Thursday, October 06, 2005

Alligators Beware!

This was one of the top stories on Yahoo news yesterday and I couldn't help but read about it. The 13 foot Burmese python exploded after eating an alligator whole in the everglades. Apparently it is the fourth time it's happened! (not to this python of course!) They think the alligator may have "clawed at the python's stomach as the snake tried to digest it, leading to the blow up." Ew! Either that or the alligator was dead and decomposing when the snake found it and gases caused the snake to explode. But what is a Burmese python doing on the loose in America? Apparently there are a great number of Burmese pythons hanging around becaue people bought them as pets and then don't want them anymore so they put them in the everglades. Thanks Burma--wherever you are.If you can't tell which is which, the snake is curled around and that is the alligators tail sticking out of it's midsection. I don't think I will be trekking into the everglades anytime soon. I will heed my warning and stay in Oklahoma where the deer and antelope play nicely. :)


BJ said...

That is one of the coolest pictures I have seen in a while. I now know that when Kelly or any of my kids ( later in Life) say they are full I am not going to make them eat another bite. But I just got done with breakfast and "I am Stuffed"!

Kmom said...

Are there any deer and antelope in OK?

Mom I said...

Gross!! I won't be visiting the everglades any time soon. Now I wonder what I'll go fix for dinner.

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