Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Trip to the Dentist

It was time for my 6 month cleaning so I needed to find a dentist here in OKC. Everyone at work had been raving about the Grand Dental Studio that has complimentary spa amenities while you get a pretty smile so I decided to check it out. They have complimentary aromatherapy eye masks, candles, back massagers, cd's and headphones, etc. (if you want them) to make you feel at ease while they scrape your teeth. First I had about 10 xrays done. Then they used this high tech laser thing to find cavities that even an explorer tool or xray cannot see yet. Therefore making you feel like you don't clean your teeth well, but I guess in the long run it prevents further decay. They also take photos of your teeth and blow them up 40 times for you to see on the screen---but that was broken. Then after all of that they clean your teeth. Then the dentist comes in and answers your questions. I have more cavities than I would like but am glad she caught them before they get worse. Now I have to read up on my baby teeth and decide if I want them pulled and decide if I want to talk to an oral surgeon about my wisdom teeth. So 2 hours later I feel a lot smarter about my teeth but not too happy. I would highly recommend the place though. And if you go, say I sent you bc then we both get a $50 credit :) To read more about this place click here. Today's question is do you like your dentist and do have any dental stories to share?


Mom I said...

I've had the same dentist for over 30 years. I can take credit for sending both of his kids through college with all the money I've given him. Ryan, have you gotten your teeth cleaned yet this year? I always had the kids get their teeth cleaned during their birthday month so they wouldn't forget to do it. Newberg doesn't have flouridated (spelling) water so we have to be extra diligent about taking care of our teeth.

ktsdad said...

When you have only 20 of the 32 permanent teeth you're supposed to have, you get to spend a lot of time in orthodontist's offices and get to wear braces for years. From your standpoint, this means keep those good jobs with dental insurance, because your genes aren't the best in this department!

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