Saturday, October 01, 2005

Weekend News

Happy October! Today Ryan and I went to a bunch of antique stores and junk stores on 10th Street. We were mainly just browsing. We found 2 stores that we liked that had fair prices; the others were just entirely too expensive. Sometimes I wonder how people make any money at some "antique" stores. Maybe you barter them down on the price listed but I dunno. We also went to a very shady flea market in a questionable part of town. You could buy western apparel, appliances, computer parts, furniture, or even get your hair was random. Anyway so then we went to see Flight Plan. We both liked it and recommend it. It's very suspenseful and there isn't bad language or much violence so go see it and tell us how you like it. Then we ate at Pablano and now I am posting. Today's question is what did you do this weekend?


ktsdad said...

This weekend I got to be Tim, the Tool Man! Jason had agreed to help me tear down the old rotten fence across the back of the proerty and replace it. He's been working since Thursday on the project, and I joined him on Friday. We grilled steaks at dark on Friday night to celebrate our progress. Saturday was more fence building, working in Pop and Gran's yard and taking Jennifer to see "Into the Blue" for her birthday last night. Between church activities today, it will be more fence building!

Erin said...

Justin and I went to see Red Eye on Friday. It's pretty good...wasn't what I was expecting. Saturday I went garage sale-ing with my mom and sister where I bought a desk for my new room but got a fat lip from this guy who was helping us put it in our car. It hurt!! Now today is Sunday and I'm at Justin's using his internet because we don't have any. Where have you been KT? I miss ya!!

allicatdin said...

On Saturday I went to the mall. First Benay and I had lunch then we went to see Just Like Heaven with Tarah and her boyfriend Landon. I really liked it and would recommend it. I hadn't been to the movies in forever, so that was fun. Then yesterday was church and last night I finished painting my new office. I have definetly learned that I was not born to be a painter. Next time I will just pay someone to do it for me.

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