Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Update

On Friday night Ryan and I got a pizza from Hemi's and rented Lord of War. I had wanted to rent the Constant Gardener but it was all out. Lord of War was good but sad. It's about a man who illegally sells small arms to mostly 3rd world countries, who then turn around and slaughter people for no reason like in Liberia. It's a very political movie, but not presented in a political way so it was interesting, but made me depressed for a little while afterwards. On Saturday Ryan got his back wheel fixed and I read most of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. I think we are doing a good job at saving for 2 people straight out of college, who don't make much money, but there is always room for improvement and I learned about saving for the future and all the different ways to do that. I looked over our spending for the past month and found out we spent too much money on fast food and my teeth--but the latter one was kind of necessary. Yesterday morning at church the 2 year old class Allison and I teach were wild! They all started yelling "BOOBIES" for some reason and it was quite humorous, but as teachers we couldn't laugh--until afterward of course. Last night we went to a newcomers dinner at church. We aren't really new but we haven't been able to attend one yet so they kept inviting us. We got to meet some new people and some of the elders. Anyway that sums up our weekend. Today's question is are you saving for your future? and if so in what way? I think the mutual fund thing sound like the way to go but we do not have one yet.


Rachel said...

I'm not really saving for my future, but I should probably start. Have a great ya!

Mona said...

Rick and I haven't ever been good examples of saving for the future. We always figured we were investing in our future by spending the money on our children and making memories. We do have an IRA and an investment plan and pension plan through Ricks work plus whatever social security that will be left over by the time we retire, but we're just planning on living with our kids and letting them support us in the manner we have become accustomed to. Fortunately we haven't become accustomed to a very expensive manner. (Just kidding) Love ya Mom I

kmom said...

We each have invested in mutual funds thru an IRA (individual retirement acct) and my husband has mutual funds in a Simple IRA thru his office retirement plan. In most office retirement plans, the company adds some money to the fund and the employee puts in some. We also have a money market savings acct to pay for unexpected expenses and for insurance payments such as car insurance every 6 mo. Good luck saving!

Krista said...

I am horrible at saving money. I wish I could afford to employ someone to do it for me. I contribute to my 401K and I try to make a deposit into my savings account each time I get paid. I've also been looking into getting a Roth IRA or something along that line.

ktsdad said...

Mona, I'm excited about getting to spend more time with you and Rick when we all move in with Katie and Ryan!

Kira said...

Ok - I'm going to skip right past the money questions because I could spend a lot of time there, since that is my special interest area. I save in a lot of ways.

But the story you had reminded me of one of Bray. One Sunday his Sunday school teacher said that she had asked for prayer requests & a little girl said please pray for my boo boo. Brayden looked at her & said, we don't say that word, we say privates. The teacher did laugh & informed him that the little girl meant her cut on her arm!

April said...

The only saving I have done atm is for the kids college. That is the only concern I have is for them to get an education.

US Weekly said...

I can't believe you thought Lord of War was a good movie?!!? It was terrible, anti-war and anti-american. I thought we had so much in common until now. Just kidding but really the movie was really awful. There were people that walked out in our theatre and after I watched it all the way through I should have walked out with them.

Anyway, my parents started a mutual fund for me in high school...I know nothing about it, except that I'm gaining interest from it.

Anonymous said...

Katie and Ryan - This is your uncle Kebin. (Name change to protect those evil people your mother is convinced will track us all down.)

My advise and instruction to you is SIMPLE. Determine the maximum allowable contribution you can make to whatever retirement plan you are eligible for and DO IT.

You are poor know. Why not be a little poorer -- what's the difference? Save, save, save.

I tuck away 16 percent of my salary and my wife (Liberia, we'll call her) maxes a 401K. Not "bragging", just giving a testimonial.

If you are too chicken, or just have to spend more at Target or Walmart every week, then AT LEAST contribute up the cap that either or both of your employers match (as your mother described).

Enough soapbox for me for one night. Who knows if you will even venture back down the list and read this???

Uncle Cave Man.

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