Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Part 1

One party down 2 more to go. Last night we went to Walt and Saundra's and had a great time. It wasn't a costume party but one of the lady's that came with her baby showed us their costumes. She dressed as Pooh and her daughter was the pot of honey---that isn't her to the right but a pic I found online of it. It was pretty cute!

In other news, we have a huge hole in the floor of our closet that goes directly into our downstairs neighbors closet. That's where they are running the duct for the central heating and air. It should be covered Monday though. Also I have another wisdom tooth coming in I believe, and I made a dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned. Today's question will be do you believe in ghosts and have you had an encounter with one? I do believe in ghosts but I can't recall an encounter with one.


Mom I said...

That would be a great big no. But I do believe you can fall into other dimensions through holes in your floor, so I'd be staying out of your closet. Love ya.

Mike said...

It is widely believed that ghosts can travel through walls and floors, especially in closets. I would be doing some research to make sure the unit below was not the one where a serious crime took place. Now, if you walk around the house, hitting two sticks together, until midnight, it scares the ghosts away.....and the snakes (I saw that on a show once).
At your next party I think you should dress as Ryan and he as you. That would be way cool.

kmom said...

I don't believe in ghosts, but they have been known to ring my doorbell around 6 or 7 in the morning when I am still mostly asleep and walk around in the house at night when my husband is gone.

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