Thursday, January 26, 2006

Book Reviews

1. I just read Ray in Reverse by Daniel Wallace (also the author of Big Fish) It was a good read. The story starts out in Heaven where people are sharing what their last words on earth were. Then it progresses backwards in this man's ordinary life. You see him struggle with his marriage, having kids, meeting his wife, being in college, and going back to his early childhood at the end. It's in reverse---hence the title. It was very well written, but also a little sad as he tries to figure out his place in life. I'm looking forward to the next book I will read by the same author.

2. I also just finished reading a book my boss gave me and the other designers (that was signed and dated August 2004--she forgot to give it to us, she's a busy lady). The book is called A World of Hurt: Escape from Vietnam to Murder in Oklahoma. The title kinda gives it away. The Vietnamese lady who does my boss's nails wrote it, and while it will never be a literary classic it is an inspiring story. It is written like a journal and follows her life through a rough childhood in Vietnam and refugee camps to teenage pregnancy and the brutal murder of her husband by a good friend. She talks about her faith in God and how He helped her through it all. Her husband's killer was executed by lethal injection last year.

3. In response to April's comment on the controversy surrounding A Million Little Pieces, I have this to say: I haven't heard all of the accusations but I do know that when you have been high, strung out, doped up, and drunk for the good majority of your life some things are bound to be a little hazy. Yes it is wrong if he lied on purpose, but I still find it a compelling and inspirational story. The details do not bother me.

4. Next on my list to read is Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey, My Friend Leonard (I'm still on the waiting list) by James Frey, and another book by Daniel Wallace. Today's questions are what books are you reading? and have any of you seen the movie End of the Spear? We haven't, but we have seen the real life documentary that the movie supposedly depicts. I wanted to hear opinions though.


Rachel said...

Well I'm reading this book called Heart and Soul. It's one mom got free and no I haven't seen the movie but heard it was good. Have a great day, love ya!

Lor K said...

I am STILL trying to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I have had it since June, started getting to read it in November, and still have half the book to go. It's a sad thing. My mother-in-law saw End of the Spear, and said it was good. But sad .

Mom I said...

I haven't seen the movie but I read a book back in the early 90s that had the same premise. I can't remember the name of the book but if its the same story I won't go see it because they get killed at the end. And as my children know, I don't like stories with sad endings. There's enough of that in real life.

kmom said...

I am reading A Light in the Window by Jan Karon. It is the second in her Mitford Series. I finished the first one, At Home in Mitford. They are about a bachelor preacher and his life in a small town. It is interesting, but fairly easy to put down, and then pick back up again. It is also easy to read some and then go to bed at night.

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