Friday, October 07, 2005

Making the Band 3: Part 2

Diddy's at it again and THANK GOODNESS. As if there weren't enough drama with Laguna nights now Thursday at the 10 spot will be dedicated to watching divas duke it out to be an "international all girl pop group." Allison and I were there to watch the season premiere in all of it's dramatic glory. Diddy doesn't give up. I mean he has already tried this 3 times and it didn't work....what makes him think this time will? Who cares I love the show. Aubrey is still my favorite but I can tell this season there will be looks like all the girls he picked can sing and dance. Anyway that is all I have to say about that. On another note---Oklahoma seems to have skipped autumn and gone straight to winter. Boo! Have a great Friday!!

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Mom I said...

Sorry but I don't watch that particular show. 10:00 Oklahoma time would be 11:00 Oregon time and you can find me in bed snoring by then. So its winter in OKC, huh?! Did you get snow today? You heard about Carrie and Davids snow. And its only October, and barely that. Just rain rain rain here in the great Northwest. But our grass is finely getting green again. Our neighbors will appreciate that.

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