Sunday, November 20, 2005

Walk the Line

Friday night Ryan and I went to the new mexican restaurant at Penn Square. It was only the 2nd night it was open. The food was good but we were checked on by the waiter, manager, owner, and random people every 2 seconds, so that was annoying but I'm sure that will stop once they aren't new. Then we went to see Walk the Line the biopic on Johnny Cash's life. It was VERY good and I am not a Johnny Cash fanatic or anything. Joaquin and Reese both did phenomal jobs and were very convincing in their parts. Plus they actually sang too. Go see it.

I did find a pair of jeans at GAP on Friday night. I still miss my old pair though....or maybe I just miss my old waist. On Saturday, I finished reading my book. I did laundry. I made 10 Xmas cards with my stamps--and they are SUPER cute!! I also bought some clothes at Gordman's...good cheap store. We tried to go to our 5 Welcome Wagon houses but 2 weren't even on Mapquest, one was in a ritsy gated community so we couldn't even go in, and one was in the process of being built. We did have one successful house but now we have 4 dozen cookies....I hope I can take them to the potluck at work tomorrow, but I should probably ask the person in charge first if someone else could use them for their houses. Tonight we are dining at our favorite neighboring cousin's home. Today's question is what is your favorite holiday food? I love turkey and dressing.


Carrie M said...

I also love the turkey and dressing. But my mom's corn casserole is a close second. Yum!

Rachel said...

Well I always love thr tukey, and the mashed potatoes. But, this year I get to clebrate it late. But, hope you have a great week!

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