Monday, December 12, 2005

Merry Happy ChrismaHanuKwanzaKah

I know you are all dying to know about my weekend so I will tell you. On Friday night was the office Xmas party at my boss's home. The food was catered by Cheever's and was delicious. It's fun to be around people from work and not be at work. We played dirty Santa and got some delicious truffles and assorted cookies. Saturday I laid in bed all day and read about a zillion People magazines. Then Ryan and I went to see the movie Junebug at the museum. It was very good. Then we ate at Olive Garden. On Sunday we went to church and Allison and I taught about baby Moses again. They came and put an air return in our wall that afternoon but we still have the hole in our floor. It's progress though. I got caught up on the Project Runway episodes I missed. Sunday night was more church, Extreme Home Makeover, and VH1 hilarity. Christmas cards went out today so be on the lookout! I have been having really weird dreams lately. For the past 2 nights I have dreamed about all sorts of people from High School and they weren't even people I was really friends with. Anyway today's question is have you dreamed anything weird lately?


Kira said...

I dream about weird stuff ALL the time. I dream regularly. Two weird things about your post today - first of all I've been having a lot of high school friend things going on in my life lately & secondly the fact that I always dream weird stuff but more so lately too. Anyway, I've been dreaming about going on vacation a lot. And it's always with someone different. I really need a dream interpreter. Many of my dreams seem to be pretty dramatic & soap opera-ish. Maybe I should quit watching them.

Lor K said...

I always have dreams about the house we grew up in, 304 W 2nd. Ever since we moved back in 1997 I have dreams about it, I have actually never had a dream about any other house that I have lived in. I love those dreams, because I love my growing up and that house. Someday if I win the lottery I am going to buy it. =)

Monique said...

I had a dream the other night that it was Christmas day, and I had forgotten to get John something for Christmas! So I told mom, and mom and I went to the store, but everything was closed!

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