Thursday, January 26, 2006

....and another thing

So I'm up late watching Oprah's show giving James Frey the 3rd degree on his "memoir" and since I just commented about it in the last post (see below) I feel I should carry on bc I now know more about it. First of all, the only reason I believe Oprah even cares is bc people are crying that she conned everyone and therefore she is mad. No other memoir is probably ever checked for 100% truth. Secondly, a memoir is a story of how one remembers their life. James wrote his book to the best of his drug induced memory. I read another Oprah best seller of a lady whose memoir was written by her 98 personalities--no one questioned her 98 personalities about their truths and how they remembered her life. I agree lying is wrong, but as far as changing people's names and altering identities to sustain their anonymity is not wrong. It's called being respectful so people don't google them and hunt them down. I don't understand why he lied about jail time, but to me that was not the important theme. The theme was overcoming drug addiction in a powerful way, and he still did it. If they want to put based on a true story then so be it, but quit yapping about it Oprah. You didn't sell your soul to this man only to find out, he wasn't the Savior---you just liked his book! I don't understand why everyone is so upset. End of story. Now I have to sleep with Oprah's angry face emblazoned in my mind. Good night.

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April said...

Before posting on your blog yesterday, I had never seen all of Oprah's show with James Frey. I, too, watched it last night. I have to agree with you, Katie, that she is just watching her own back this time. That is something I would not expect from her at all. You would think she would know that drugs do affect people in lots of ways, and if this is the way this guy remembers his life, then she should accept it. I do have to say that I do not want to read a book about a person's life story if it is not true. He should have at least kept it based on his rememberance and not even have attempted to make up anything new. If that is the case, for I have not read the book.

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