Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another List

There is nothing specific I want to blog about so I will just list off random happenings in our lives.

1. I went to the oral surgeon yesterday and have to have my 3 wisdom teeth out on January 12.
2. I took last Friday as my birthday day off and went shopping like a mad woman. I got the rest of Ryan's presents and adorable stockings from TJ Maxx for our mantle.
3. I started teaching a 2 year old class at church with Allicatdin. We learned about baby Moses.
4. I went on the Mesta Park holiday home tour on Sunday with Matt---good times.
5. It is getting really cold in OK which means it's getting really cold in our apartment.
6. I will hopefully be mailing out Xmas cards by the end of this week.
7. This Friday night is the office Xmas party.
8. Saturday night Ryan and I are going to eat at the museum and to see a film.
9. Carrie recently emailed me and said that George pointed to a picture of me and said my name! That made my day.
10. I have another dentist appointment this week to figure out when I am getting my cavities filled.
11. Ryan bought a thing at Walgreen's that's supposed to help him from grinding his teeth at night. It looks like an athletic mouth piece but hopefully it works. (Thanks mom for finding it)

The question of the day is have you had your wisdom teeth out and how long did it take you to recover?


Mr. T said...

I had mine taken out the summer of '99. Easiest thing I've ever done...thanks to my mom taking care of me and changing my gauze and administering the medicines at the right times. I'd do it again if I had to. I was back up and playing two or three days later

Carrie M said...

I had mine taken out my senior year of high school. The only thing I remember about it is trying to eat yogurt while my mouth was still numb and I couldn't stop giggling histarically because it was dribbling down my face and I couldn't feel it.

Mom I said...

Yes I got mine out when I was in my 30s. My blood didn't coagulate so by that night I was really sick from blood loss. It happened to be the night I was in charge of the open house at the kids school (being PTA social chairman). I finally just had to go to the principals office and sit down and cry I felt so awful. A friend sent me home and called the doctor for me. Had to go back the next day and get medication. Sorry, don't mean to scare you. My kids all did great except for the nausea from the anesthetic. You won't regret doing it.

kira said...

I had mine taken out when I was 16. I went in at 3 & it took me over 24 hours to recover. I didn't even wake up until 9 that night. My mom & the nurse had to carry me out & then my step dad carried me into the house. I woke up at 9 to puke & went back to bed. GOOD TIMES!

DrPepperAddict said...

I have 3 wisdom teeth that are coming in now, and I too will have to get them out but I have yet to find time to see an oral surgeon. I thought I was the last of my friends to get them taken out...thanks Katie! :)

By the way, I grind my teeth too and I have a porcelin mouth guard to wear at night that fits over only my front four teeth, it's more comfortable then wearing what feels like a football mouth guard~!

Lor K said...

I got mine out the day after my 17th birthday. I remember them saying they were going to put the IV in my arm and then I don't remember anything for the next 3 days! =) JK. But it is very hazy memories. I tried to eat a tuna sandwich a little too soon, and got bread and tuna down in the holes where my teeth used to be. But the cool thing I remember is they gave me a little water syringe to irrigate the holes to keep stuff out. All in all it was an ok experience.

April said...

Sorry for taking too long to respond on your blog. I have been busy with finals. I got my wisdom teeth out awhile back, and it took me about 2 days to feel a bit better. Good luck with yours next month.

Kira said...

By the way - I just noticed how cute you guys look is semi-matching shirts!!!! That's a married couple for ya!

Erin said...

I got mine out when I was a junior in high school, I think. Anyway, it took me about a week to recover...fully...I could get up and do stuff but not for very long. I couldn't eat real food for a long time. I lived for ice and pain pills. But, I had a lot of visitors and that made me feel loved. I'll come visit you Katie!!!

LittleKelly said...

Never had mine taken out but BJ had one of those teeth grinder things and it worked. BJ was so bad about grinding his teeth he even did it during the day, but he wore that thing for like a month and hasn't grinded them since

Monique said...

I had mine out three years ago. I remember soup for a week. The sad part is that my cheeks turned green and Leigh was constantly making fun of me. She even brought me a green shirt to "match your cheeks", and told me I looked like a green chipmuck. Leigh had hers out the next year and was perfectly normal in the matter of days and eating all the solid food she wanted. I was mad!!!!!!!!:)

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