Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Well for those of you in the collegiate world you already know what facebook is. I figured since I already joined the Myspace bandwagon I didn't need any more websites connecting me with my old friends. But alas I was wrong. I have now been sucked in by the monster that is facebook. It will probably die out in a few weeks but for now I am enjoying seeing how many more friends I am gaining by the second!! Today's question will be do you keep in touch with your childhood friends? I have a few that I have remained very close with and thanks to facebook maybe i will get in touch with a few more!!
P.S. Dear mystery reader in Atlanta, do I know you??


Mom I said...

Since most of my friends were kids I went to church with and/or were related to, I still keep in touch with quite a few of them. Some of them have been friends since before my memory starts. Of course most of them aren't "close" friends anymore, but I will always consider them my friends no matter how long its been seen we've seen each other or how many miles apart we live.

Anonymous said...

though i'm not the mystery reader, this goes to show why you shouldn't have added that 'tracker' on your blog....now you're going to be paranoid with every unknown reader and not be able to concentrate on Laguna Beach.

Katie said...

Nah I am not paranoid....just curious if I have a long lost friend in Atlanta or New Jersey...like Lil Goiter in VA.

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