun to stay in for maybe a day or 2. But to live, I don't think so. But they are cute. If I was rich I would get one for a play house. Or just build one of my own ( ok have Troy build one ) =)
love you,

Mom I said...

It reminds me of the advertisement where the newlyweds have to live in the tiny house for a year. "AWESOME". If I lived all by self or if life circumstances demanded I had to, then I could live in a house that small. But I would prefer to have a house big enough for all 11 members of my family to be able to visit (with room for future grandkids too).

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