Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Photo Op

So here are the latest pics of Nolan, George, and Violet. They are so adorable I couldn't resist posting their pics!! Speaking of violets, today's question will be what is your favorite flower? Mine would be lilies....particularly tiger lilies. But roses you can dry and keep so I like them too! Not much has been going on in our little lives. We were going to go to Turner Falls this weekend but all the cabins were booked so maybe in a few more weeks. We thought about staying in a B&B in Guthrie and going antique shopping but I think we will save money and just stay at home and drive there on Saturday to go antique shopping. Have a good Wednesday---and go to church! :)


Mom I said...

My favorite flower is the daffodil. I've told my family that when I die I want them to cremate me and spread my ashes over a field of daffodils. They are so simple yet beautiful. I don't think anyone has ever named their child Daffodil before though.

Rach said...

They are so cute!! But, I've always liked roses, but I also think tulips are pretty. Have a great rest of the you!

kmom said...

You have such very cute nephews and niece!

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