Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Here we are bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday morning to celebrate our first Christmas together. We were both good kidz so Santa was nice to us. I got Apples to Apples, Family Fued DVD edition (good answer!), pajamas, sunglasses, candy, gift certifcate to Auntie's Anne's, a book on Bungalow homes, a PostSecret book, and 8 coupons to give to my husband when I want him to post a blog!! (so be on the lookout faithful readers!) Ryan got a Family Guy book, ornament, and DVD. He also got some candy, slippers, pajamas, a book on animation, a metal figure thing for his desk, and a Napoleon Dynamite pen that talks. When Ryan got home we left to go to Branson. Grandpa Isenberg got to come home from the hospital so the whole family was happy about that. He has a ways to go before he is fully recovered, but we were happy to spend time with him and glad to see him making progress. This was the first time in like 15 years that all of Ryan's aunts and uncles were together so it was an exciting time. We played games, ate a LOT of good food, saw The Family Stone, talked, ate some more food, and opened presents. We left yesterday right before Grandpa's birthday bash and got back home at 10. It was a fun weekend. To see the pics you can click here.

Now I am at home being a housewife this week since I don't have to work. I have already put away all the xmas things and in the process found a whole other box of decorations I didn't even know I had! Oh well I will put them out next year I guess. I have been cleaning like a mad woman and doing laundry. Hopefully I will be able to get started on my Oprah DVD's soon. I could write more but this is getting entirely too long and I hate long posts! Today's question is what did you get for Christmas?


kira said...

I was going to give Matt a hard time for all of his long posts, but then I realized that mine can be pretty long too! I got lots of good stuff! But the best was all the family & my boys being together for the day!

April said...

I only got clothes, at home hair dryer (my hair holds curls better with one of those), full set of hair accessories, and a necklace. I am always giving the kids a better Christmas that I do not care so much for me. Glad to hear you 2 had a great week. I couldn't wait for you to post on what happened. Love ya.

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