Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Longaberger Schmongaberger

Last night I went to a Longaberger Basket party with my married friend Michelle. It was at her mom's house. I had never heard of these baskets but they are actually quite neat. They are hand woven and you can buy all sorts of inserts for them. They also make pottery. Their home office in Ohio is even shaped like a basket! (see picture) Anyway they are pricey so I did not buy anything but maybe in the future. This morning while I was putting on makeup in the bathroom I could hear the traffic report from the TV and I heard them say there was a wreck on the intersection where I live. I had heard sirens but didn't think much about it and Ryan had just left for work so I got worried for a second. I threw on clothes and went outside and a van had ran up on the curb and hit a light pole. I don't think anyone was hurt. They all looked ok. So that was my scary morning. Today's question is have you ever been to a longaberger basket party?


Mom I said...

That is an amazing building. Took quite an architech. No I've never been to one but Grandma Butcher has and actually owns a few. I'm afraid they're out of my price range.

April said...

I have never even heard of it until now. Quite interesting.

US Weekly said...

I've never been to a party, but since I now live at Blair's parents house, I practically live in their baskets. His mom collects them and sells them just to get discounts. She has over 200, luckily their house is big enough so it doesn't seem too cluttered, but there's at least 15 in my bathroom. In fact, Blair and I have the entire Longaberger dinnerware in waiting for our use when we get married! But I'm like you, if I had not met Blair, I would be living in the dark about this basket thing.

Kira said...

I have been to several & I LOVE the baskets. I also have several. But living in IN, you are closer to Ohio & people are big into them there.

P.S. Matt sent me your blog site & I'm just now checking it out.

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