Wednesday, November 09, 2005


My friend Michelle recommended Photoworks to me as a neat way to display your photos. You make a real book with your own photos. This website lets you upload photos, choose different layouts, add captions, and choose different colors and pages. You can also do calendars and creat other photo gifts on here. Ryan and I started one last night for our honeymoon photos. I saw the one Michelle did and it looked good. It's a great gift idea for the holidays. I don't know if we will make any gifts with it this year but maybe in the future. We will see. Anyway to check it out or make one of your own you can go here. Today's question is what are unique gift items that you know of?


Lor K said...

I think anything monogrammed is a good idea. Because it shows that you put a little bit of extra thought into a gift. But on the other hand gift certificates are great because then you don't worry about getting something they don't like. They can pick it themselves. I love the idea of a personally made book! I am going to definately check out the website.

BJ said...

Working at the jewelry store I have come to find many unique gifts! However most of the regular stuff in my store is cliche. Which is where I come into play. I run the personalized engraving machine. I engrave anything from keychains to watches and Toasting glasses to the bottle of champaign that goes with!

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