Wednesday, January 04, 2006

List Time

I know you all enjoyed Ryan's post but it's my turn again. I have to spread out the 8 coupons you know. That's a pic fo us from New Years you can kind of see fireworks in the background and that's my new haircut.
1. We saw Rumor Has It--it was HILARIOUS. Scandalous but hilarious.
2. I finished reading a book called When Rabbit Howls. It's a biography by a woman's 92 multiple personalites. She was on Oprah back in the 80's. It was a good read.
3. Now I am reading White's a movie that I like so I thought I'd read the book cause they always say the books are better, and so far that is true.
4. Happy Birthday Rachel!
5. Yes there are wild fires all throughout Oklahoma and no I haven't seen any but you can smell them. The only reason we could do fireworks is bc we had the fire dept there with a truck.
6. The guys doing our central heating and air quit, but a new guy is on the job so maybe progress will begin again. Not that we need any heat it's 70 degrees here!
7. Ryan is sick with a cold or sinus something. Last night he started talking in his sleep REALLY fast about the price of some video game. It was scary but he doesn't remember it.
8. I am going to a fabric show in Dallas next week for work
9. My cavities get filled tomorrow and then wisdom teeth come out next Thursday.
10. Ryan's silly question came from a book of trivia questions I gave him and the answer is 3/4 but I dunno how you are supposed to get that!
11. Today's question will be what natural disaster is happening in your area? Ours is fires of course.


Mom I said...

Rick has that sinus thing going on too. I'm not sure if its a cold or just allergies. Our poor guys. We'll be praying that you're wisdom teeth surgery goes fast and painless. Ry never did have to use his Viocodin (spelling??) they perscribed him. Hopefully yours will go smooth too. We're having flooding around here. I guess it rained the whole time we were on vacation. Its not as bad as the 96 flooding but its pretty high. Fortunately we don't have much to worry about around Newberg. Glad the fires aren't affecting you. Take care and have fun at your sales show. I'm sure Ry will miss you. Love ya,

Rachel said...

I don't know of any here. I .ike the's cute! Thanks for the b-day shoutout! ha Love you!

Allicatdin said...

Well first I would like to say that I took that sweet photo of you and your husband. I am still a little sad that Ryan said he wouldn't cut my hair (maybe it only works if you are married.) We are also facing the raging fires. Ours was a little closer to home seeing that the field across from our apartment caught on fire two days in a row, but the fireman saved us both times and our little corner of the world was on CNN.

April said...

I haven't noticed any natural disasters lately. Well, maybe just a change in temperature that is causing my little ones to run around with colds. That is a disaster cause it causes cranky kids :\

Carrie M said...

Amen to April's comment. I don't know you,but I feel your pain!

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