Monday, October 03, 2005

Watching a Train Wreck

Most people who read this know that I am a paranoid hypochondriac. So to feed this disease I watch medical shows on TLC that I should NOT, but I do and drive my husband crazy because he knows tomorrow I will come down with something I saw on TV. Yesterday was the smorgasboard of medical mysteries on TLC and I watched in horror as I saw people with face eating tumors, javelin and pitchfork impaled faces, people that weighed half a ton, surgical tools left inside people's bodies, and even a man whose parasitic twin fetus had been living inside his abdomen for over 20 years! Why do I torture myself? I guess it's like the train wreck theory that you don't want to look but you have to---curiosity gets the best of me. So Ryan I apologize ahead of time if tomorrow I think my parasitic twin is feeding off my liver. Today's question is do you do things to feed your paranoia? And if so what? (Mom I think for you it's all the crazy things you read in the paper and Reader's Digest.)


Mom I said...

Just for the record, I actually have a cousin who had her twin inside her until she was in her 20s. They thought it was a tumor, but when they took it out it had hair and teeth. Yuk!!! I do the same thing you do. I watch all those gross shows on TLC and Discovery. I also read the newspaper front to back every day. Rick actually made me stop for a while because I was getting so depressed.

Laura K said...

I really didn't have a problem with being paranoid about things, until I had Violet. Now anytime there is a story about a kidnapping or something bad happening to children I start to worry. And also when I was pregnant I kept hearing stories about pregnant women that were being killed and their babies being removed from them. That made me very paranoid.

Carrie M said...

I saw the same marathon on TLC. When I watch thing like that, I don't get paranoid or grossed out. I just think it's facinating what humans can tolerate and still survive.

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