Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween: Part 2

Yesterday Ryan and I participated in the Welcome Wagon we have at our church and we went to 5 homes to take cookies and info about the church to people who just moved in the area. Only 2 were home. Then we came home and I watched scary movies on tv. Then we went to the North's for our second Halloween party with our Bible class. We went on a scavenger hunt on their property, ate too much food, played bridge, and had a campfire devo. After we got home we went to our favorite married neighbors home to watch Bewitched (the new version with Will Ferrell). I fell asleep during a lot of it but it was still funny.

We walked back home at 11:30 and were walking up the front stairs and we saw a little old lady sitting at the top and when she saw us she got up and started walking down the stairs. She didn't look like she was a visitor to our neighbors and she looked homeless. We asked if she needed something and she said mumbled about missing her bus at 7:00. We just went on inside, but I felt bad so I came back out and asked if she needed a ride home. She said there would be no one to answer the door there this late and she just walked up from the bus stop and saw our building was unlocked so she wanted to sleep on the stairwell if that was alright. I asked if there was anything I could get her like a blanket or food or pillow and she said she was fine in the hallway. It was hard to get to sleep though knowing she was out on the stairs (not because I was scared; I felt guilty or something). I thought about asking her if she wanted to sleep on our couch but I was a little uneasy about that. I guess I did all I could do but I still couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the verse in the Bible that says "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." I finally dozed off and I got up this morning to see if she was there and wanted any breakfast. She was gone. It's scary to think next time it could be someone who wasn't so helpless who wanders in our fourplex, but at the same time I guess I was glad our hallway provided shelter for her last night so she didn't sleep on the street.


April said...

I had a great time this weekend at our preacher's costume party. We ate lots of food, played games, and mingled. I did not come home to what you guys experienced. You did the right thing of making sure she was taken care of even if she did sleep in the hall. You think she may have alzheimer's and forgot where she was?

Rach said...

Yeah, that movie is pretty funny! That's kind of weird about that womna, but thatw as sweet of you to offer her stuff. Have a great week; love you!

SBurkeens said...

I'm sorry about the old woman...I know what you mean about that verse in the Bible, but you just can't help people like you used to. People will rob you, rape you, and then if you are lucky; just gut you like a fish.

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