Thursday, October 20, 2005

75 Things About Me

I have seen this on other people's blogs so I thought I would try to do one about myself. It's kind of fun to do. Anyway for today's question what are 5 things about you?

1. I made straight A’s in school and was salutatorian, but I think I just have a photographic memory. I’m really not that smart.
2. Audrey Hepburn is my idol
3. I think people from the north are ruder than southerners.
4. I love post-it notes and other office supplies
5. I am a bit paranoid and if I am alone in a parking lot I carry my key between my knuckles so I can slash people in the eye if they attack me (I saw it on Oprah)
6. Grilled cheese is my favorite food. A spoonful of peanut butter is second.
7. I love watching Ryan shave his face.
8. I’d rather eat at Steak n Shake or Taco Bell than a fancy restaurant.
9. When I cry hard my nostrils go up and down at a rapid speed
10. I constantly think of random situations that could be happening at certain moments of the day
11. I don’t have strong opinions about much except my faith, and I think people should be open minded because there are a lot of “gray” areas.
12. I read other people’s blogs that I don’t know and I find it weird if I see them at church or something that I know all these things about them and they don’t even know me
13. Sometimes I think I am psychic
14. I know every line to My Fair Lady
15. My favorite Bible verse is Prov. 19:21
16. I’m not afraid of public toilets, shots, or having blood drawn
17. I can think of a song for any word or phrase that anyone says. I like to make up different words to other songs too.
18. I want children with red curly hair.
19. I don’t like political issues. Sadly, I just don’t care too much.
20. I wish I could wear really tall high heels and be comfortable all day
21. I used to bite my nails REALLY far down and then one day in Jr. High I said I was going to stop and I did.
22. My favorite author is J.D. Salinger and the fact that he is a recluse makes me want to meet him more.
23. I’ve never known a good Jason
24. My favorite animals are Okapis and gorillas
25. I love autumn and flannel sheets
26. People in movies with fake accents (especially southern ones) annoy me. I enjoy a true southern accent and am not fond of northern ones.
27. I still sleep with a teddy bear (a birthday bear to be exact)
28. I’d like to be rich but not famous
29. I love Stevie Wonder
30. My goal in life is to find a secret or mystery especially in my home. I have already tried to see if there are loose floor boards.
31. I love bagpipe music and Riverdance
32. I like shows about real mysteries (Unsolved Mysteries and 48 Hours Mystery)
33. I do not believe in capital punishment
34. I highly dislike it when people nag at me over what a picky eater I am. I will try anything once but if I don’t like it I can’t help it. I have managed to live for 22 years just fine on the foods I like and I don’t need your opinion about it.
35. I used to want to be Stephanie Tanner from Full House
36. I don’t like sports unless people I know are playing them.
37. I am a hypochondriac
38. I like the word smorgasboard
39. My biggest embarrassment was crying during my graduation speech. I didn’t want people to think I was sad to leave, bc I wasn’t; I had just had a really bad day.
40. My favorite day of the year is my birthday
41. I am not a messy person but compared to my anal retentive OCD family I am.
42. I love working with kids and sometimes wonder why I didn’t become a teacher
43. I am overly dependent on the internet
44. I have had a pen pal for 12 years, now we are email pals
45. I have never broken a bone (but I am superstitious so I just knocked on wood)
46. I like the way puppies smell
47. Freaks and Geeks was a great show and I am not sure why it went away
48. I was never allowed to watch Roseanne as a child but now that it is on Nick at Nite I have seen every episode and I love it
49. I want a psychiatrist to pick my brain apart but I don’t want to pay for it
50. I’ve had the same best friends for over 13 years
51. Lists make me happy
52. I like to browse books at Barnes and Noble. I can be there for hours
53. I won the spelling bee in 5th grade and got to go to the state spelling bee. I got out on the word abruptly. I spelled it with a “u”
54. I hated my senior year of high school
55. I kept journals from 6th grade through high school and I have them all at home in TN. I trust that no one reads them and I can’t bear to throw them away.
56. I hate merging in traffic
57. When I was little I was confused by a teenager at church who was pregnant and wasn’t married so I asked my mom how she got pregnant. Her answer was “she did something that made God sad.” I was on my best behavior for awhile J
58. Ryan is the only white person I have ever really dated
59. I used to collect toilet paper rolls
60. I like to read the things people signed in my high school yearbooks but I don’t remember a lot of the inside jokes anymore
61. The most beautiful sound is people singing to the Lord
62. I love Thunderstorms
63. I have lived in Oklahoma for 4 years and have only had to take cover once for a tornado
64. I had my first kiss when I was 13, it was disgusting
65. I have worn contacts for 11 years and I am still not good at taking them out and putting them in.
66. I woud like to own a Volkswagen Thing
67. I am not a good athlete and I am not competitive
68. I love Nertz but I won’t play with my family anymore bc they always try to cheat bc they know I always win
69. I used to want to play the harmonica like John Popper. I got one for Xmas and learned like one song.
70. I like most all music (even rap and country) except for really heavy metal
71. Sometimes I get a whiff that smells like this sugar free candy that we used to get in Kindergarten but I have never been able to find it
72. I have had 4 jobs in my life: a maid at my dad’s office, a preschool teacher, SAM’s Cashier, and this one
73. I knew where I was going to go to college and what I was going to major in since 10th grade. I didn't apply or really consider anywhere else.
74. My mind never stops running and it drives me nuts
75. I wish I could speak another language


Lor K said...

Those are all VERY interesting. I feel like I know you a whole lot better. =) It makes me feel like a very boring person though, 'cause I am having a hard time coming up with 5. But here they are:
1) I have always wanted to live in New York City
2)I love using black licorce as a straw to drink Diet Coke.
3)I love Taco Bell. And if I had a great metabolism and lots of money I would eat there everyday.
4)My favorite book is Witch of Blackbird Pond. I read it once a year in October.
5)I have wanted to write a book since I was in 5th grade. I hope to write one before I die.

April said...

Coming up with 5 things are pretty diffuclt, but I'll give it a try.
1) When I am alone with my kids in the house, we turn the music up and have a dance party.
2) My favorite band is Green Day. I just saw them in concert on the 16th October. (Their music doesn't influence me)
3) Back in 1995 I did a couple modeling shoots at Model World. I didn't have the I-am-better-than-you attitude that everyone else seemed to have, so I didn't stay.
4) I sometimes have anxiety attacks when I cross a bridge with water underneath.
5) I like to run at night when it is cool.

erin mccutchen said...

Yes, very interesting. My five are not so interesting, and I'm sure you already know them.
1.)Ilove freaks! Guys with mohawks, earrings, tattoos, whatever. I am not necessarily attracted to them physically as much as I have to know what in the world they are thinking.
2.) My four best friends got married this summer, and I am STILL living it up in Henderson, TN. I am getting out in December and heading to the Big Apple.
3.) I live in Henderson but have no idea about what is going on in this town, state, or even this country. Im truly in a bubble.
4.) I once had a friend not talk to me for six months because I didnt go to her grandfather's funeral. Like I said, I live in a bubble. I didnt know til 3 days after he was burried.
5.)Saucony tennis shoes are the best thing ever made by man.

Rach said...

I liked that;it was nice larnign some more stuff about you. Well here's my five.
1. My favorite type of book is Chrisitna Romance but will read other kinds on occasion.
2. My favorite color is purple.
3.My favorite type of food is Italian.
4. I spend way 2 much time on the internet.
5. I'm a watergirl for FHU's Lady Lions B-ball team.
Have a great day tomorrow love you!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think this would be so hard but here goes:
1)I'm not really sure that I have chosen the right career path. Some days I secretly want to be an interior designer like my Katie
2) I love fall weather,and I am obsessed with being outside and pumpkin spice candles
3)I am extremely ADD when it comes to planning things-it doesn't matter what
4)My new addiction is Nutter Butter bites
5)I miss Katie so much-she has always made me laugh. I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

so after reading your list I better understand why Ryan married you. You are perfect for him and vice versa.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Now, I realize I've known you all my life, but didn't know your name until today!
So here I am getting on the Band Wagon...
1. I love the Ocean, but not the water.
2. I love snow skiing, but hate the slick spots.
3. I want to be a writer, but hate reading unless I want a nap.
4. My favorite foods are getting where they don't like me anymore.
5. I love flying, but hate being frisked by men at Security.

10:19 AM

LittleKelly said...

Wow I now realize that a lot of my quarks just run in our family. Thanks for helping me better understasnd myself.

The Judge said...



You and Amy came to our house every year for trick or treat. I missed you tonight!

Monique said...

That's funny you mention it cause I have had a penpal friend for 12 years and now we are email penpals. :) You're the best!

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