Thursday, November 17, 2005


I don't drink coke (soda or pop depending what state you are from) that often anymore. I figure if I don't buy it then I won't drink it,so it saves us money and it's healthier I guess. I've always been faithful to Dr. Pepper but my other favorite carbonated beverage is black cherry Shasta. Mmmm! It's cheap and delicious. I don't get it that often since we don't shop at Homeland or Crest, but if we do then I can't resist. I decided to visit the Shasta website and thought I would share some things I learned with you (in list form of course)

1. The compnay was founded in 1889
2. Shasta is the first company to package soft drinks in metal cans
3. It was also the first to introduce diet sodas
4. Black cherry flavor came in 1950
5. They are the leader in flavored soft drinks (38--I counted)
6. They have a hispanic line of flavors (which Senorita Shasta will show you in animated form on the website)
7. On the history timeline the last bullet for the year 2000 is "Shasta takes over the world!"

I don't know about taking over the world but I like their positive, world doministic, "can do" attitude. Anyway to visit their website you can click here. Today's question is what is your favorite flavor of Shasta or if you haven't been introduced to the wonder that is Shasta, what is your favorite soft drink?


Lor K said...

I like orange Shasta, but the black cherry is good too. My favorite soda however is also Dr. Pepper. Sometimes I just crave it. Yummy.
Have a great day.

Carrie M said...

I haven't had any soda except for Sprite or 7 Up for about 12 years. So I've kinda forgotten what they all taste like, but my favorite used to be Dr. Pepper. Sometimes I'll take a sniff of it just to remember what it smells like.

April said...

I had never had Shasta until I worked at the nursing home last year in NY. Our patients would drink them cause they preferred the taste. I tried them and I personally like the diet cola over the regular cola. The taste was just more tolerable.

Rachel said...

Well I've never heard of Shasta, but my favorite soft drink is Dr. Pepper. Have a great day! Love ya!

ktsdad said...

Looks like it's a family thing on both sides - Dr. Pepper!

LittleKelly said...

Point Black Cherry soda. ITs the best and only found in Stevens Point, WI.

Mom I said...

My favorite soft drink is Dr. Pepper. But my favorite Shasta is cream soda. Yum!!

Kira said...

I have tried the Black Cherry Shasta, I liked it. But as of a year ago I was off soda, except my occasional treat to myself of Diet Cherry Limeaide from Sonic (which contains Diet Sprite).

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