Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do's and Don'ts of Costumery

This link I found is hilarious. It's a guy who went through a bunch of costumes and gave descriptions on why or why not you should wear them for Halloween. Below is an excerpt from it for these costumes. To visit the site click here. Warning: he does use some profane language in his explanations and I do not condone this. "Do dress your kid as the fallen angel himself and leader of hell’s minions, Lucifer. Not only is Lucifer hilarious to have around at parties he can also steal the souls of fellow classmates who choose not to congratulate him on his awesome satanic costume.

Do not dress your kid as a caterpillar with tumors. Not only does it creep me out I bet he looks like a little green maggot when he squirms around. You can either dress your kid as a caterpillar or a tumor, but please...not both. The kid in that photo looks like he is going to screech across the room and latch onto my face."

Anyway it's a funny site so go there if you want more costume advice.

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Mike said...

I remember my great uncle's second wife's Mom's sister who used to go out in the garden and sit among the Cabbages and Peas.

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