Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Round I: A Brave Soldier

Well I finished Round 1 of the mouth ailings today and had 2 cavities filled. My dentist thought they weren't that deep so he didn't give me any drugs or a shot. Then as he continued to drill he realized they were deeper than he thought. It started to hurt, plus I have a cold so I kept gagging on phlegm (phlegm is such a gross word). It was more of a cold shooting pain, but I could stand it and kept saying it would be over soon. My whole body was shaking and my heart was pounding. But after like 30 min it was over and they said I was a brave little soldier. They said my fillings were really close to nerves so I had to watch out for sensitivity bc I may have to come back and get them bonded?? Whatever that means. I won't be able to tell for awhile though since all I will be eating is jello on account of having my wisdom teeth out in the a.m. I will be back with Round 2 of my tales as soon as I am off my medicinal high. Today's question is when was your last filling?


April said...

The last time I had a cavity filled by a dentist was in 1992. I was cavity free since then until I became pregnant and my hormones went out of whack. My dentist noticed I had a cavity a year after having Gavin, but I was unable to get it filled for I was moving here. Eventually I will feel your pain, too.

KarateErin69 said...

I don't remember ever having any cavities. I am thinking of you right now with your surgery!!!! Did you get a sticker yesterday for being a brave little soldier???????? I hope so!!

Love you Katie! It was so good to see you last night!

Mom I said...

You're asking me to go WAYYYY back. I think all my teeth were filled by the time I was a teenager (except my front ones) because we don't have floride in the water here in Newberg. Hope my kids take care of their teeth because they grew up on the same non-floride water as I did. We'll be praying for you tomorrow. Love ya,

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