Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Do and a New Barber

I don't have pictures of my new haircut, but I will say that I am in love with my new barber. His name is Ryan. Call me crazy, but I talked my husband into cutting my hair. I just hate going to the salon to spend like 15 dollars for them to take an inch off and cut it straight across....sometime I get layers. I'd rather spend my money on something else. So today I talked Ryan into doing it. (no it's not a joke I really did, but you can laugh at the thought). It ended up being a few more inches than one, but that's ok bc my hair was really long. I think he was petrified during the whole process so I won't ask him again, but I am very pleased with the outcome. I think one side is a millimeter longer than the other but who really keeps their head straight all the time anyway? Tonight we are ringing in the new year at church so maybe we will take a picture and you can see it on the next post. Today's question is have you ever let someone unprofessional cut your hair? My roomate used to cut it and when I was little my mom cut my bangs---they always looked awful afterward and she knew it. I still love her though.


Rachel said...

Happy New year! I love you! Well I have actually cut it myelef one time. It turned out pretty bad though. ha

April said...

Unfortunately, when I was little I had no choice but to have my hair cut by this one lady. She refused to take us to get professional haircuts even if we begged to use our allowance money. So for about 1-2 years, I ran around with my head down. Have a Happy New Year everyone!!

Kira said...

Let's see I let Shan cut it once, my mom & I cut it all the time. And I cut my boys hair all the time. Thanks to Marv who let me practice on him when I lived at home.

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