Wednesday, January 25, 2006

All I have to say after that post is........

Well I loved all the comments and I must comment back to some of them now...

1. Uncle Kevin, Pete, why do you refer to yourself as a blogger terrorist? Now the NSA is probably reading my blog (P.S. my mom says she also called you Bud for awhile too)

2. Rick, please leave more jokes and comments. You make us laugh.... a lot.

3. Mom, yesterday was a wonderful day so I do not know what GMA was talking about

4. Rachel, I do not like Moana or Tara either right now. I'm sure they will go away soon

5. I also agree that my mom should have her own blog. She told me she has thought about it but think no one would read it so leave her some comments if you think you would. (She is also afraid of blogger terrorists that would steal her identity, rob her home, and murder Seymour)

6. Mona, I don't think Jehan has a kidd, I think if she was pregnant she aborted it. But I do think Rick might have stumbled on something that no one thought of, she is kind of manly.

7. Mr. T., if you are ever back in town you need to come over and watch The Bachelor.

8. I tried to think of another joke I know that's funny here but I really couldn't think of any. It's time for Project Runway so I must go.

9. Today's random question is if you had to trade looks with someone famous who would it be? I will give my top 3: Audrey Hepburn (in the younger years not now bc she is dead), Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron.


Anonymous said...

#1 - Because of the nonsense factor of my comments? I did not mean terrorist in an evil or criminal sense. More of just the surprise element.

#5 - Come on, we all know the DebBlog would quickly gain a national following. Start big and sell advertising on the site.

#9 - Drew Carrey. Flat top (something I am not capable of) and the plastic frame glasses (available from Dr. Larry Bloomingburg I am sure). Who would not want to have that physical identity? The ultimate cool factor.

Uncle Kevin
Blog Commentator

Rachel said...

Yeah Aunt Debbie should have a blog, I would read it. I thnik it would be neat to look like Julia Roberts or any really pretty redhead(id prefer natural). Love ya have a good rest of the week!

Lor K said...

I think I would like to look like Teri Hatcher or Jamie King.

April said...

I would want to be Catherine Zeta-Jones or Angelina Jolie. Just not Angelina's complete personality.

Anonymous said...

I definitly agree with you on the Audrey thing... she would be my top pick! I also really like Sandra Bullock's look... she is so natural, but so stunning! Hope you are having a great start to the new year and that all is good with you in OK!
Little Goiter

Mom I said...

I think Mary Steenburgen looks amazing for her age but so does Chery Tiegs, so I'd like to look like either one of them at 50.

Carrie M said...

I would want to look like Charlize Theron. Or Jennifer Aniston, I love her hair!

April said...

I forgot to ask you, Katie. What do you think about the controversy over the book "A Million Little Pieces"?

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