Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom's birthday was yesterday, I do not know how old she is so I can't tell you. I could never keep up with my parents ages. I'm getting to where I keep forgetting mine! Anyway in honor of her I will list reasons why I love her.

1. She is hilarious but not usually on purpose

2. She is a great Christian woman who is a friend to many people

3. She taught me important things like how to sew, clean a toilet, do laundry, save money, etc..

4. She is always there to answer my questions

5. She is entertaining and enthusiastic especially when playing games

6. She takes care of my Seymour.....and always has bc I'm a neglectful owner

7. She loves my dad and me and my sister unconditionally :)

Today's question is if you know my mom what qualities do you like about her and what qualities do you love about your mom?


kmom said...

Thanks for the delightful comments. I had a wonderful birthday. Love ya!

April said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. B!! I have to put that in my book to remember for next year. The one thing I never forget about your mom is the way she cares for others. As a preteen I did have trouble understanding her care, but the older I got the more I came to appreciate it. She just looks out for everyone's best interest. If it wasn't for your mom taking me to band camp the very next day after moving in, I would never have had the opportunity to enjoy such an activity. It's like she just knows you the minute she meets you.

Lor K said...

I have met your mom but don't know her very well. But I do know she did a very good job at raising wonderful sweet girls. Happy Birthday yesterday!

April said...

I just realized I forgot to post about what I love about my Mom. EEKK!! I love how my Mom is the one person I can run to with any problem and know she will not criticize me for feeling the way I do.

Rach said...

You know what your list about your mom pretty much covers what I love about her! My mom has lots of those same qualities and I really love how my mom tolerates to always taking me to basketball games. It's always fun and it's nice to be close to my mom. Love ya!

Mom I said...

Your mom has accepted my son and loves him as her own. That means alot to me. She's terrific.

Anonymous said...

This is your famous uncle Kevin. I spared a few minutes to tap into your life (while overlooking Libby's shoulder). Your mother (my OLDEST sister) was 53 on her birthday. Exactly ten years and one month older than your favorite uncle (me). What makes your mother so special? I could assemble a long, protracted list, but suffice it to say she called me "Pete" as I grew up a small child in Coldwater, Michigan. Need I say more? No.

Uncle Kevin

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