Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Joke

I heard on GMA today that Jan. 24 is the most depressing day of the year. They said it had to do with the weather, the failed resolutions, and tax stuff coming in. Someone studied it and came up with today. So I will tell you a joke that I like in my book Big Fish that I finished reading. So here it is:

One day Jesus was watching the gates for St. Peter. He sees a man in the distance shuffling up the path to Heaven. "What have you done to enter the kingdom of Heaven?" Jesus asks him. The man says, "Well not much really. I'm just a poor carpenter who led a quiet life. The only remarkable thing about my life was my son." Jesus says, "Your son?" getting interested. "Yes he was quite a son," the man says. "He went through an unusual birth and later a great transformation. He also became quite well known throughout the world and is still loved by many today." Christ looks at the man embraces him tightly and says, "Father, father!" The old man hugs him back and says, "Pinocchio?"

Haha! I think it's hilarious. Anyway we had a great trip to Dallas and made it back safely in time for the Bachelor last night. I'm glad with how the episode turned out. Sara from Canada is still my favorite. I'm anxious to see next week's to find out what Jehan's secret is. I think it's either she was married or maybe she was pregnant. Today's question is do you know any good jokes? and What do you think Jehan's secret is?


kmom said...

According to my newspaper, today is Pat Your Co-workers On the Back Day. Today is a wonderful day for me. The sun is shining and my husband has come home from a trip. Also, I am feeling well.

April said...

Well, I haven't really heard any good jokes lately. Not even from the little ones. Anyways, I think her secret might be that she was married or engaged once before.

Rachel said...

That was hilarious! I was pretty pleased w/ last night as well except for 2 things:he kept Moana and Tara. I have no idea what the secret is but I can't wait to find out.

Dad Isenberg said...

A man wakes up on the beach of a deserted island after being washed ashore. And he just opens his eyes and notices the sky is purple. Then he looks around and the trees are purple. Then he sees the sand is purple. After his eyes get completely open he sees that his skin is turning purple. And he says "Oh no!! I've been marooned!!!" (Get it, as in the color maroon). Ha Ha. Okay for my next trick I'll make a complete 16 pound turkey out of tuna fish!! Ha Ha

Mom I said...

I can't tell a joke. I always forget the punch line. But I think you're right about Jehan. I'll bet she has a child. Rick thinks she's really a man. Can't believe I'm hooked on that show.

Anonymous said...

Go read my comment about YOUR mother's birthday.

Uncle Kevin
(blogger terrorist)

Anonymous said...

I wish my sister Debra (Collins Bloomingburg) had her OWN blog. Now THAT would be entertaining! Can we get some energy behind that idea? Please?

(blog terrorist)

Mr. T said...

i don't think she has that big of a secret. Expect to be let down. I mean come on...how much of a secret can it really be if she's willing to tell the world on national television about it? BTW, I never remember jokes. I liked yours today.

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