Thursday, September 22, 2005

We're Dating Again

We have been married for 4 whole months now and we decided that we needed a daily devotional book. We got one for a wedding present but decided it was more for couples that been together longer and had kids since a lot of the devotionals seemed to be about that. So we went to Mardel tonight in search of a "newlywed devotional book" and the closest we came was one for dating couples. But after we looked through it we decided it could apply to us and has good discussion questions at the end of each topic so we got it. After that we went to a planning group for our Just Starting Out class at church. We discussed new ideas and different areas we can be involved in. The class is growing rapidly and we have almost 100 members in it now. Anyway that was our Thursday and I will let you know how the "dating devotionals" go. Today's question will be in what way or practice do you grow spiritually with your significant other? Have a happy day!!

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funnygirl said...

welp, i don't have a significant other, but i have been reading stuff and speaking with my friend vicki about spiritual things lately and just trying to improve my relationship with God through prayer...i find it hard to read his word a lot of times, but i am trying to improve on that.

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