Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm So Over It

So in honor of my love of lists I am making a list of things I am so over:

1. The lottery pros and cons. People who wanna gamble are gonna gamble end of story.
2. McDonald's being sued for making people fat. Everyone knows fast food isn't healthy. Don't play dumb.
3. Statistics showing women don't get the high positions in the workplace. I have yet to see a statistic that shows how many women TRIED for these positions versus men. I'm obviously NOT a feminist.
4. Pharmicists refusing to pass out birth control. Yeah it may suck but I'm pretty sure there is another pharmacy in a 5 mile radius that will give you your drugs.
5. Gas prices. No one in America is going to go broke because gas is 50 cents higher. You'll just have to rebudget and not go to Starbucks so much. We aren't exactly a 3rd world country.

Today's question is what are you so over?


April said...
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April said...

Hhmm atm I am so over:
1) Men atm, since the ones I pick end up wrong for me. I'll give it a try once my career is set.
2) Begging people to stop smoking. It is obvious they don't care about their health, but they sure better respect my wishes to stay healthy. (Which reminds me, anyone want to help me ban the making of cigarettes all together? heh yeah right)

That is all I can come up with for the time being. Love ya, Katie and Ryan.

US Weekly said...

How do you change the color of your font?

Mom I said...

Bush bashing and people who are offended by breast feeding. And if you live in Oregon you'll understand this one, Measure 37 opposition.

April said...

Yeah that whole breastfeeding bit is a bit too much. I don't even live in Oregon, and I can't stand the way people are acting about something so natural.

Carrie M said...

I am so over reality tv. Enough already!

LittleKelly said...

Katie, how can I add the links and other blogs I read to the side like you???

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