Saturday, October 22, 2005


Thursday was the Mary Kay partay. It was fun but a little sad bc I was the only one who got made over. The other 6 girls just did what we did at the last party. We still took before and after photos which you can see on the link at the bottom. And I still had fun hanging out with the girls. It took longer than expected so I missed Making the Band...but I did learn how to wear eyeliner.

Friday was work and I was lonely bc I was the only designer there. While I was gone to lunch Christin, Little Amanda, and Lea decided to "paper" my desk. I will have to post that picture later bc I don't have it on this computer. But I got them back with unattractive photos for their desktop wallpaper. Oh office humor. Bob let us go home a little before 4:00. So I came home and packed for our mini vacation to Turner Falls. We left when Ryan got home and got there at like 7:30.

Saturday (today) we got up early and went hiking all over the park. We have pictures of it that you can click here to see. It was fun but I realized how out of shape I am. Not that I will do anything about it, but I just came to that realization. We played cards at the picnic table outside our cabin and had a picnic lunch with stray cats. This evening we went to the museum to see a collection of animated short films. It was interesting--as most museum showings are. Now Ryan is making us some quesadillas and I am anticipating 48 Hours Mystery. The food is ready so I must go. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

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Rach said...

I'm glad you had fun! Have a great you!!

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