Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grey Gardens

First of all if you haven't read Krista's post on Sexual Harassment you need to read it, it's HILARIOUS. And no that is not a picture of Krista to the left. I went to get two new books from the library and I decided to check out a documentary, Grey Gardens, that I had read about in a magazine recently. It was filmed in the 70's and is about Jackie Kennedy's aunt and first cousin who live in a dilapadated mansion in the Hamptons. Seroiusly it's the most disgusting house I've ever seen--especially for the Hamptons, but you can see that in the picture. They have all these beautiful portraits around and they let the cats and raccoons pee on them. And they feed all the wild animals that roam through their home too. Anyway they are both named Edie and "little" Edie has come to live with her mother in this run down mansion to take care of her bc she is getting old. They have strange accents and constantly talk over each other. They are recluses who never leave and eat liver pate'. "Little" Edie has some pretty crazy fashion sense too. It's pretty hilariously strange. Anyway if you have 90 minutes to spare see if your library has it for a good laugh. Today's question is do you know of any recluses in your town? I do in Henderson, but she isn't weird like the people in this movie!

PS. If you missed Grey's Anatomy on Sunday night they are showing it again tonight at 8:30.

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Krista said...

Thank you for clarifying that your posted picture is not of me. haha. Who knows...maybe I'll resemble that person when I'm older.

You always have the most interesting book suggestions. I think I will have to start taking your suggestions. I'm always looking for a good book to read.

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